Faces at the Races | Deschambault National

Photos and Captions by Jeff McConkey

Jeff McConkey takes a stab at shooting the shots and writing the captions for this week’s installment of ‘Faces at the Races’ from Round 8 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour in Deschambault, Quebec.

Cade Clason ready to start off the weekend with a fresh Cartwright and a shave. Looking good, CC.

Robin started off Sunday morning pretty aggressive. Sorry, Keylan, we will get you another coffee.

T-Dags and his new war wound. You should see what the foot peg looks like!

Jess Pettis says, “Only 2 more to go!”

Our Atlantic Ladies ready for a good day.

Lots of love for our fallen brother.

A pair of Wrights. How many Wrongs does this take?!

Squish wanted a new Tinder pic.

‘The Life Of Urkle’ was a huge Magnum P.I. fan.

Come on, ladies, let’s be serious for a moment. Eve and Dom like each other, I swear.

OK, that’s better.

Marc-Antoine has a future star on his hands.

Tanner was about to have a great day.

Can Maff ever give us a serious one?

Emilie-Jade was on her way to her best ride of the season.

It’s nice to see the ladies all get along.

Brayden was just too quick on his crutches to get in the whole shot.

Mr. Snider and Mr. Benoit were all smiles.

It was nice to have one of the Chads back. Chad Goodwin hopped a flight straight from Lorretta’s to wrench for Jacob Hayes.

No, Duffy wasn’t going fishing with that hat on, although he did mention something about girls in cages from the previous night.

John Wright keeping the #55 upright off the track at least.

JR was in the zone early.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Bryan Cormier hamming it up early for the camera.

Casey Keast bulked up this past season. Suns out, guns out!

Michael Fowler is so excited to be running stock suspension. You can see it in his face.

Dillan Epstein is a classy dude.

Welcome back, Mr. Hayes.

This was Shawn’s serious face.

Daryl is all business here.

Steve Simms and Mike Haist making sure the #1 is ready set go!

If there are no further questions, we’ll get on with the winning. Oh, wait, we have a question in the back…

Papa Crown making the 335 machine ready for action.

Keylan Meston… tell me you wouldn’t swipe right ladies!

Salina Cannella keeping it light pre-moto.

Some moto moms will tell you that they are the silent heroes of the sport. All jokes aside, some just may be.

Robin told me that she popped a wheelie and didn’t loop out. I called BS. She then produced photo evidence.

Do not read his hat. You just read his hat, didn’t you?

JR keeping it light, and Maff just being so darn serious all of the time.

Quinn Amyotte all smiles after he found out that brother Larry will be getting the sponge bath duties.

Jake Tricco had a weird incident with a bicycle tire and some glass. Seriously.

You’d be as happy as Braydo, if your boys were doing as good as his.

Mitch Goheen and Duncan MacLeod staying cool prior to the motos.

My weekend isn’t complete unless I have my catch up time with Ross The Boss.

Sarah-Kim Villeneuve is by far the most improved for 2018.

Yeah, so some French girl won again.

Nice looking podium, right there.

Megan Brodeur could drop 2-3 digits if she could stay upright.

4x proud papa, Mr. Sylvain Brodeur.

Braydo said if I was able to get him a sweet new profile picture, it would speed up the process on getting a new 2019 KTM.

Yeah, it was definitely a hot one in Deschambault.

Kaven Benoit will also vouch for me on that one. It was brutally hot!

Look out 450 class, Cole Thompson is on a roll.

Jeremy Mckie looks to be the next big thing out of Quebec.

Jake Tricco is already the next big thing from Ontario.

Thanks for reading, See you at Walton.