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Created out of passion and love for the sport of motocross and off-road racing, (DMX) has become the leader in online coverage of the sport in Canada. In the year of 2011 DMX served over 1,300,000 pages to motocross fans, enthusiasts, riders, and industry professionals.

Our readers have come to trust DMX as the source for Canadian off-road news, opinion and updates, thanks to our professional and knowledgeable editorial staff, our high-impact design, simple navigation tools, and our constant evolution. We’re always the first to break the news and always remain one step ahead of online style and functionality. We don’t limit our coverage to one sector of the sport; we cover amateur and pro racing, women’s racing, off-road and enduro, and basically anything else with two-wheels and an engine. If it’s Canadian, and it’s dirt bikes - it’s found at

There are many advertising opportunities to be found on DMX. From home page banners, feature sponsorships, and pages like “Races” and “Riders,” where visitors can find the latest events and track their favourite riders, we’re certain to find you a place that promotes and brands your company.

Being an online news source, we don’t need to worry about expensive printing or shipping costs, so you can be sure that our advertising rates are reasonable and affordable for all levels of businesses. Please read below for more details and info on advertising opportunities with DMX. 


On the DMX Home Page, you will find several options to broadcast your message. If you’re providing us with your own banner ad, please use JPG, PNG, GIF, or SWF files. Please try to keep files under 30k.


Top Rotational Banner
Located at top right of Home Page
Rotates between a maximum of 4 advertisers. Each time the page loads, an ad is randomly chosen from advertisers sharing the space.
Size: 468 pixels x 60 pixels


Side Rotational Banner
Located on middle-right side of Home Page
Rotates between a maximum of 4 advertisers. Each time the page loads, an ad is randomly chosen from advertisers sharing the space.
Size: 182 pixels x 250 pixels


Footer Banner
Located at bottom of Home Page
Rotates between a maximum of 4 advertisers. Each time the page loads, an ad is randomly chosen from advertisers sharing the space.
Size: 468 pixels x 60 pixels



Fan of the Week - Feature
Located at middle-right side of the Home Page
Sponsor logo built into title above thumbnail image
Banner ad placed above the larger image with link to your website


Posted at bottom of Home Page
Includes logo built into title above Wallpaper thumbnails
Logo used as watermark on Wallpaper images


Breaking News
Located on left side of Home Page
Breaking News updates are posted several times each day
Includes banner ad above “News Update”
Rotates between a maximum of 8 advertisers



No day is ever the same on DMX. Our team of talented and prompt editorial contributors  make sure that new content is uploaded daily to DMX (even if it means a late night visit to Tim Horton’s to get the creative juices flowing). Every week, you’ll find the latest interviews, opinions, photos, videos, and breaking news updates on DMX. Sponsoring a regular feature not only brands you with that editorial piece, but also gives you ownership of that specific page with a custom designed header, logo, product images, and a link to your website. 



Catching Up with ... - Q and A style interview

Race Reports - Recap of race with results, photos and captions, or photos with extended captions.

Photo Galleries - Slideshow-style feature containing multiple images and captions

Sound Check - Weekly column by Steve Matthes

Life on the Road - Photo-centric column by photographer, James Lissimore

My Take ... - Random topics (some outside of racing) posed to various racers or industry folk

Inside the Race - A photo report using our trick, 3-D camera lens that captures the complete atmosphere anywhere that a photo is taken

It was said ... - A list of recent or memorable quotes from the sport

New Product - Weekly reports on new products


We’d like to list these, but like any racer, we don’t want to share our secrets with the competition. Hey, you need every edge that you can get, right? Please contact to inquire about our Special Features. 


Our talented team of graphic design professionals can help you create the perfect ad. For pricing and space availability, please contact us at (905) 243-0428 or by email,


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