Faces at the Races | Amsoil Arenacross | Dayton- Round 1

By Billy Rainford

Round 1 of the 2018 Amsoil Arenacross Championship took place last Saturday at the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. In front of a packed house, 80 riders tried to qualify for the AX Lites class and 79 tried in the premiere 250 AX class.

Defending champion, #1 Gavin Faith, took both main event wins (they do 2 in the 250AX class) and #282 Garrett Marchbanks was the winner of the AX Lites main.

Faces at the Races‘ isn’t about the on-track racing action, though. This column is about the riders, fans, and industry folk just hanging out in and around the track. So, here’s a look at some of the people that made round 1 a huge success.

Kingston, Ontario’s #664 Kieran Doherty chilling in the Dirt Bike Mike pits.

Was it cold in Dayton on the weekend? Yes, yes it was. Just ask Jeff Ward.

Fortunately, the pits were inside the building. It was great until someone opened the door! I asked them to slither underneath but nobody thought that was very funny…

Canadian regular, #392 Michael Fowler, was there. He had to heat his bike with a plugged in heater just to get it to fire Saturday afternoon.

At this point in the weekend, Kieran had two perfectly good arms…

Terry Doherty made the trip to Dayton and apparently thought I was there to arrest him?

That’s #90 Jacob Hayes pretending to be busy as I got closer.

#2 is Chris Blose, who is also no stranger to Canada.

Kieran’s new profile pic.

#3 is Travis Sewell.

#373 Jacob Williamson isn’t Canadian but Team PRMX is.

Jeff doing some final work on Tanner Ward’s Team Carey KTM. Thanks for the plate of food, Team Carey!

Josh Woods in the Team Babbitt’s GPF pit.

I’m not exactly sure what this look means, but I don’t think it’s, “Hey, there’s Billy. Get over here, my old friend!” Fortunately, I never let that stop me.

Classic father and son track walk moment.

“No, my left, your right. Just don’t look either way, just to be safe.”

Always look where you want to go, not down at the tip of the front fender. Good advice for track walk, too.

#740 Lane Staley used to ride for a Canadian team.

That’s Gavin Faith, the defending champ. You can’t see the target on his back from this angle…

Bringing a fake gun to a knife fight…

He looks a little worried about the long whoops section.

“Yep, you just keep heading north and that’s where I’d like to race a 450 next summer.” It’s true, he said that, actually.

Getting their track walk with the Pro riders photo done.

#14 Heath Harrison is on the Rockford Fosgate Ti-Lube Honda team.

#133 Jordan Bailey made his Amsoil Arenacross Pro debut in Dayton.

#9 Daniel Herrlein is back for more Arenacross in 2018.

Gavin has come up to Canada to teach MX schools for Kourtney Lloyd and Cycle North.

Chris Blose sat in a chair in his pit long after almost everyone had left. He wasn’t happy with round 1.

Remember #165 James ‘Earl’ Roberts? That’s him.

I probably should have waited and shot another photo of #30 Jordan Jarvis on her first Pro Amsoil Arenacross track walk. Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

Lindsay introduces the new voices of Amsoil Arenacross. He’s got a classic announcer’s voice.

Taking a page out of the Kyle Patton playbook.

Fresh seat cover for one of the Ti-Lube guys.

The Team Dirtbike Mike fleet.

We’re definitely going to have to sit sown and interview Mike ‘Dirtbike Mike’ Lambert some time soon. He even has Ross Pederson stories.

Pre-race focus time.

Chris Blose.

#282 Garrett Marchbanks was the AX Lites winner.

This guy puts the ‘Carey’ in ‘Team Carey.’

Michael and Josh Mosiman.

“I like it when you call me Brock PA…pi.” His bike looked like a 1981 Maico with the colour scheme.

Tanner and TJ checking out the practice before theirs.

Kieran Doherty looking pretty slick before a qualifier.

Cool. Too bad it’s a 4-stroke, though.

Tanner had troubles with his settings early in the day. Tim Bennett (right) from TCD suspensions came over and did a full rework for him and it really helped.

The pit party was a big success in Dayton.

Chris Blose and Jace Owen signing autographs for a little fan.

Check out that fresh ‘Cartwright’ on Heath!

A little dude gets some Pro seat time of his own. I think he went out and buttered the finish line double. Too soon?

Can you hear the ‘Thank You Notes’ piano music from Jimmy Fallon? “Dear Billy. Thank you for the new camera…”

Everyone had their names on these posts. It was a nice touch.

To, Cole Thompson. Love, Jacob. It can’t be too soon for THAT one!

Rush hour traffic for the pit party.

Michael Willard’s smile is still the same, but having 3 kids is new!

Someone tell us who these kids are so we can catalog this photo for #TBT 12 years from now.

The classic American colour guard entrance before the night show got underway.

Daniel gets his intro.

There’s Chris Blose again.

It looked like Jace Owen tweaked his knee earlier in the day, but he toughed it out.

I think the new guy’s catch phrase is, “IT’S TIME…TO GO…RACINGGGG!!!!”

It was really great to see the place completely full.

These races will air on Fox Sports.

Celebrating the Lites main win.

That’s #21 Isaac Teasdale who got 3rd in the Lites main.

Lites Main podium: Garrett Marchbanks, Heath Harrison, Isaac Teasdale. I didn’t even get a 250AX podium because a video guy stood up top and in front of us all.

Isaac and Josh Woods.

Jacob Hayes on stage for 3rd in the 250 AX class.

Gavin Faith gets his face time after going 1-1 in the mains.

#197 Dillon Cloyed asked if I got any shots of him. How’s this? Seriously though, I’ll have a look… In the meantime, let’s let him say it. “See you at the races…”