Faces at the Races | Foxboro Supercross

By Billy Rainford

Here’s our look at the people behind the racing last Saturday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

Like I said, these stadiums out in the burbs are great because of the easy parking and pit access.

Race Day always starts with the track walk. This week, that meant a 6:30am start time!

Michael Fowler gets his first look at the triple, apparently.

Talking about something very important to the Club MX guys, I guess.

Even Bobby Kiniry came out for this one. It was great to see Bobby again.

My plan was to wander around in the early morning sunlight to grab some artsy bike shots. This one of Nick Gaines’ bike is about as far as a I got.

I wandered over and found the PRMX guys getting Westen and Logan’s bikes ready.

Cale Foster checking in on social media as they head out for first practice.

There was more to this hometown Patriots graphic on the Club MX guys’ helmets than I first thought.

Westen getting set to head out.

#241 TJ Albright was in the line-up this past weekend.

Nerds on Site! Just kidding, but Josh Cartwright IS studying computer science at University.

Getting #174 Josh Osby ready to hit the track.

TCD’s Tim Bennet on the line.

Hey, there’s Cale again!

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone repping an FXR logo at the races these days!

There were some very close calls on the triple that led into the sand section this week.

I guess you had to be a local Patriot’s fan to fully understand the Rob Gronkowski schtick this week. Well, that’s how a local football photographer explained it to me, anyway.

I’ve really need to get some sort of scooter sponsor to get around ans quickly and easily as Mathilde Musquin here.

Check out the legit media folk getting set to capture Gronk’s big announcement…

RC welcomes Gronk to the stage.

And then there was 15 minutes of…well, nothing really. LOL

Ex-Patriot’s star, Rob Ninkovich, was the sponsor of their Foxboro weekend. That’s Josh Snider in his football helmet.

I need one of these too…

It was great to catch up with our old friend Matt Wozney in Boston, too.

The opening ceremonies got underway in a very Boston style.

Being a 2:30pm start, the rider intros lacked the usual fireworks affect.

Checking out the ceremonies from behind the scene.

I listen every time, and Chad Reed always gets the loudest applause from the crowd.

Anyone else care to caption this one for me?

Justin Brayton.

Eli Tomac and Lurch.

All Jason Anderson has to do in SLC this week is finish the main, I believe, and he has his first 450 SX title.

That’s Canadian Cynthia Gauthier who drives in the Monster Truck series. She’s also now on the Dirtwurx crew.

Classic goggle strap shot with Westen.

That’s #831 Ryan Smith from Axton, VA. Yes, that’s a Champion longsleeve and a pair of jeans. Apparently, the brass weren’t impressed as he is missing from the starting line-up from Saturday. Someone just send this guy some gear and be done with it!

A happy Justin Barcia after winning his Heat. He had a frustrating Main, though.

Josh Snider heading to work in the Managers’ Tower.

Logan and Tony, pre-race.

Time to race.

Going on break…

Kyle Peters after his podium.

#45 Jordan Smith took a solid 2nd.

This may be my favourite photo from Foxboro.

Great to see Jimmy Decotis back at the races, even if he’s not quite ready to race yet.

Zach Osborne went wire to wire for this one.

Ashley Phillips has been with the Supercross broadcast team a long time and does a great job.

Eli Tomac wasn’t exactly thrilled after the Main.

Marvin Musquin gives a look in Eli’s direction immediately after the Main.

Jason Anderson was pretty comical in his comments in the Press Conference.

Eli’s throttle body after contact with Marvin and then getting tagged again after he got up. He’s lucky to have crossed the line at all.

This shot pretty much sums up the weird mood on the podium.

Marvin kept his distance on stage after his attempt to talk it over with Eli was shot down.

250 Press Conference.

Eli at the PC.

Go watch the replay of the PC. It’s worth the price of admission.

Whatever your stance on the pass, SLC could be interesting.

Plymouth Rock says, “See you at the races…”