Faces at the Races | Anaheim 1 | Strikt Gear

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Strikt Gear.

It’s time to kick off the New Year with our first Faces at the Races column of 2019. Here’s a closer look at the people at and around the races this past weekend at round 1 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series in Anaheim, California.

The weather wasn’t very conducive to pit wanderings, but it was nice to get this ball rolling.

Remember Ryan Surratt from racing in Canada a couple years ago? He’s racing Supercross this year and qualified in 40thspot in the 450 class. He was 17th in his heat and then 14th in the LCQ to miss the main on his #951 bike.

You just know Carson Brown was hoping for a mudder…and that they’d let him race on a tricked out pit bike!

#313 Kyle Swanson lined up in the 450 class but didn’t make it into the night program after qualifying 45th.

Donk and James Lissimore making out ruin my photo of Hunter Lawrence…

Guys like #725 Richard Jackson have no idea how much press above the border they’re going to get. Hey, you race on the Canadian PRMX team, you’re getting shots taken!

Ozark Nation.

Austin Politelli didn’t know he was going to walk the track in Gene Simmons’ elevated shoes. (Google it, Bowker!)

Justin Brayton said this was round 10 for him, not round 1. He’s been busy making money this off-season.

Dylan Ferrandis and DV talking strategy for a podium.

I think we all need to sit back and really think about what it took for Ken Roczen to come back to racing so quickly. This has got to be one of the greatest moto stories of all time, no?

Canada, A. See what I did there?

I said early in the day that Cooper Webb looked really good on the KTM. He crashed in the first turn and came all the way back to 5th to prove me right.

I have photos from A1 of Tony and Logan doing every hand signal you can possibly do. I’m not even joking.

I should be looking over my right shoulder, apparently.

Deano checking out lines during track walk.

Bjorn Viney and Westen Wrozyna. Watch for Bjorn on the track at Supercross Futures at A1 and Westen when the 250 class heads east.

It was great to see Mitchell Oldenburg during track walk. He was still limping pretty heavily on that right leg.

I’ve been impressed with the rookie 450 guys so far, especially Joey Savatgy.

Daniel and Sammy.

Andreas Konrad (left) has been busy at Viney Ranch working on all the guys’ bikes.

I did another classic hold-out-my-hand-only-to-get-walked-right-past move this time by Adam Enticknap. We sorted it out and I didn’t get left hanging for long. He looks fit this year!

Ryan Dungey and Tony Alessi asking the age old question, do I or do I not believe the hype?

Aaron Plessinger looked good at A1 but I thought this mudder may have been his best chance to podium.

Riders’ meeting.

Jimmy Decotis and #221 Matthew Jorgenen had a battle royale in their 250 heat race. Jimmy got punted off the track at one point but came back to take 9th and the final direct transfer spot.

Ils rigolent.

Cody VanBuskirk gets photo bombed by Sammy while Daniel closes deals.

A classic Emily pose.

There’s a lot of moto knowledge in this photo of Eric Johnson and Davey Coombs.

Canadian Jamie Routley spotted!

Horns this time.

Tim Bennett pretending he doesn’t see me. Heather does!

Matt Koeleman from Alternative Vision scarfs down a freebie burger.

Canadians spotted.

Brock Leitner (right) was checking out the action.

That’s actually the back of Todd Minnie’s head.

Yep, that’s Danielle Pettis giving me my first creeped-out look of the New Year. I really wish that were true…

It’s literally only two letters and I don’t know if I say “Do” or Doh.” Thomas is over from France.

Check out that attention to detail on the Alpinestars medical rig. You can have any combination of doors closed and the logo is still right. Nice job.

I’m sorry, Jackie Wilson, but that’s the only shot I took, and I’m running it. It was great to see you…and now you’re probably mad at me. lol

Simon Cudby, if you photo bomb my shot I am 100% going to use it. I was really hoping it was worse…

Kourtney Lloyd with Jess Pettis before the night show started.

Thanks for bringing us over to the Fox Grill and Chill. It was also great to see Rick Bradshaw and Jay Moore.

The stuff you don’t see on TV.

Talking about how crazy that heat race was.

Donk keeping Tyler Bowers’ head in the game.

Subtle words for Alex Ray. He’s too fit these day to move people around though.

This actually happened on the very next lap.

Tony pumped to see Logan in a transfer position.

Logan, too, was pumped.

Here they are pumped together.

Thumbs up this time. How many photos are these guys going to be in?!

Matt Rice did not bring his rain gear.

Hayden Deegan chats with Juliana Daniell.

“Yes, these captions are killing it!” says Colt Nichols.

Shane McElrath was actually making the worst face he could on purpose. I turned and fired and this was the “best” one I got.

RJ Hampshire was taking no guff out there on the track.

I have to say, she made me feel a little under-dressed for the occasion!

You don’t often see umbrellas for rain at Supercross.

Chad Reed had troubles in the first turn of the main and came up through the field after chucking his goggles mid-way.

Focus! (Nice double entendre. Thank you for noticing.)

Dean got passed on the inside twice in the same corner. He doesn’t look thrilled about it either.

Ken Roczen moved steadily forward in the main to take 2nd.

Dean feeling sorry for us photographers standing out in the rain. Thanks, Dean. He would eventually finish in 4th place in the main after leading early.

Justin Barcia also moved up during the main and got himself to the top spot. The crowd was really cheering for Bam Bam.

I’m all out of photos of Logan and Tony, so I guess we’ll end it there. Hey, Colt Nichols, what round are we heading to next? See you at the races…