Faces at the Races | Daytona SX | Presented by Leatt

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Leatt


The annual pilgrimage to the city of Daytona, Florida (I think they just say “Daytona, USA,” actually), took place this past week. The Daytona Supercross Presented by Honda takes place on the Saturday night that kicks off the annual Bike Week festivities. This year marks the 76th Annual Bike Week and it should be another barn burner down on the Florida coast.

Here’s our look at some of the people out at the Speedway (some kind of Elvis thing…) in another edition of ‘Faces at the Races Presented by Leatt.’

Warning: I was a little loopy writing this one after too much sun, too much driving, too much coffee,  and not enough sleep. Just felt I should preface this with a gentle caution.

You know when you start writing and have to print smaller because you’re running out of room? Well, “..NG..” doesn’t care.

Smile, Rich!

Dean Wilson hanging out during the opening ceremonies.

Justin Brayton’s #10.

Look at these two studs I found wandering around.

Playing some good old classic rock and roll.

“I think I’ve still got this…”

Eve Brodeur signing autographs with some others at round 1 of the 2017 WMX series.

“The phone rang, I yelled ‘Cartwright’ nobody answered so I hung up.”

Marking his territory. “This is MY Honda 450…MINE!”

Kyle Swanson plays to the crowd after taking a pretty ugly-looking crash.

If Roger is ‘The Man’ who/what is Mitch Payton?

On the mend.

It was school photo day for Josh Cartwright.

Lane Staley be saggin.

Matt Deroy working on Dakota Alix’s bike. Go north, young man!

It was ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ for Davi.

Cole Thompson and Chloe during track walk.

Riders’ meeting.

Henry Miller, Paul Coates, and the gang.

Hello again, Mr. Wilson.

“You seeing all these cool team shirts? How come we don’t have no cool team shirts?”

Cade was pretty sure he nailed this shot.

It was a family affair again for the Thompsons in Daytona.

“Now we up in the big leagues…getting our turn at bat…” Alex Ray digging his new digs. Shaka, brah.

Do the seat colours make you think the stands are full?

That’s the 7-Deuce-Deuce giving the double deuce. “I thought you’d be bigger.” Or is he having another tie game of Solo Rock Paper Scissors?

Cade and Nate.

“Ya, I know karate…and several other Japanese words.”

Marvin Musquin would like to have a do-over at Daytona.

Someone brought sand to the beach.

They needed a net and a volleyball for this stuff. It was deep!

The Thompson tour bus.

If I could think of something original to say about the fact that his name is ‘Lane Staley,’ I’d insert it here. Now, if there were a rooster in the shot…

Ok, we’ve got Ponch and John, but who’s the 3rd guy?

#471 Logan Karnow is back on the bike again. He said he thinks he could be back for Detroit.

A preposition is anything a guy can do to a tuff block.

You can definitely sit ON one.

Kyle Chisholm sitting next to Kevin Cozad, isn’t it?

“Uh, sorry, Billy, I really need to take this pretend call…Hello? Yes, I’ll hold…”


It’s always been lonely at the top.

“Guys, guys, it’s group hug time.”

Christian Craig was not about to have the best Daytona experience.

“Let’s just stand here facing this fan until someone snaps the perfect photo…”

#62 Jesse Wentland looking ready for business.

Remember that Seinfeld where Raquel Welsh didn’t move her arms when she walked?

“Ok, now stare at my hand…”

Jeremy Martin was about to have a REALLY good day.

Cole Seely likes long walks on the beach…

“But seriously, karate is like 2nd nature to me.”


“Hmm, how far should I lap up to tonight?”

Behind the scenes at the opening ceremonies.


Opening ceremonies.

Andrew Short said hello and welcomed everyone to the Honda event.

I should really pay more attention when people are being introduced…


Classic Daytona shot.

Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs…

“OK, that one says be aggressive…that one says I have to want it…”

“Dude, you know I let you win.”

“Uh uh, oh no you di’int!”

That’s a pretty solid night.

250 Podium.

Dylan Ferrandis got his first podium.

Joey wasn’t overly impressed by it.

Time to celebrate.

Emotions ran pretty high after that one.

“Let me give you a second to compose yourself, Dylan…PSYCH!”

That’s pure joy in there.

Careful, Jordan Smith, there’s a creepy hand coming through the fence down low!

Adam Enticknap is all high fives, all the time.

If you look up ‘sheepish’ in the dictionary, you’ll find this.

Team Tedder.

You know, you break your arm in a crash, you really figure you have a 6-week recovery. Man, Ken did one hell of a job on his!

He says he’s coming back in Steve Austin fashion. And I mean the Lee Majors way, not the WWE guy.

The trifecta: See no evil, Speak no evil, and the headphones give us Hear no evil.

The Keast family catching some racing action. Kyle would go on to win the Junior 25+ class at the RCSX.

I wasn’t too thrilled with some of the music the riders came out to this week.

It made me think none of it was their choice.


I already nailed the caption for this one in an Instagram post. Go give it a look if you have the wherewithal.

“I’m going to pick your nose, Jeremy…I’m going to pick it!”

“Who here wants to see me pick Jeremy’s nose?”

That’s a solid ‘nobody,’ Jason.

Eli Tomac thanks the crowd, who wouldn’t stop chanting his name.

What a race!

A top Quad racer guy.

Kylie Fasnacht is one fast rider!

“Oh no, is that bald guy walking toward me again?”

Kyle Swanson’s face pretty much sums up how he felt after making his first-ever main event.

The crowd went nuts for Ken Roczen.

“I found your hat. I’ll bring it to the pits and you can get it there!”

Mechanics’ rush hour.

In focus and this one is a gem, however…

John Tomac gets a shot of this rabid Eli fan.

He actually invited him back stage to get a signed jersey or some memorabilia of some sort. Nice.

Team Shot.

Represent! Are we still saying that?

Yep, there ya go.

450 Podium.

Jason and Jason were happy to be on stage again.

A huge crowd gathered in front of the stage.

Is that guy booing?

I tell ya, they loved Eli. He had to come back out and play ‘Stairway to Freebird’ just so they’d leave! True story.

Jenny Taft was back after missing Toronto.

Selfie time!

People were pretty pumped on Jeremy’s first 450 ride.

#31 Barry Carsten preparing to get reacquainted with #70 John Grewe.

Mathilde Musquin showing some concern for Marvin. Thanks for looking and we’ll see you at the races…