Faces at the Races | Atlanta Supercross | PRMX

By Billy Rainford

Presented by PRMX.

Round 9 of the 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series headed to the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, Saturday night. The stadium is a thing of beauty on the outside. There are so many different roads an level out there that Jeff and I didn’t know if we were ever going to find the spot we were supposed to pick up our credentials! It’s a maze of overpasses and walkways that will have you scratching your angry head.

We managed to luck into the right area and got set up. We then drove away and wondered where we were going to park. A lot of the stadiums on the outskirts of cities have massive parking areas which can mean for a lot of walking but will save you the possible $40 charge to park your vehicle. We circled for a while and literally bumped into a spot that was only $20, so we jumped on it.

This column isn’t about the racing action — we’ll leave that for Jeff’s ‘McThoughts‘ and Hammertime’s ‘Reality Check‘ columns. ‘Faces at the Races’ is our tongue-in-cheek look at the racers, mechanics, fans…anything we think is funny or telling about the people at the races.

So, unless you want more ado (I’ve had a few people say they like it), here’s our look at the Atlanta Supercross. And, as always, these are all in good fun.

Race day always starts with track walk for me. It’s a great time to pester the riders as they try to concentrate and learn the sections of the track. Here’s Canadian #179 Westen Wrozyna heading out to get his firat look at what he was to be racing.

Rich Shephard got the KJSC racers all lined up on a jump, so I quickly ran over to poach a shot. 2nd from the left is Canadian #2 Hayden Dunser from Saskatoon.

Seth Rarick was already worried about keeping that hairdo in tip top shape so I think he was making a late-morning appointment at the salon down the street. Is that almost enough about Seth’s hair?

That’s #144 Brandon Hartranft. He’s raced in Canada.

“There’s no sense getting shot becomes somebody scuffed your Pumas!” Remember that.

Zach checking out a section and hoping everyone heads straight through it…

Team PRMX rider, #471 Logan Karnow.

#373 Jacob WIlliamson has also raced up here.

David Vuillemin explains to his guys how he’d head through the rhythm section.

Marvin and Dylan chat while she wonders who the strange bald guy is pointing the camera at them.

I think Scott Jeffery is starting to enjoy hanging out at the big show.

If you Google “Adam Enticknap face,” this is what you find.

Can’t you just hear some whispered golf-style narration here? “It looks like it goes right to left, to me, Bob…”

Hey, pay attention!

That’s #61 Heath Harrison.

I don’t know what he’s like away from the track, but #111 Chris Blose is a serious cookie on race day.

OK, now Google “Deano” and tell me what you find.

“What would Jay Bondrock do in a situation like this?” If you get that reference, Bowker, I’ll lose it!

Canada’s good buddy #392 Michael Fowler checking out the whoops.

Nick Wey going through them with #90 Dakota Tedder.

#84 Scott Champion was in for a bit of a rough night.


Lane Staley has a Canadian connection. I think we’ll soon start a ‘6 Degrees of Julien Perrier’ type thing.

Josh Greco used to get in photos because of his mustache. Now he gets one because of his lack of it. He’ll have to do something else this week in Daytona to hold the streak.

#122 Chris Howell is still trying to get up to speed in the 450 class.

That’s #80 AJ Catanzaro.

#6 Jeremy Martin looked to be pretty loose in the morning.

Bobby Hewitt gives us a classic profile shot.

#10 Justin Brayton was in for a very solid night.

Jason and Aldon.

He does a great ‘La Grange’ air guitar.

When I was a kid, Buddy Antunez was a mini rider protege.

#34 Weston Peick was in for some rough rides.

Coffee and water. That goes with my breakfast order, every time.

There’s our buddy Seth again. I think he’s had just about enough of Jeff and me making hair comments. OK, that was the last one…

“Go that way really, really fast. If something gets in your way…turn.” Mid-80’s reference.

It was a long walk from the track to the pits, so I didn’t do it more than twice. We found Cade Clason busy working for FXR.

Alex Jeffery has no ragrets about not racing anymore. He’s happy doing his thing now.

Tanner Ward was checking out the racing.

We found our old buddy, Robbie Feder, keeping things tidy in the LVN100 pits.

