Photo Reports

$2 Tuesday: Canadians at the 2010 Oak Hill GNC

$2 Tuesday: Canadians at the 2010 Oak Hill GNC By Billy Rainford It’s hard to believe that this was almost 5 years ago! With the 43rd Annual Oak Hill GNC getting set to take place again this March, I figured this was a good video to re-post. Making the trek out to Decatur, Texas, in 2010 were Canadian riders #118 Christopher and #117 Michael DaSilva, #26 Cole Varty, #16 Cole

$2 Tuesday: The Canadians at Oak Hill 2010

$2 Tuesday: The Canadians at Oak Hill 2010 By Billy Rainford   With the 39th running of the Oak Hill GNC coming up in March out in Decatur, Texas, I figured we’d take a look back to the 2010 event. At this point, we don’t know exactly who will be competing at this year’s event, but good luck to everyone who decides to takeĀ  shot and make the journey.

$2 Tuesday: 2009 Whispering Pines National

Man, where do I start with this story?! 2009 was the summer I spent crossing the country in a 1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon. I flew out to BC to take this road hog off the hands of Darren ‘Pillow’ Pilling who, to this day, always has great ideas for how others can work harder. It was also the summer we put what affectionately became known as ‘Pirate Radio‘ together.

Faces at the Races: Rounds 7 and 8 Canadian AX Championships

It’s hard to believe another Canadian AX series has come and gone. Strangely, this was the 2nd 2014 championship we’ve had – last year’s AX series covered both 2013 and 2014 so we called it 2014. But I digress… Anyway, ‘Faces at the Races’ is always my favourite article to work on when I get home from an event. From what I’ve been told, the celebrations went on till the