Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee | 2020 MX Nationals Report Cards

By Billy Rainford Usually around this time of year we’re getting ready to head somewhere super cool for the annual Motocross of Nations. Sure, there have been years in the past where the politics of the whole thing have gotten in the way of our sending a team, but that wasn’t the roadblock this year. Chalk up another win for the Coronavirus. It’s also around this time when I’d be

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford Let me start off by letting you know that Ontario has actually been extremely hot and dry this summer. It only rains on Sundays when there’s a race at Walton Raceway. It’s a true story. In fact, we were just sitting out on our front porch enjoying a cup of coffee and when a breeze came through leaves actually fell from our neighbour’s birch tree. Not because

MondayMorning Coffee | The Coffee after the Storm…

By Billy Rainford What happened? It seems like I blinked and the TransCan was giving out awards! What an amazing week of racing in the field up in Walton, Ontario. Congratulations to everyone who made it to “Motocross Town” for the weeklong festival of amateur motocross. Remember when Stally tried to scoop the name and put that little sign up in Deschambault that one year? Low blow. There was great

Monday Morning Coffee | Walton 1

By Billy Rainford Good morning and welcome to TransCan Week! We just finished at Walton Raceway for Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals – “Walton 1,” as we’re calling it because Round 3 will also be there this coming Sunday – and so I’ve got a couple days to regroup and post as much content as I can about what we saw and learned over the

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford Welcome to another Holiday Monday. This one doesn’t really have a fancy name to go along with it. We simply call this one “the long weekend in August.” Does anyone really care, as long as it means we get a three-day weekend? We just tried to go out for some breakfast and found out that all of our favourite breakfast joints were also enjoying this Civic Holiday.

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford What day is it? It’s Monday? OK, I guess I’m in the right place. After three full days in the heat and humidity at Gopher Dunes, you could tell me anything and I’d be ready to believe it. Three days, you ask? Yes. We headed there early on Friday to get our Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada 2021 FC350 media bike set up for our upcoming video project with

Monday Morning Coffee | The Perfect Walton Storm

Monday Morning Coffee | The Perfect Walton Storm By Billy Rainford I have to start out on a sad note with the passing of a unique individual, Junebug. He passed away from a blood clot and will be missed by a lot of people: What would you say the percentage is of perfect weather Mondays after a muddy mess of a race day Sunday? I’m guessing it’s up around 99%!

Monday Morning Coffee | Canada Invades Gopher Dunes

Monday Morning Coffee | Canada Invades Gopher Dunes By Billy Rainford If you’re a fan of Canadian Motocross then the place to be over the weekend was Gopher Dunes in the small village of Courtland, Ontario, about an hour east of the 400K city of London. As we inch closer and closer to the start of the 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals, riders from across the country

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford Hello and welcome to another Monday Morning Coffee. Is it ever too hot for a coffee? I see a lot of people switch over to iced coffee on warmer days, but that’s not how I roll. My dad always said that a nice, hot cup of tea would actually help cool you down on a hot day. I never really understood that. The only thing I ever

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford It feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down to write a Monday Morning Coffee the day after actually being at some racing. In fact, it’s been since the Daytona Supercross that I’ve done it! That race was way back on March 7th. Yesterday, I was at Round 2 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships (OPC) at Walton Raceway and it felt great.