Jeff got the full story on what’s up in Robbie’s world.

Tyler Bowers in the Monster Kawasaki pits.

Not my greatest photo of Mitch Payton, but…

Jimmy heading out for qualifying.

Marvin and Frankie talking things over.

Tickle talking tuning tech trackside.

Isn’t this every racer’s dream? Head into the pits and describe an issue…

…and an expert springs into action to fix it.

Zach talking things over.

You know you do this too.

Nick Gaines.

I think that’s Guy Incognito.

Chris, over here…Chris!

This bike and its rider were in for a terrible night.

Josh Osby hits the top in his session.

Cale Foster keeping Westen on pace.

It always helps to know you’re not alone out there.

Go time for Westen.

“I wish I was a little bit taller…”

Waiting for their turn, while Logan perfects the standing nap.

Back to the pits, boys.

You too.

This was my second and final trip back to the pits. Here are the Geico Honda guys signing some autographs.

Why are these guys so mad?

Kawasaki autograph session.

Not as much going on in the Honda pits as they’d probably like, these days.

Aaron Plessinger showed up to interact with the fans.

Getting the 450 ready for Justin Hill again.

Yep, every time…

Be serious, Logan!

Man-friending for Logan.

Logan and Westen ready for final qualifying.

#85 Josh Cartwright.

PRMX team rider, #309 Jeremy Smith, crashed hard and will be out for the rest of the series.

Cale is going to hate this one, but I think it’s great…and it’s my damn site! #ironisbroken

Donny Brown is literally downtown.

“I wonder if I’m over-moisturizing? Oh, and go, Heath!!!”

Zack Williams looking pretty big time here.

I was standing way too close to Josh Snider with the 200mm lens.

You put a headset on a guy and he gets all uppity!

With the wrong lens, I worked hard to get the flag in this shot!

Viral Brand sponsors the Canadian PRMX team, so…

“…and anyone else I forgot.”

“Uh, breaker, breaker…”

#171 Yannis Irsuti had a hard fall. Hope he’s feeling better.

Scott went over the bars really awkwardly in front of the mechanics’ area. He was a little wobbly and headed back to the pits.

Camera lights on for the national anthem.

Meh, I’ll keep trying.

Davi Millsaps does a lap with his son.

This is as close to a hometown race as he’s going to find.

Just a couple retired guys complaining about the government, full-time.

Can-Con! That’s Paul Delaurier and Chad Reed.

Time to go racing.

That’s for you, Josh Snider.

Broc Tickle took a hard fall. These crashes are getting crazy!

That’s James Lissimore’s forehead, as Justin Brayton wins a main and gets in the way of my shot…

That feels good.

#2 Pappa Dunser.

Saskatoon’s #2 Hayden Dunser took 7th.

There was a great race for the win and #7 Ashtyn French took it.

Time for a few pit boards.

This is what Ferrandis’ bike looked like in the aftermath.

The guys said it was tough to see the signs so they pointed the board at them over the finish line jump too.


The Forkners.

Trying to get an artsy shot of Austin.

250 Podium: Austin Forkner (4-2-3), Zach Osborne (1-3-5), Jordan Smith (3-4-6).

As an old triathlon company (Rip ‘n Hammer) slogan used to read, “Hydrate or Die!”

Man, I can’t even remember having helmet hair this cool!

Ken Roczen was in the house. As David Letterman always said, “I wouldn’t give this guy’s problems to a monkey on a rock!” I still don’t get it.

These two seemed OK with each other after a day filled with tension.

Martin Davalos won the 2nd 250 main.

Zach landed on the back of Austin in the rhythm section and was pretty heated about it after the race.

Jason Anderson’s 2-1-4 gave him the overall.

Cooper Webb struggled in the first main with a 14th but then went 2-3 for 6th.

Eli Tomac’s 5-3-2 gave him 3rd.

450 Podium: Jason Anderson (2-1-4), Marvin Musquin (4-5-1). Eli Tomac (5-3-2). This what happens when you push the “go” button on your camera and all that happens is you get an ERROR message. Missed it by that much…

250 Press Conference podium.

450 Press Conference podium.

Thanks, Cade. See you at the races…