Eve Brodeur, to Race Women’s East Nationals | Brodeur vs. Lutz Starts July 8

By Billy Rainford

The Eve Brodeur vs. Kennedy Lutz match-up will take place in the Women’s EAST MX Nationals this summer | Bigwave photo

In speaking with 3-time Canadian Women’s East champion, Eve Brodeur‘s dad, Sylvain Brodeur, we can now announce that Eve will be racing the Women’s East MX Nationals again this summer.

There was speculation that she may make her way to Whispering Pines MX this weekend for round 1 of the Women’s West MX Nationals in Kamloops, but that is no longer the case.

In fact, Team Brodeur has made their way to Colorado to compete in round 6 of the Sound Art WMX Championship in Lakewood, where Eve currently holds down 2nd place in the American series.

It also means that Kennedy Lutz will now race in the east in order to go head to head with Eve in the series. Kennedy has expressed an interest in challenging herself against the multi-time champ to determine Canadian Women’s Motocross supremacy. The two women are our fastest riders and it will be exciting to finally have them go head to head in a 4-round series beginning at Gopher Dunes, July 8th.

Word is, Kennedy was going to show up in Kamloops in case that is where Eve wound up racing. She will likely now race the amateur day Saturday and then prepare for the eastern championships.