Faces at the Races | Deschambault National

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

OK, just so you know who to be mad at, we’ll start off with Jeff’s entries and finish with mine for this round of ‘Faces at the Races‘ from Deschambault.


A “Fresh Cartwright” ready to go in Deschambault.
Cool as can be.
Told ya.
KT trying to add “cool” to Luke Renzland by popping the collar 101.
It was going to be a great day for the Club Boys. Just ask Scott.
Deuces from the #5.
The cleanest you’ll see Nick. You need to watch how hard this guy works and watch him pack a gate. 
Last-minute adjustments for Tanner Ward.
These guys are on a bit of a roll of late.
Class acts.
Jeremy to Marco: “So, tell me about MX101…”
Why don’t more people run butt patches?
I love when competitors can hold conversations.
Sometimes you just have to go.
Billy getting the 411 on Kibby’s new venture, My PitBoard.
30 beers for $120.00. How can you not love “CUEBEC?!”
Dakota Alix was out injured. I was thinking wrist, Billy thought it was left hip, turns out it was the opposite knee. Get well soon!
Nobody is having more fun than these two, or listening to worse music… [The early leader]
Austin Watling is a busy guy on race day.
It was all about keeping the right things dry.
Everybody has their own ways.
T.A. always keeps a close eye on M.A.
Everybody under the Club tent knew it was going to be a great day.
Let’s hope Cole gets better soon after going down hard a few times.
Keylan knew there was a great moto in the future.
Seriously, watch Nick work his magic. The last 4 holeshots in a row.
Lots of moto knowledge from this guy.
Team Vintage was in full effect.
This is what a “non-fresh Cartwright” looks like. Josh had a day most would like to forget, but he never let up.


Westen and Cameron hanging out during riders meeting. Pretty cool to be able to do this together at the Pro level.
Mathieu doing his homework for a long day on the mic.
The full Orange Squad.
You’ll find Brittany Gagne at Unadilla this weekend.
Dakota said he’ll get another MRI to make sure his MCL is healing AOK.
Prime location to watch some holeshots.
Randy has gotten so big now that he travels with his own umbrella…guy.
You gotta do what you gotta do to make sure the show goes on!
JSR is so big in Quebec that he’s got his own brand of water.
Jess Pettis appears to be back up to speed. Let’s see what he can do in the final 2 motos.
The guys were pretty pumped with Jayce’s rides on the weekend.
Cooling their jets after a long moto at the front.
Kevin Tyler pushed his way through to get the shots he needed for…get out of the damn way!
I found Steph disguised as a tourist.
Austin getting ready to play, “Can you slow mo that?”
Sebastien Racine getting the coveted JSR award at this year’s ECAN.
That can be for only one guy who raced Pro and finished 15-15 in the 450 class. Yep, JYD.
Isabelle throws the horns after winning her first MX title at the top level.
Eve kept her composure as she stepped on stage to accept 2nd in the championship.
Isabelle takes the stage to take the #1 plate.
I bet this stuff has already found a home at their place.
Sarah-Kim was impressive this season.
I told you it was bad, Michael Fowler. I also guaranteed I was going to use it!
Mom and dad Wrozyna still have chores at the races these days.
The ladies heading over to the awards.
Packing up the PRMX pits. Hey, the audio interview with Julien Perrier is up over on our iTunes channel now. Would it kill you to SUBSCRIBE?!
Sarah-Kim and Eve.
I’m trying to think of something funny to say for Chase Marquier here. Moving on!
Liz Burke with her bum shoulder and Jacqueline Riess.
Coffee and 2nd breakfast at the Huber pits were amazing! Thanks, guys.
But maybe she could have been a little dumber and… ah, forget it.
Apparently, you have to be exactly that tall to hang out with these girls.
Ouch! Don’t hate the player!
A lot of riders came in for fresh goggles. Nothing worse than someone else trying to put them on properly for you though. It’s rarely right.
We called that a “diggy” back in my day.
Hurrying to get Jyire’s sprocket in place. I’m not even sure he got it finished before he blasted away!
“Yay, we love lowbrow arena rock! Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”
Ya, that was a good one, Jess.
Ryan Dowd breaks the top 5 and hears it.
Steve Simms got the 450 win with #54.
This was eve gathering herself before going on stage. It was pretty emotional.
OK, it’s time to walk away for another week. Luke and Eden say, “See you at the races…”