Faces at the Races | Calgary National | OTSFF

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Here’s our weekly look at the people at and around the races this past weekend in Calgary. Do you have a face? Were you at the races? Well, maybe you’ll be in here!

It was great to see Michael DaSilva back at the races this week. I think it’s a superstition he has because he always has a bowl of something at the riders’ meetings.

While the cats are away the mice will clean!

#33 Casey Keast gets a questioning look from Gullimer. I think that’s how you say it? 😉

Jess Pettis was about to have an off day. He’ll be back for Regina this week.

#24 Ryan Lalonde.

Davey Fraser apparently has questions about the Direct Motocross logo…or is he comparing mustaches with…

…this guy, who is quick to let me know when Monday Morning Coffee is late.

It was great to see Braydon Stuart back at the racing and enjoying himself.

Hey, Christophe Pourcel, if you crash in turn 1 and let everyone go ahead, how far up can you make it?

Jared Stock now works for KTM Canada and was in Calgary checking out some racing.

I seemed to find Justin Thompson (right) every time I turned around in Calgary.

Nolan Heppner made an appearance in Calgary but things didn’t go his way. So far, he’s oh’fer.

You KNOW, if you make a funny face, that’s the one we’re going to use, Kevin Tyler.

If it’s out of focus a bit, make it black and white and run it! Dave Snider and Josh Osby with some Sunday Morning Coffee.

“Hey, Jason Hughes, is he still looking at us?”

Drew Roberts was in so much pain after his crash in Kamloops that he had to walk backwards for a couple days. He’s almost better now.

Eric Bujold made the trip to Calgary. Word on the strett is he beat the world champion arm wrestler at one of those Supercross pit party things.

Samuel Lavoie gets warmed up for a moto.

Horn issues left Daryl Murphy walking from pit to pit telling everyone when the races were going to start.

Andy White in the MX101 pit during lunch. Yes, I also made my way there. Thanks, Char Munro and the MX101 gang. Can Char send some of those desert sandwich things east with you?

Jared Petruska looked very comfortable at his home track.

Jeremy Medaglia taking it back to the old days.

Dominique Daffé was also happy to be home in Calgary.

JSR checks in on social media.

Brittany Danyluk was at Wild Rose but not racing.

“Not in the top 10 you say, Jeff?!”

Danny Mathe made an appearance in Calgary. He’s due to be married in July.

The gusty winds blew up some serious dust, so steps needed to be taken to protect your eyes.

Mike Alessi in his favourite place on earth, the starting line.

Ottawa bro-down.

Checking out the action before an MX2 moto.

Subbing in for the Calgary round as Mike Smith ties the knot back home in BC.

I’d better dig out a photo of young Connor Arsenault’s oppos from Amateur Day. They may have been the best of the entire weekend.

Colton’s “fetacheese” butt patch for Calgary. Sorry, poor DMX logo placement for this one…

Mark Stallybrass receives this cool plaque made and presented by Jarid Zazalack for 25 years of Pro Motocross in Canada. He left the glasses on to hide the possible tears.

Kyle Swanson gets set for a moto.

Dylan Kaelin is everywhere, and turned up in Calgary to lend Jeremy a hand.

Heating up the rubber for the cement start pad.

Oh, what could have been!

That ‘stache deserves another shot.

KT giving the tour of the pits for the VIP’s in Calgary.

I like watching the Alessis before a moto. Mike yelled to his dad (who he calls ‘TA’)…”WATCH!”

Scott Champion proving, once again, that we all do this.

Local photog, John “Mean Dawg” Meany.

I was sure that if I stood behind the official video guy I wouldn’t get sprayed with champagne. I was way off!

You thought they had all their sponsors memorized, didn’t you?

Raffle for a Dean Wilson jersey.

They finished 2-3 in the final moto, but this looks serious.

You KNOW Jason Moore from Fox is responsible for just how good this name sticker placement is on Colton’s Atlas Brace.

Unique trophies in Cowtown.

Now that’s a happy face.

And then he took it up another notch!

Wrong handlebars, Gromit! Google it, Bowker!

Heading to the line.

Jacob Hayes gets his face time.

And that’s a happy Jason Hughes after Jacob grabbed the holeshot, led for a while, and finished 3rd in moto 2.

Daryl Murphy gives Dylan Wright a pat on the back after a tough moto.

Andy gives us his war face.

Dylan waiting for a moto.

I’m not sure what Hayden Halstead calls this facial expression.

This shot has canned laughter written all over it.

“Who you calling canned laughter?!”

Other riders should take a lesson from Dillan Epstein. It goes a long way.


Christophe gets the mobile AC treatment at the podium.

“I went to school for this?!”

Patting down the start pad to remove dust.

Donk with Matt’ Goerke’s bike about to win.

Pat O’Connor turns his back on the 108 machine.

Vice Media will be doing a feature on the top cities in North America and the cool things that go down in them. The Calgary National made the cut for Calgary…which apparently also made the cut.

If you can’t be first, be caped! I told Ryan Batman I was going to say that.

Les Bujolds.

I thought this was artsy with the flowers in the background, until we decided they were just Calgary weeds.

Papa Burger made the trip up to Calgary for the weekend. Thanks for the “beverage.”

Nate ready with Cade’s #7 machine.

Julien Perrier from PR-MX made the trip out from Quebec.

CT with a smile for the TV camera.

It took everything he had to be positive after finishing 2nd in MX2 Sunday. Drive and passion like this is what it takes to get to the top…and stay there.

Meeting of the KTM minds.

Ah crap.

Holeshot cheque for Jacob in moto 2.

Holeshot cheque for Tyler in moto 2.

Dillan grabs his cash at the end of the day.

Look out, he’s got a taste for the liquor!

“You caught us working, eh Billy.” Doug Pettis cracks me up.

Punching out for the day at the Redemption pit.

The MX101 Yamaha machines ready to sleep for a while.

Justin Petker shining up the #10 before putting her away.

Colton lends a hand and cleans his helmet.

Do you really want a lanyard that badly? I kid.

Jacob Hayes says, “See you at the races…but gimme a sec…”

We’re off to Regina this week. Thanks for looking!