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Bobby Kiniry

Birthplace: Syracuse, New York
Residence: Holland Patent, New York
Career: 2003-present
DOB: 10/01/1985
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165lbs

Team: OTSFF, Rockstar, Yamaha
Team Manager: Adam Robinson
Mechanic: Mike Clark

Favourite Movie: Restrepo
Favourite Band: Waylon Jennings and Metalica
Favourite TV Show: Surviving the Cut
Favourite Rider Growing Up: Scott Sheak and Brock Sellards

News Features

We're down to the the #7's this time: Sylvain Le Gad and Bobby Kiniry...
10 weeks 4 days ago
That’s right, the Americans are coming. Or shall we say they have already landed?
43 weeks 3 days ago
With team troubles affecting his program, we catch up with Bobby to see how things are going...
1 year 42 weeks ago
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