Faces at the Races | Deschambault National | Presented by OTSFF

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Bigwave

Presented by OTSFF.

We were back in the town just west of Quebec City this past weekend. Motocross Deschambault can usually be found at or near the top of any rider’s list of favourite tracks on the Rockstar Energy MX National circuit. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and we had some pretty miserable conditions to deal with for round 9.

Here’s our look at the people at and around the races in this week’s installment of ‘Faces at the Races.’

Jacob Piccolo: “Mom, don’t smile for the camera. You’re killing my street cred.”

Kevin Tyler handing me some hotdogs. Someone wake Steve Matthes up for this one.

The Wrozynas watching as young Cameron gets his award.

Getting some hardware on the final day of the ECAN.

Luke Tricco addresses the crowd.

Matthieu Gervais seamlessly goes between French and English.

James Lissimore has seen enough and heads for the hotel.

Remember how cool it was when you were a kid and someone on your block got a crappy little minibike with a lawnmower engine in it? Times have changed…

Nick Cryer needed some engine work done, so the MX101 guys leapt into action and sorted it out for him.

I told them I wouldn’t use a shot of their fancy Intermediate plate work. I lied…

These racer dads both had pretty amazing weekends.

Hotdogs were only $2 at the track. They went through an awful lot of them.

Broc Loftus had to skip racing Sunday and head home to Oregon. He says he’ll be back next year though. And maybe in the MX1 class.

This was Saturday afternoon!

Tried to get artsy for a minute. Oh, that reminds me…anyone (I know SOMEone did) find a camera waist pack with a 50mm 1.8 lens in it out west? It’s mine.

#9 Isabelle Thibault is fighting an injury and had to pull off the track Saturday.

Megan Brodeur hoping she gets through the first turn without incident. Too soon?

This pair won Saturday’s MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” award.

Carrie Davis pre-moto.

You know better than this, Claudie! And that’s Cade Clason doing his best “Best of Both Worlds” video impression.

And then busted out this timeless classic – Blue Steal.

I missed Davey Fraser pushing his bike across the line, but got this poor amateur.

You’ve gotta like the way Mike Alessi decorates his dashboard.

I wanted to grab a photo of Matthieu but he wanted to make sure he got the FXR sponsor logo in the shot…

…he found it.

Dave Snider, Jeff, and Melissa.

Kenny and Kennedy Lutz heading…somewhere.

Kennedy fell off the podium mid champagne spray.

Eve couldn’t get the cork out.

Brittany Gagne to the rescue.

Marco Dube making sure the Forma Boots logo is clean.

And this was just Saturday afternoon!

Colton’s #10 looking good.

Christopher DaSilva.

The 30-second girl.

Shawn and Robin.

When you just want to be out of the way.

Jake Tricoo with the party portion of Larry Enticer’s lid in the background.

Everyone was smiling in the KTM pits this weekend.

Michael Fowler doing his post-race interview with Jeff.

None of us could stop looking at Johnny Grant’s new do.

This is what we woke up to Sunday morning. Practice was canceled and we went straight to qualifying at 9:30.

#810 Travis Roberts got a little out of control in a high speed section and decided he was in doubt so he gassed it out. He didn’t quite make it across the ditch and lost a tooth and got around 32 stitches for his troubles.

Head Ref Paul Kingsley rode around the track to make sure it was in condition to start riding. He took a little spill and this painful-looking elbow was the result.

OK, let’s go…

Riders meeting smiles were everywhere.

Jay DaSilva wasn’t impressed.

Ryan Lalonde was still going to race all 4 motos!

Say what, now?!

Hey Dan Goheen, thanks for the hotdogs!

A lot of privateer riders decided to save their equipment and took the day off, including #327 Brandon Gourlay.

Colton is from the lower mainland…he’s not afraid of a little rain.

Bobby Piazza took the day off.

Jacob Hayes took a call during the meeting.

Ryan Surratt is from California and goes out and gets his first moto win and then overall win in the mud!

I wanted something witty to say here, but I couldn’t stop wondering what the hell the guy beside him is doing!

Guillaume St-Cyr checks his Grumpy Cat weather app and it tells him it’s going to rain…and that it doesn’t like him. Seriously, it’s a thing.

All Damon can see here is how busy he’s going to be.

Focus, Mike Smith!

Wrong place, wrong time.

So, where are we at with Baby Snider watch? Is it a boy or a girl? What’s the name?

Dillan Epstein getting down to some questionable music.

Surratt fan.

Ross Thompson is one of the good guys.

Best week ever? It has to be close!

Shawn and Cale heading to the line.

Derrick Medaglia would love to talk to you about the Mayweather/McGregor fight.

Mike Smith trying to avoid trench foot.

Johnny Montes made the trek east.

Christophe and Kyle go way back and share ideas before the gates drop.

Daryl Murphy checks the clipboard.

This is where the 30-second Rockstar Girls are to stand.

Jacob walking away after his engine let go on him.

Ryan chatting for the TV broadcast.

Walking through the crowd with his loot.

Too easy.

Donk cleaning up.

Nathan Bles is out for the season.

This little thing actually folds up into a cube.

John Dowd tweaked his back so he wasn’t on the line…that, or he looked at the forecast.

This Lambo was up for being taken for drives all day long.

Michael DaSilva would probably have enjoyed racing in these conditions.

Parker Eales wouldn’t even give me half his hair…and he can obviously spare it!

Sylvain Brodeur helping out on Sunday.

Dipping a toe to see which one is shallowest.

Trying to stay out of the rain.

Shawn literally couldn’t get his arms any higher.

Nice job, Tanner.

Young fast guys, Cam Wrozyna and Thomas Rendall.

Luck was NOT on Jeremy Medaglia’s side this weekend.

Dave Hewitson made the trip from Moncton.

Cade had “Just Gonna Send It!!” on his visor and then went out and was the first and only rider to huck the massive double in the first moto.

Danny Thibault thanks everyone for coming to Deschambault.

Jake Tricco accepts the JSR Trophy from…JSR.

I was waiting for Claudie to well up with Tanners big weekend. I missed it.

Kaven Benoit is still off the bike but he was there to watch the racing.

OK, when you win a moto or an overall, please walk on stage and wave to the crowd when they announce your name because this is a really sad photo.

Ryan and John Dowd.

Mike Haist and Matt Goerke.

Just hanging around chewing gum with Chris “Lloyd Braun” Pomeroy. (Google it, Bowker!)

Matt wasn’t happy about the last lap pass Christophe made in the second moto.

The stairs to the stage were on the far side. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Team Husky hanging out.

This guy got the signed Colton Facciotti jersey right off Colton’s back.

And then Mark Stallybrass Donkey Kong’d his way out of there.

That’s gonna do it for another week of ‘Faces at the Races.’ Thanks for looking, and we’ll see you this week at RJ’s. See you at the races…