From CDNWMX Instagram page:

Need to Know information heading into Round 1 on June 1st in Calgary

Registration is done ONLINE ONLY this year and the entry fee has been lowered to $50.

You must have an MRC license.

Race Registration HERE.

If you are racing West and East you will need to specify which coast you wish to count for points on your sign in/tech sheet in Calgary on Friday. This must happen before a bike hits the track or it will be picked for you and will automatically be the West.

If you are racing the west for no points you can still earn payout and a top three trophy for the day, but your points will not count towards the overall championship.

Motos will be 12 minutes + 1 lap and the podium presentation after moto 2 will include Top 3 this year.

Payout will be 100% payback.

We will post information regarding sign in/move in times and such closer to round 1.

There is a pro practice at @wildrosemx on Monday, May 27th!

If you have any questions at all please message CDNWMX . We are here to help!