Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue: Megan Arnemann

Name: Megan Arnemann Birthday: August 12th, 1991. Hometown: Barrhead, Alberta. Occupation: Town of Barrhead Employee. Number: 250 Bike: 2014 Honda crf 250 Race Club: Alberta Dirt Riders Association. Classes: MX3 Ladies, Ladies A, MX3 junior, and Junior B.   How did you get started in racing? My family has always been into the whole off-road scene riding anything from bikes, quads or sleds, but if I had a finger to point at someone it would be my father.

Out of the Blue: Leslie Cuthill

Name: Leslie Cuthill Birthday: May 29, 1992 Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB Occupation: Student Number: 92 Bike: 2012 Suzuki RMZ250 Race Club: Alberta Dirt Riders Association Classes: Ladies A, Junior GP   How did you get started in racing? I started trail riding with my dad and older brother when I was 13. I started to gravitate to moto around 17, as I had more interest in going faster. As a