McThoughts: 450 Supercross – A1

McThoughts: 450 Supercross – A1 By: Jeff McConkey Photos by: Tyler Spikman @spikman A1 went off on Saturday night. We’ve been waiting a long time and it didn’t disappoint. The class is truly stacked, and throughout the season there will be some high profile racers missing the main events. There was some drama in the heat race and semi race, but I’m honestly so sick of seeing it all over

McThoughts: 250 West Supercross – A1

McThoughts: 250 West Supercross – A1 By Jeff McConkey Photos by Tyler Spikman @spikman The 250 West kicked off on Saturday night. In what looked like it was going to be a mudder, actually turned into a pretty decent race. Most of the top guys finished around where they should and there was no real drama (compared to the 450 class). Let’s have a look at the results and see

McThoughts: Walton National

McThoughts: Walton National By Jeff McConkey The 10th and final round has come and gone. The series headed to the world famous Walton Raceway track and didn’t disappoint. The Walton crew had the track in beauty shape all day long, and did a great job! The track gave us plenty of ruts which led to great racing. The MX2 championship was already claimed by Kaven Benoit, but it didn’t stop

McThoughts – Ulverton National

McThoughts – Ulverton National By Jeff McConkey Round 9 went off this past weekend in Ulverton, Quebec. The track was rough and had lots of elevation changes. Colton Facciotti has been on a tear lately, and he made the rough Ulverton track look silky smooth. Matt Goerke did what he had to do and still carries a 13-point lead into the 10th and final round at Walton. In MX2, Kaven

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Final Round

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Final Round By Jeff McConkey The 3rd and final round of our Women’s East National series went off this past Saturday in Ulverton, Quebec. The series was treated to having American Jessica Patterson join the action. Although Jessica checked out, the racing behind her was great. There were some serious battles all over the track, and a record 43 girls signed up. The future for Women’s

McThoughts: Moncton National

McThoughts: Moncton National By Jeff McConkey This past weekend, Billy and I made the long drive to Moncton, New Brunswick. I was planning on skipping the race to get in some riding of my own, but I’m very glad Billy talked me out of it. After arriving late Saturday morning, I was worried about the track we were looking at – it was very one-lined, already dusty, and looked like

McThoughts: Deschambault National

McThoughts: Deschambault National By Jeff McConkey Round 7 was this past weekend at the beautiful Deschambault MX circuit in Quebec. The morning started out with some constant rain, but the track held up, the weather got better and it made for some good racing. Both classes have had some great battles throughout the pack, but in MX2 Kaven Benoit has really stepped up and showed that he is the best

McThoughts: Ottawa National

McThoughts: Ottawa National By Jeff McConkey MX2 Round 6 went off on Saturday just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. It was very hot, and very humid, but that didn’t hold back the top racers from hanging it out and giving us some great racing. Kaven Benoit went 1-1 yet again, and looks to be on his way to his 2nd National Championship. There are still a few riders with a mathematical

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Round 2

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Round 2 By Jeff McConkey Round 2 of the Women’s East National Series went off on Saturday at the fast, fun, flowing Sand Del Lee racetrack in Richmond, Ontario. Earlier in the week, we were informed that fast American Brittany Gagne was going to make the trip north from her home in Montana. That was pleasant news as we were all hoping someone could show our

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Round 1

McThoughts: Women’s East Nationals Round 1 By Jeff McConkey Coming into Round 1 of the Women’s East National series, Defending champ, Eve Brodeur, was the clear favourite from day 1. The young French Canadian put in the work during the off season and left Gopher Dunes with 2 holeshots and 2 moto wins. She isn’t cocky or flashy, she’s just really, really, really good. She was never challenged and made