By Billy Rainford

Some of these shots were writing their own captions as I was running them through the old editing box. It’s always fun to capture the moments away from the track, just as much as the action on it.

Here’s our look at some of the people that make Canadian Motocross as great as it is.

The weekend started at the Grand Opening/Meet N Greet at the new Blackfoot Direct location. Andy White was there with some dude named Mike Brown.
Dean Thompson had a blast handing out free stuff.
I had no idea Dylan Kaelin was racing Saturday! Did you see how well he did?
Charlie Johnston is not a little dude. Actually, all of the top 3 in the FXR 125 Pre-Mix class are pretty big dudes. And you say a 125 can’t be competitive, eh. Pfft.
Dominique Daffe’s face tells me I may have been a little close with the camera here.
Matt Deroy doesn’t always have a lot of time for my nonsense. Which is too bad because I have a lot of it to share!
Tanner Ward has a new thing where he flashes me the blankest look he can come up with. I like it.
Jess Pettis tried unsuccessfully to hide his smile.
Ryan Lockhart is hiding something outside of this shot in his right hand.
It turns out we were at the same races all the time way back in the 1980’s. Small world.
Bill Murray snuck in, did the dishes then vanished.
Hey, Jared Stock, you want to race a KTM at a WORCS race? Too bad, you’re in!
Riders meeting on race day. I couldn’t resist shooting lots of photos with the Calgary skyline in the background.
10 Canadian MX titles between them. Will it be 11 at the end of the summer?
Read it and…celebrate?
Ryder Floyd support staff.
Dusty Heacock came all the way out west with his team.
There were a ton of first-timers out west at round 1.
“You really think you’re ready to race again?” “Ya, watch.”
I found Sarah Clason reading Cantonese in the pits! Cade, you’re in way over your head!
Luke and Marco (sounds like a crime-fighting TV show idea!) were hamming it up for John Meaney’s camera, but I snaked it.
Kourtney and Kiana get a sitcom?
Greg “Derek Smalls” Small setting up his booth.
Darcy Lalonde headed out for a run before the day started. Keener. He probably just jogged over to Timmys.
More backdrop ops.
Sylvain and Eve Brodeur are out west for the first time. How’s the RV, Sylvain? Road trips can be costly and stressful.
It was great to see Kevin Lepp and his dad at the races. It’s been a while, guys.
Sam Gaynor enjoyed being on the business side of the factory fence in Calgary. He wouldn’t let Yannick Boucher in. Stop touching the rails, Yannick!
“Does your have batteries in it?” “No, they said we’ll see how today goes, first.” “OK, me too.”
If you see #612 Jesse Braden on the road, help the Oklahoman out. He’s a great guy and on his own. And that was his dog walking around. Quite the pair!
Chris Pawlitsky from Revelstoke still stands as the nicest guy ever. He’s going to be tough to beat in this category.
Josh Osby gets a hg from Pam Jeffery after his big win.
Les Hubers.
It was a nice day for a…Day.
#71 Duncan McLeod also made the trek west.
“Did…did I ever tell youse guys…how much I loves ya?” Kourtney, it’s 8:30 am! (I ran this caption by HQ first)
I told you!
Race day nerves.
You’d be hard-pressed to find two nicer guys than these two BC beauties here.
“Ya, just stay calm and treat it like any other day, Sam.” “Sorry, who are you?”
Swag toss from Tyler Medaglia.
Dylan Wright was visibly and audibly shaken after that 2nd moto.
Luuuuuuuuke! Luke Renzland gets the moto 2 win Saturday.
Josh Osby takes the MX2 overall, his first here.
Eve Brodeur was so used to flashing the #1 that she messed up. We had to reshoot it with 3 fingers. We laughed.
Colton and Phil have an animated convo about something that happened in that last moto.
Mike Alessi snagged both Royal Distributing holeshots.
Colton signing some autographs at the end of the day. Those kids may have been background actors for this production, I’m not sure. I didn’t see Craft Services.
There’s that look I’m too familiar with again. It’s gonna be a long summer, folks!
Check out Sam signing autographs!
This production should be pretty cool when it’s done.
3 and 1.
Luke giving signals for #15 Eden Netelkos in the Women’s motos.
This is how my Sunday started. Thanks Barry and all you Hoosier Roost Factory folk!
Barry describing the stack of bbq steaks I ate earlier. It’s not far off.
The Wrozynas are on the road together for the western swing. They were doing bike work Sunday at the track.
Nothing beats a day at the races!
Yannick and I did almost smash into each other on this one.
We were shooting the intro for the new James Bond-based Moto Photographer movie. Check your local listings…
That’s what you like to see after a long, bar-to-bar moto. Nice one, McCoy Brough and Nick Collins.
I just like this thing.
The Saddledome is thataway, mister!
Classic Wild Rose shot.
If this were the Tour De France, #338 would have waited for Ryan to right himself and keep the lead.
Oddly, his boots have the word “pants” on them…
It was great to see the Utah Broughs back in Canada. They’ll all be racing this week in PG too.
I laughed when we said that these things are too dangerous and that we’d stick to moto. That’s saying something about these trikes! See you at the races…

See you in Prince George!