By Billy Rainford

There are moments that define a rider’s career, like Marco Dubé pushing his dead bike across the finish line in Mission, BC so many years ago. Well, we may have just witnessed one of those moments with #19 Dylan Wright.

The Blackwater MX track in Prince George, BC took its toll on quite a few riders Saturday at Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals, and Dylan was nearly one of them.

When the rough track managed to snap his sub-frame, Dylan’s bike literally started to come apart underneath him. But did he pull off the track and suffer a championship-hurting DNF? No, he did not.

What he did for the next couple laps is instantly something that goes down in Moto Folklore. He rode the bike across the line, sideways, and held on to 4th place and the points that go with it. It was pretty incredible.

Here are a few shots from the amazing first-moto finish. Oh, by the way, he came back to win the 2nd moto and took 2nd on the day (4-1).

It was all going so well.
Dylan rode his bike for a couple laps like this.
And crossed the line in 4th place.
The crowd was going nuts for him.
I think Dylan was able to realize just how amazing it was that he finished, and in 4th!
Kyle and Randy push the bike back to the pits to the cheers of the crowd.
Dylan came back and won moto 2.
250 podium: Marshal Weltin (2-2), Dylan Wright (4-1), Jess Pettis (1-5).