Faces at the Races | Arlington Supercross | PRMX

By Billy Rainford

It’s time to get sarcastic! Here’s our favourite column to write. As always, these captions are all in good fun.

Here’s a look at riders and fans from at and around AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

I was at this place for the first Supercross a few years back. It still blows you away when you walk in.

This was our first look at the Club MX Redemption Racing team and #174 Josh Osby.

#85 Josh Cartwright promised a fresh ‘Cartwright’ for race day, and he delivered.

Marvin was all business during track walk.

Tyla Rattray and Aldon Baker know a thing or two about training.

Not sure about that hat style, Ricky Carmichael.

Canadian Josh Snider in his ‘big shot’ team jacket.

Cartwright and Seth Rarick are always at the top of the hair game.

#373 Jacob Williamson signed a new deal on Tuesday, just before round 1.

Jimmy Decotis was feeling good in the morning and it would carry over into the night.

Cooper Webb was on pace in Arlington.

Scott Jeffery made the trip to Texas.

Westen Wrozyna at his first-ever Pro Supercross, walking with teammate Logan Karnow.

#59 Cole Martinez moved up to the 450 class for the east.

“Oh wow, Dr. Bob.” If anyone got that Muppets reference, I will be surprised and a little worried.

Martin Davalos qualified fastest but did not have a good round 1.

Kyle Chisholm raced the 450 class in Arlington.

James Lissimore and Donk during track walk. Yes, you can probably see what James was loading up to send me.

Getting some info from #35 Austin Forkner. Are frosted tips back in the game? Did I miss another memo?

Westen keeping it light.

With Cale Foster.

Westen and PRMX owner, Julien Perrier, discussing the whoops.

Pre-show flagger meeting.

Westen enters the stadium to ride for the first time.

Is it just me or is something missing?

It’s always good to see people smiling when they speak with Doc Bodnar.

Logan hit the top of the board in qualifying.

Josh Snider down by my coffee maker…

Pit Party.

I definitely need something to get around on, but I don’t think this will be the route I go. I’m not gonna ride around balancing on a fender!

This was the last Pro Supercross duty for Donk.

Keep a close eye on that thumb and see which way it goes… Kidding, kidding.

The 450 guys checking out practice.

Josh ‘n Josh talking things over.

Cale building up to do a Gilbert Gottfried impressing as he goes over the night’s schedule.

The PRMX pits.

Westen is heading to the night show!

Justin Barcia getting his intro. Unfortunately, the night didn’t go well for Justin.

Chad Reed gets the biggest cheer every time he comes into these stadiums.

Eli Tomac ready for a dominant night.

Cole Seely is going to have to seal one of these deals soon.

Don’t stare straight into Chad’s eyes. Australians take that as a challenge and you know damn well that’s not a knife!

KTM Junior Supercross Challenge competitors in the belly of the stadium.

I’m going to have to admit, I don’t know her name, so nothing funny or sarcastic is coming to mind…

No, you could NOT handle it.

Not sure why this is funny.

Hey, Julien!


Texans don’t mess around when it comes to tailgating.

Friendly fans in the parking lot. Yes, that’s THE Pistol Pete second from the right.

This will be the first Austin learns about this move. Nice one, Josh.

The Pit Party was packed with promenading pit people posing for pictures with Pros.

Hey, Chloe Metcalfe, anyone mind if I go into the Toyota hospitality area and have a Subway sandwich?


I put on the artsy lens for a few minutes in the PRMX pits.



Ooohhh again….

Aaahhhh again…

Westen chats with a friend in the pits.

Donk’s last rodeo. Tyler Bowers was leading the race for this one.

Jimmy D and Colt Nichols.

250 Top 3.

Champagne spray.

This is now officially Zach Osborne’s signature move.

250 podium: Zach Osborne, Colt Nichols, Jimmy Decotis.


What has two thumbs and just landed on the Pro Supercross podium for the first time?

This reminds of the time Jimmy raced at Gopher Dunes…

Josh Snider up in the manager’s tower…like a boss!

Ashley Phillips, Juliana Daniell, and Courtney.

If you look up “Cheshire Cat smile” you find this shot of Eli. Actually, it’s not. I just Googled it to make sure I spelled it right, and…

Remember when The Fonze kept asking, “What is her naaammmeee??!!” OK, I’ll admit that reference is dated and obscure.

Product placement is key.

The record still holds. He’s been at every race in the USA I’ve ever been to!

450 podium: Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Blake Baggett.

Marvin at the press conference.

Jimmy D.

Colt Nichols.


Blake Baggett has a dry and funny sense of humour that comes out at these things.

Will Eli go on another roll?

Last one out, turn off the lights.

Putting the SpiderCam away for another week. “See you at the races…”