Dallas Supercross | Media Day Photos

By Billy Rainford

It’s week #1 of the 250 West Supercross Series, so there were lots of new faces and bikes to look at. Of course, there’s also the addition of Canadian rider, #179 Westen Wrozyna on the Canadian PRMX Team, and the newly formed Club MX Redemption racing team, too.

Here are a few shots from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

AT&T Stadium is an impressive building, unless you walk 9/10 of the way around the outside only to learn you have to go the other way…

#85 Josh Cartwright is doing what most people do here…looking up at the massive screen.

He borrowed a pressure gauge and everyone joked that he’d best not let too much out because no one had a pump.

Austin Forkner doing an interview with Jim Holley that I’m sure you’ll see tomorrow.

#73 Brandon Scharer.

#22 Chad Reed.

Austin and Josh yukking it up.

Martin Davalos is back.

The whoops actually look pretty manageable.

#72 Josh Hansen.

Jason Anderson is on a roll.

#169 Challen Tennant.

Jeff has Austin as the one to beat.

Can #1E Zach Osborne defend this title?

#20 Broc Tickle.

Austin backing it in.

Careful, boys.

Stood in this spot waiting for this.

Frankie paying close attention to Marvin’s concerns.

Dean’s shoulders look like they’ve seen more than their fair share of stress.

Josh promises a fresh ‘Cartwright’ for tomorrow.

#51 Justin Barcia checking things out.

Ryan Dungey.

No, I’ll walk, guys…

Back in the pits, I found the PRMX crew getting all set up.

Westen is feeling pretty relaxed heading into this one.

Their Sprinter van was filled to the roof. That’s Cale Foster with Westen.

This is the only shot I got of Josh Snider. He disappeared into the rig and never came back out. He musta heard I was out there waiting for him…

Their bikes are standout good looking.

The bike wasn’t fully ready so this is the only still I took.

It’s time to find out who has done their homework this year. See you at the races…