Faces at the Races | Barrie Arenacross

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Bigwave

Check out some ‘Faces at the Races’ from the final round of Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Arenacross at the Barrie Molson Center in Barrie, Ontario.

Marco Cannella just had a birthday, so we’ll let him get this party started. Long-haired Marco or short-haired Marco? Use your remote to enter your vote.

Looking good, Cale Foster!

Phil Nicoletti when asked if he prefers Tim Hortons over Starbucks.

Cole Wilson threw a pick axe up into the air, licked it, and said…”nothin’!” Congratulations, if you get that Yukon Cornelius reference.

Zeb Dennis has got this in-house announcer gig figured out now. Even with all the dead time during “Start-Gate” (see what Jeff McConkey did there?) he kept the crowd entertained.

Ryder Floyd just couldn’t catch a break after round 1. Watch for him to regroup and make a charge in the outdoor season.

Had some fun tailgating with Gary during the break. Our paths both have motocross and triathlons in them. He can still run…

I’m sorry I’m not sure who this is, but I know I’ve never posted a photo of him before, so this ends now. Welcome.

Jack Wright will be another rider to watch as we head into the summer months.

I’ve seen the photo Dario and Lino Zecca¬† have of me and it’s not so bad, so I can stop being so nice to them now.

Tyler Spikman is a dad now, so the new greys in that beard are understandable.

Zack Zager has a name that could be a villain in a Marvel comic. Double Z is pretty cool for initials, and he could always get to class late because he was definitely the last name called for attendance!

Hey, Shawn, are you still kicking around my hometown this week? Let’s cycle, if you are.

#50 Jyire Mitchell got landed on and taken out in his heat race, but we’re told there are no broken bones, so that’s good.

Paul Kingsley going over the rules at riders meeting.

I did a short podcast with Paul and Daryl Murphy at the end of the night.

Kyle Ward has heard it once or twice. Paul’s meeting speech, not the podcast…

Zach Nobrega came up to help Michael Fowler for the day.

Steve Simms checking out the track during the morning walk.

Luke Renzland and Marco during track walk.

Tyler Medaglia and Adam Robinson sorting out the rhythm section after the first turn.

Tyler and his teammate, Matt Goerke, had a lot to smile about in Barrie.

Claudie Lapointe from Matrix Concepts has a lot going on right now. She’s off to Austria soon to check out her new job opportunity. How cool is that?!

Let’s do some black and white start line shots now.

Dylan Wright.

Guillaume “Gilliam/Gullimer” St Cyr.

Greg Poisson with Mitch McColl.

KT and LR.

Michael Fowler set out to race both classes.


That retro Fox kit was saweet!

T-Dags and Christian Huber.


R-Der. OK, Ryan Derry’s name just won’t work for that.


Travis Barrette. “T-Bar” is pretty good.

M-Fo Sho shaking the goggles.

D-Al. Yes, I’m just going to keep trying till one sticks.

P-Nic. Picnic? See, this is how nicknames get started. He may already have one, though, I’m not sure…

There’s a Snoop Dog-sounding rhyme for Double ZZ here, but I can’t work it out on such short notice.



A-Bear. See, now that one isn’t bad for Avrie Berry!

Triple 4.

Mark Booker enjoying his roles as team owner and moto dad.

Dylan Wright won the AX title, but his day didn’t go as smoothly as he would have liked. They had a major swap to do.

If you’ve watched either of the last two 450 mains, you’re as surprised as the rest of us that Shawn and Cade are still buddies! Very Canadian.

What do you think Dylan listens to before he goes out and wins a championship?

I have no idea what’s going on here, but that look on Derek Schuster’s face tells me I like it.

Taylor Ciampicini in his home town and Jeff Gaynor.

Early in the day, I guess we were all told to sit single file…………..C-Clay.

From here, Dakota Alix looked up just long enough to see #85 launch his Yamaha straight at me and hit the stage. Kevin Tyler commented that the hot line was “double, double, podium…” It was good and the rider was OK.

Opening ceremonies were really good this AX season. They even use that Supercross guy’s voice for it now.

Shawn says hello to the big crowd.

It’s interesting how we really like retro stuff.

Boom! That’s pretty much 12 o’clock, right there.

The champ makes his entrance.

American and Canadian anthems were sung nicely.

Kristen Beat was back. She does her homework and it shows. Nice job.

Not sure why I like this photo so much, but I do.

Insert McCaulay Culkin reference here.

Classic moto dad pose asking if his rider can perhaps give a little more.

Caleb Vankoughnett was pumped on his win.

Jake Tricco was there with his bum wing. Looks like he’ll join up with the MX series when it makes its eastern swing.

Michael with his brand new 450 that he was still getting to know.

Brad Nauditt looking good in his yellow gear.

Jeff helping Jack out with some sag settings. Jeff is always “chasing settings.”

I told you it turned out, Luke, as I held the camera above my head and snapped willy nilly.

This is one of those shots of young Ben Kongmany that I’ll be glad I have when he’s a top Pro in the future.

T-Spik makes another appearance.

Getting ready to race.

I’m not sure how I feel about this number.

But I can see Jim Scott is happy with his…

Ayrton and Chris Pomeroy getting all set on the line. I don’t think Chris was moving his arms! It’s a Raquel Welch reference.

Not bad.

“Picnic” says hello.

M-Can and K-Ty talk strategy before a race.

OK, now that’s two Americans telling me I’m #1! That’s not how we roll up here in friendly Canada!

I’m so used to getting this look that it doesn’t even phase me anymore. Yes, there’s more, Justin Thompson.

You’ve heard of a 50 mission cap, right? Well…

Les Plasses.

Josh Smith is from Indianapolis and says he’s a DMX fan. I can’t NOT include him, right?

R-Flo gets his interview with K-Be after wining the 250 LCQ.

J-Mc with R-Am getting knuckles.

OK, last Spikman shot.

Missed it by that much! 2 seconds earlier, Cade, is all we needed.

I think we can get used to seeing Avrie getting interviewed in Canada as she gets set to race our Women’s West Nationals next.

That’s what American rider #675 Kyle Dillin looks like.

Quinn Amyotte and Michael talking about something very interesting during Start Gate.

This was great. This little guy wanted to go say hello to Marco so badly but just couldn’t get up the nerve. Marco headed in the door and then we yelled at him. He turned around and this little guy got to say hello.

M-Fow and Z-Nob. Ha, that one works!

Zeb comes out to toss some swag during Start Gate.

He admitted he was no baseball player or quarterback, but still got the freebies to the crowd when it was crunch time.

Chicken dinner!

Imagine how awkward this would be if this were as far as the hug went?

Don’t worry, they hugged it out.

P-King (Is “Ducky” Paul’s new nickname?!) taking a well-deserved rest at the end of the night.

Sam Gaynor didn’t race in Barrie, but he was back on the bike at Motopark on Sunday.

C-Thom bagged another AX title.

It was a 1-1 night for T-Med, M-Go and the team.

Congrats on your first Professional title, Dylan.

The happy parents. You ARE happy, right Bill? LOL

Phil is ready to hit the great outdoors.

Ooh, that’s pretty sweet!

I bet Sally Cannella scrolled through here and was happy I didn’t post any shots of her. She does her best to avoid me. However…See you at the races, Sally!

And we’ll see everyone out at Wild Rose MX Park in downtown Calgary on June 1st for the start of the Motocross season!