Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee By Billy Rainford Welcome to your first Monday Coffee of spring! Yes, it has finally ‘sprung’ and we are now only a few months away from all of this snow being completely gone here in Ontario. I kid, I kid. But wait, maybe that’s not too far off the mark if you live out in the Maritimes as they just received what is hopefully one last kick

McThoughts: Detroit SX

McThoughts: Detroit SX By Jeff McConkey The Detroit SX went off on Saturday night. It was a pretty technical track which offered different rhythms that made for good racing. The dirt looked a little slippery in spots and had a tough sand section. There were numerous riders hitting the dirt all night, and, unfortunately, it looks like we lost at least 2 stars of the 450 class, for sure, and

McThoughts: Indianapolis SX

McThoughts: Indianapolis SX By Jeff McConkey The Indianapolis SX went off this past Saturday night. Although we weren’t given the intense battles like we have seen in previous races, the action was still very good. The Indy track was very difficult and it seemed like there were bodies down everywhere you looked. The KTM duo of Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin continued to dominate in their respected classes. Just like

McThoughts: Daytona SX

McThoughts: Daytona SX By Jeff McConkey Daytona is a special place when it comes to racing and Saturday night’s race was one to remember. The track was technical and turned into its expected gnarly self. There were ruts on ruts and it looked super tough! Team Red Bull KTM once again showed their dominance by collecting the W in both classes. Marvin Musquin looked so smooth on the nasty Daytona

McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX

McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX By Jeff McConkey The second of 2 rounds in Atlanta went off on Saturday night. The track looked pretty tricky and lap times were a little longer. The start bottled in big-time making a good start crucial. Atlanta 2 was a ‘retro race’ and some of the teams went all out with some great looking old-school graphics. To go along with the retro bikes, a few gear companies jumped

McThoughts: Atlanta 1 SX

McThoughts: Atlanta 1 SX By Jeff McConkey Round 8 of the Monster Energy AMA SX Series went off Saturday night in Atlanta, Georgia. Normally, this round is packed to the rafters with 77000-plus screaming fans. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that this season Atlanta will house 2 rounds back to back, but the place looked half empty. Don’t get me wrong, the Georgia Dome half empty is