Faces at the Races | 2017 MXON | Matterley Basin

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Emily Nicholson and Bigwave

Another Monster Energy Motocross of Nations is in the books and France won it again for the 4th straight year. Team Canada finished 13th after a tough day at the office for all 3 riders – Colton Facciotti, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Tyler Medaglia.

Here’s a look back at the 3 days we spent at the Matterley Basin track in Winchester, England, not from a racing perspective, but from the pits and in the crowd in another edition of ‘Faces at the Races.’


The team got the Team Canada pits all set up on Friday before the team introductions were made.

Cale Foster puts the finishing touches on Shawn Maffenbeier’s MX2 bike.

Kibby Pollack does the same for Tyler Medaglia’s Open class bike.

Maff was feeling pretty relaxed as his 2nd go at a MXON draws closer.

The Prince George, BC connection ‘preparing’ in the beer garden.

Our old buddy, Tony Lane, was the guy to speak to in the VIP section.

Team Canada getting ready for their turn in front of the crowd.

Sponsor plug!

Derek Schuster, Robin Hutchinson, and Summer Knowles on floor #2 of the of pit lane.

Team Canada goes in front of the crowd.

Been here, done this…

You could hear the chant of “Dean-O, Dean-O…” everywhere he went.

Front row for the Team Canada crew.


Tyler was between gears over some of the big jumps so Kibby made the necessary changes to help him out.

Justin Petker is Colton’s right-hand man at the races.

A few artsy product shots from Canada’s pits…

T wrenches.

We found a nice little house to rent for Saturday night that was only 20 minutes from the track. 

It may look nice, but I don’t fancy having to clear spiders every time I want to leave! #wuus

You know it’s a nice place when it has its own name. What’s your house’s name?


Seriously, I really don’t go out of my way to get funny photos of Summer…it just seems to happen.

It rained all night on Saturday and we woke up to a sloppy track.

That’s for you, Kevin Tyler and Johnny Grant.

Tire, er, I mean, tyre choice was key Sunday.

Colton’s sweet ride.

Morning Team Canada photo op.

These two characters call Kamloops, BC home now.

Kourtney Lloyd’s mom came all the way to England to give support.

Wendy Tricco (with Jen Piccolo but she’s not in focus) was in England with her son, Jake Tricco, who was one of the riders on the young ambassadors program.

Emily bravely dove into the crowd on the far side of the track to see what she could find. Check out these guys! That’s Dutchy, Jim Roberts, and Bill Van Vugt.

Simple, but effective.

He uses this to whisper loudly?

The area around the track was a quagmire…giggidy.

There’s never a shortage of beer drinking at these things.

Excuse me, ma’am, who are you cheering for?

In 30 years, this kid will be talking about that time he went to the MXON way back in 2017.

Emily getting artsy with the English mud.


Some people just can’t handle the MXON.

Doesn’t this guy have a show called, “Parts Unknown?”

People are much friendlier when it’s Emily pointing a camera in their faces.

Asleep in my chair, don’t care…

Ryan Lockhart from Atlas Brace gets his extreme close-up.

There he is! That’s Tony Lane on the left.

Everyone wanted a selfie with The Goat. RC threw a few whips over the big finish line jump.

Cale gives Maff a few clicks on the suspension.

Justin was giving Colton a muddy pre-race pep talk here.

Tyler and Kibby discuss settings.

It worked, and Juston got Colt to smile.

A young British fan two-timing with Team Canada.

Go time approaches.

I think Steve Matthes and John Knowles from Scott are in the middle of a staring contest here. Not sure who won.

I was surprised he said yes when I asked him to do this.

Adam Call was the USA super fan who was hanging out in the Canadian pits.

Jake Tricco may get his chance to be here in the future.

Same with Jake Piccolo who didn’t want his photo taken and I warned him I would use this one. See what you get, Jake?!

Cale ready to go.

It was all about keeping the bike slippery for the mud to fall off.

Sascha wanted Shawn to see what white on black would look like as he raced by the new pit board. I liked his optimistic attitude.

Trying to keep it light in staging.

Colton and Shawn were first up.

Gautier Paulin ready for #4.

Randy Maffenbeier up on level 2.

Cole Seely doing his lunges through the busy starting gate crowd. And bend and twist, and bend and twist…

Team Slovenia’s Tim Gajser.

Everyone gets set with their phone cameras.

Kourtney happy in pit lane for moto 1.

Derek looking over the track.

Remember that episode of Alice when ‘Flow’ just wouldn’t relax? “Kiss my grits!”

Most riders had to spend some added time in the pits getting new goggles.

Go, Canada, go!

Maff came in 3 times in his 2nd race!

Tyler looking forward to his races.

Kourtney heading back to the pits in the mob.

More dudes posing for Em…


Cheers, mate!

Irish fans.

Team USA fan.

Mud fan.

That’s some dark beer for race day.

Derek digging in.

Justin getting Colton’s bike ready for round 2.

Those things really DO work!

Twin french fry fans.

Getting ready to bring the noise and colourful smoke.

Yer gonna need a bigger fence.

Seriously, you couldn’t even here the guy announce the winners.

I breathed in enough of this stuff to take 10 years off my life, I’m sure.

Photo op!

Time to celebrate back in the pits.

This guy!

Weird how these next two photos make it look like the guys are spitting it back.

See what I’m saying?


These guys again.

Sweet jacket with built in little mittens.

“One of these things is not like the others…”

This photo didn’t work out, but isn’t that quite possibly the ugliest team jacket you’ve ever seen?!

Tony didn’t have his usually great MXON this year but he’s still the 9-time World Champion and people love him .

Ryan heads off to clean some Atlas Brace product.

He spent a lot of time cleaning up.

We see you, Robin.

Kourtney getting things organized.

Chris Alldredge, yes, that Chris Alldredge, spent the entire weekend working in the Canadian pits…probably because he didn’t have a pass and would have been kicked out had he wandered off. He is definitely a hard worker!

CMA’s Joe Godsall. This is actually the one I took where he looks the happiest!

Drying out a chest protector.

Colton having some mid-day yogurt.

Team Belgium’s Joel Smets.

Jeff Emig and Mervin Anstie after the Legends parade lap.

Feel free to tell me who that is.

Doug Dubach.

Carl Nunn.

Mervin must have been pretty proud on this day!

Yep, it was one of those days.

Maff putting in the ear plugs.

Cale going over the check list.

Sascha breaking in the new pits board.

Keeping the Canada flag clean.

Another day in the office for Colt.

Why do I love taking photos of other people taking photos?

Maff’s mom wearing the flag.

I spotted a Canada flag in the crowd.

Not good for Darian Sanayei.

Eye to eye with Shawn.

Ahh, eye to eye with Tyler.

Team Captain. OK, get over yourself, Jeff. lol

The only racing shot in here. I happened to be standing where Herlings slid out and gave Febvre the lead.

OK, these are racing shots, but they have faces in them, so…

Thomas Covington literally looks like he’s 12 years old.

Zach Osborne showing a lot of face in this one.

Maff’s face pretty much sums up the conditions.

And there you have it, Team France are the champions, 4 years running.

See you at the races…