Faces at the Races | Arenacross Series Rounds 1 and 2

By Billy Rainford

Photos by John Meaney

John Meaney has been firing over bombs from both rounds of the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Series and we’ve yet to post a ‘Faces at the Races’ column from either one! Let’s see if we can remedy that right here and now.

Let’s have a look at some of the people who were hanging out and racing in Abbotsford and Calgary.

Jyire Mitchell is from Bermuda and got his first look at the western area of Canada. I told him not to expect so many mountains as he heads east from Calgary…

It looks like we’ve seen the last of FWM Arenacross champ, Collin Jurin. The Cycle North team will not be heading east. Actually, I think Collin is on his way to Mexico for some family time!

Kourtney will maybe take a weekend off, but I doubt it. I’m sure she’ll find something moto to do.

Tyler Medaglia in his Calgary Flames jersey for opening ceremonies. Down south, riders put on football jerseys. Here it’s hockey, baby!

Kristen Beat is now a part of the Fox Sports Racing Canada broadcast team.

Shaka, brah. Winning feels good.

“OK, everyone smile!” Ahh, I didn’t say, “Simon says,” Risi! You’re out.

I’m sneaking this Brock Leitner shot in here. Man, does it suck that one year to the day from his ACL surgery, he leaves the series with some broken bits and pieces in his pelvis area. I just spoke to him as he’s leaving the Fox HQ in Calgary. It turned out they didn’t need to do surgery, but he’ll be away from normal activities for 8-12 weeks with this one. Take care of yourself, Brock, and we’ll keep bugging you for updates along the way. This guy’s a scratch golfer, too! Just saying. lol

#146 Tyler Gibbs has learned a lot about indoor racing at the higher level. He’s raced some SX Futures and now he’s a Pro racing our Arenacross series. I keep saying he’s got potential because…he’s got potential!

Dylan Wright: “Could you just put everything in winning position?” Justin Petker: “You got it.”

I’m dying to make a Raquel Welch from Seinfeld joke here, but I think only Chris Pomeroy would get it!

If you don’t do this as obsessively as you tip the dirt out of your goggles before a race, you aren’t doing it right.

Luuuke, come to the dark side. No wait, this is Canada. It doesn’t get any brighter!

Steve Beattie explaining something to Cole in Calgary.

I went to Western University so I love all this purple. I even have a purple leather jacket…that will never have that cool, old leather jacket worn look because it never leaves the closet. Oh well, the Hoosier Offroad Roost Factory pulls it off nicely.

#296 Ryder Floyd didn’t have a good night in Calgary, but he’s still in this fight. He skipped the 450 class in Calgary to concentrate on the 250 class.

Phil Nicoletti grabbed his first win in Canada in Calgary. He had the quote of the night, too: “I was expecting a T-bone move…I don’t think anyone wants to start a blood war yet.” That’s gold, Jerry.

If you’re scoring at home, that’s the 2nd Seinfeld reference of the article.

Shawn Maffenbeier and his mom in the Calgary pits. And to think they say your hair comes from your mother’s side…

More Maff relatives?

That interview piece they did for the Fox Sports broadcast with Tyler was good. It’s not up in archives on Two Wheels TV quite yet, but when it is you need to check it out.

Davey Fraser still throwing down after all these years. Love it!

“LUUUUUUUU!” Just like a Roberto Luongo cheer. No old Canucks fans here? Sorry, I’m alone on this one…

John just walked around and blinded riders before their race, I guess. After Ryder got taken out in his heat, his team simply posted, “What comes around goes around.” Something for us media geeks to hype up!

John, there’s apparently something more interesting than you standing just to your right.

Dammit, now they’re on your left!

Speaking of Supercross Futures…

Avrie Berry and Shelby Turner lining up to do battle.

Now that’s crispy!

He’s gonna go triple-double, guys.

Kristen Beat doing her homework and getting some background on Luke. I mean, LUUUUUU!

Christian Huber and…well, well, well, would you look who’s back in Canada! That’s our old friend, Chad Goodwin. Welcome.

Jyire Mitchell and his dad, Shawn Mitchell, up from Bermuda.

Shelby checking out the track and wondering where all the wet rocks and logs are.

Sometimes, easy shots are the coolest. I like this one.

Let’s end this one with a couple champagne spray shots.

See you at the races…burp.

Next round is April 27th in Sarnia, Ontario. We’ll see you there!