Faces at the Races | Detroit SX | Presented by Leatt

By Billy Rainford

‘Faces at the Races’ is brought to you by Leatt

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross series made its annual stop in Detroit this past weekend. With this round only being 2 hours from DMX World HQ in London, Ontario, it meant we were doing it all in one day – up at 5:30am and home at 2:00am. It’s a long day, but a good one.

I can remember when this one used to be held down the highway in Pontiac at the Silverdome. It was an annual trip for us and they even held amateur racing on the Sunday after the Pro event. I remember racing at around 2:00am! Ford Field is one of the nicer stadiums we hit and it is currently getting a facelift in some areas on the inside.

Faces at the Races‘ is brought to you by Leatt and is our look at the people under the helmets and around the stadium.

Things you don’t always see on the TV coverage. Here are the teams’ assortments of tools and replacement parts during the races.

Brown Dog Wilson wasn’t exactly thrilled I took this shot of him heading to work. Don’t worry, BDW, nobody is looking…

Kyle Swanson also heading to work.

A modern day gladiator making the long, lonely walk to the lion-filled stadium.

Eli Tomac fans seem to growing exponentially this season.

Ryan Dungey waiting for his intro at the opening ceremonies.

The view from inside the tunnel.

Leatt product placement from Gannon Audette.

AC’s pit.

A rider’s eyes and ears in the sky.

Cade Clason’s DMX sticker contract is a potentially lucrative one!

The brain’s behind this contract.

Cade’s pits in the underbelly of Ford Field.

Artsy shot of the PR-MX tool box of Staley and Swanson.

Scott goggles.

OK, enough talk about Cade, already!

Trey Canard listening in at the riders’ meeting.

Cooper Webb was back in action in Detroit, shown here sitting with Alex Martin.

Marvin Musquin and Jim Holley.

The Enticknap brothers.

Jesse Wentland.

#108 Dylan Ferrandis.

The Rock.

Gang sign from Jeff Ward?

Jeff Emig.

That’s Dakota Tedder on the right.

Cooper was happy to be back.

Marvin and Jason Anderson.

Reed, Reed, Goose.

Michael Byrne.

AC and Aldon Baker.

Justin Brayton.

The O’Show was in Detroit.

Tony Alessi all business on his way onto the track.

Scott Goggles’ John Knowles.

It was a great idea for the PC guys to bring their own light into the pits.

Taking the red plate through tech.

The 450 podium: Tomac, Musquin, Dungey.

Marvin and Ryan on the stage.

Leatt product placement.

Blake Baggett was happy with his charge to the front.

Davi Millsaps was spent after his effort in the main event.

He was in 3rd place for 21 of 24 laps.

250 podium: Smith, Savatgy, Cianciarulo.

Joey can be pretty hard on himself.

Jordan after his first win.

Josh Hill.

Joey right after the race.

Feel free to caption this one…

Justin Barcia put a little ‘Bam Bam’ on Vince Friese in the main event.

Mike Alessi does his best “Whatchu talkin’ bout, WIllis?!”

Yep, you’re at the top of the list, Brock Tickle.

Zach Osborne tries to remain calm while waiting over 3 minutes for his front end to be fixed in the main event.

Tyler Spikman working the big lens.

Monster Girl at work.

Still buddies after last week in Indy.

Ryan after his 3rd place.

Cole Seely after his heat win.

AC after his.

Canadian Nationals racer, #392 Michael Fowler, prepares his gate.

Cole’s mechanic, Rich Simmons. I bet he’s never heard a ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ joke…

Marvin’s guy, Frankie.


Marvin and his lit Leatt neck brace during opening ceremonies.

A rare Eli smile on race day.

Jason waits for his intro.

Blake heads out to great the fans.

I was told these things are all lined up in the order they’re needed for tearing the place down.

John prepping some Scotts.

Clason family.

Logan Karnow’s dad spreads some PB as he awaits the verdict of Logan’s crash.


Alex Ray storms the beach.

Tickle fan.

FXR catalog shot. Wait, who’s that one guy? Get him out of there!

Trey spread his jacket out for her to sit on. Chivalry lives in Supercross!

Checking in on social media.

Ready for a historic day.

Cody Gilmore.

Logan Karnow cracked a couple vertebra in his back in the crash.

Hang in there, man.

Reed, Goose, Reed.


Zach wondering how his day is going to go.


Grant Hutcheson.

Mike looks pretty relaxed. That will happen when you sign in Canada.


Barcia wins over a few more Canadians by drinking some Tim’s.

AJ and Cade have made up.

Sears catalog pose.

Jon Jon Pauk made it out to his first SX of the season. Their plan is to be at the rest.

Dakota Alix.

Josh Cartwright.

In the words of the late, great TFS, “People and signage.”


Frankie and Zach.

Jesse getting the levers just right.

Fresh Cartwright on AC’s mechanic.

Kyle’s bike in the pits.

Getting Mike’s bike ready.

Hey, Michael, where’s you bike?

Joey’s specs.

The Pro pits in Detroit aren’t exactly set up to be fan friendly.

That was the biggest coffee Steve could find.

Chizz taking with the Reeds.

Jason Weigant on his way to home room.

Marvin thinking about another day’s work.

Christian Craig.

Zach updates his Instgram.

Kyle Swanson will try again to make the main event this week in St. Louis.

Malcolm Stewart not overly impressed with this particular section.

Josh Grant.

John Tomac sighting!

What do you figure? Regular or double double?

Seely and Ward.

Nick Wey at his home race.

Alex Martin would get punted off the track and be forced to miss action for the night.

Justin Bogle.

Marvin happy with his 2nd place.

Miss Supercross, Juliana Daniell, says, “see you at the races…”