Detroit SX | The Bubble Racers

By Billy Rainford

In an effort to do something a little different than what the rest are doing, we thought we’d spotlight the 4 riders who “just missed” this past weekend at the Detroit Supercross at Ford Field.

Being a Triple Crown round, only the top 18 riders went directly to the night show races from combined qualifying. The left-over riders had to race LCQ’s and the top 4 riders from each moved on to the night show.

These riders didn’t get the chance to put their bikes and sponsors in front of the big night time crowds, so here’s a look at the 2 riders who finished 19th in qualifying and then the 2 racers who finished 5th in the LCQ’s.

250 Class


#89 Joey Crown.

#89 Joey Crown is from 45 minutes down the road in Metamora, Michigan. He definitely had the support of the locals and the in-house announcer was pushing the “local boy” angle.

Joey rides for the CTR Club MX Redemption Racing team and is a familiar face to Canadians. He was in the final qualifying position after Group B’s final session (18th), but then #81 Josh Cartwright bumped him out of the night show when the A Group had their final time on the track.

It was off to the LCQ for Joey.

Unfortunately, he crashed on lap 1 of the LCQ when Marshal Weltin hit a track marker onto the track and Joey had nowhere to go but into it. His night was finished.

250 LCQ

#401 Sam Redman.

#401 Sam Redman is from Clarksville, Tennessee. He qualified 25th and was off to the 250 LCQ.

He ran up in the final transfer spot in 4th for the first 5 laps of the LCQ but then got passed by #56 Lorenzo Locurcio and took that awful 5th place at the flag and took the last train home…(Google it, Bowker!)

450 Class


#11 Kyle Chisholm.

#11 Kyle Chisholm is another rider who is very familiar to Canadians. Kyle holds career #11 and is a mainstay in the night shows and main events.

Unfortunately, he was the guy on the outside looking in when all the 450 qualifying was finished. He sat 19th and was off to the LCQ.

In the LCQ, Kyle got out in 4th place, made a pass for 3rd and got himself into the night show races.

450 LCQ

#71 Cole Martinez.

Yet another rider with strong Canadian connections is #71 Cole Martinez. Cole qualified 24th and punched his card to the LCQ.

He got out to a good 3rd place spot in the LCQ and looked to be on his way to the show. Unfortunately, he messed up while in 4th place on lap 4 and got passed by #86 Ryan Breece and #606 Ronnie Stewart.

Cole would cross the line in 5th place and head for the trailer.

But wait…

With #14 Cole Seely unable to line up in the night show, they rolled down one position and Cole made it in.

Cole didn’t have a great night and found the ground. It was a rough night for the half-Canadian rider.

On to Atlanta…