Faces at the Races | FWM Arenacross Final Weekend | Cycle North Powersports

By Billy Rainford

When the opportunity to head west to Chilliwack, BC for the final weekend of racing at the 2019 Future West Moto Arenacross Championships, I was actually a little hesitant. Not because I didn’t want to check out rounds 7 and 8 of the series, but because I’d just returned from 6 weeks out in California and the thought of a relaxing weekend sounded pretty good.

Of course, those 2 seconds passed and I jumped at the chance, packed my bags, and headed to the airport.

We’d just gotten through a terrible deep freeze here in Ontario where the temperature dipped to below -25 for a couple weeks. However, as I was about to leave and head to BC, it had warmed up to +12 and melted all the snow. It’s been a weird year for weather.

OK, so off I went to BC where I was met by the coldest weather they’d seen all winter. I’ve been in the Chilliwack Heritage Park in conditions like this, so I knew what I was in for.

I’ll tell the whole story of my weekend in another post, so I’ll leave all the descriptive stuff for then. This column is ‘Faces at the Races‘ and I was happy to be back on the left coast to see some people and faces I hadn’t seen in a few years. Here we go…

If you guessed this was Marty Feldman behind those hands you were wrong. That’s our old friend Kevin Lepp always happy to see me…

People are always so happy to see me when I show up at the races.

Pro riders’ meeting was held in the FWM office due to the cold.

Although the field wasn’t as deep as it has been in the past, there were some fast Pro riders in atttendance to give the fans the action they wanted.

Ryan Lockhart stepped up as the head referee and staging guy. He did a great job and I think the riders appreciated having someone who’s been there, done that, looking after this side of things.

Women’s champ Kiana Sache gets consoled by Kourtney Lloyd after not wanting to partake in opening ceremonies on Friday night. She sucked up the courage and got out there on Saturday. Public speaking is not automatically comfortable for everyone.

Chris Buckrell getting Ryan Lalonde’s bike looking good in the pits.

There’s Rachel Springman without mitts blocking her face. Be cool, she’s a cop!

Brent Carlson and Scott Ponuick enjoying some race pit time.

Davey Fraser and Wyatt Waddell trying to keep warm before the racing started.

Ryan Lalonde at opening ceremonies.

John Wren was the man on the mic.

Rick Leitner getting the shots or trying to pay for dinner…I’m not sure which.

I’m guessing he got a photo almost exactly like this one of Brock.

Washington riders #216 Devin Harriman and #476 Collin Jurin discuss strategy. Unfortunately, Devin crashed and got hurt and was out for the weekend. We’ll try to get in touch with him for an update.

Chris Sweet getting the champ’s bike all ready.

I should have brought something to spin on to keep warm too!

Ryan keeping things in check in staging.

Waiting patiently in the cold for their moto.

Someone tell me who these kids are so I can label the photo for future reference when they’re top Pros.

Like these guys.

That’s Rick Leitner and Laurie Waddell.

Trevor Carlson trying to stay warm on Davey’s bike.

#192 Ethan Ouelette checking out some lines before a race.

Blake Davies is improving very quickly. He’s a young rider to keep an eye on, for sure.

Ryan Kernested is another one.

YouTube videos aren’t as cool when it’s your mom showing them to you I guess.

Not sure what we’re going for here, but I like it.

Kyle was doing a warm up dance so Kourtney obviously joined in.

Building a toy track before a race in sub-zero temperature.

Kourtney Lloyd trying to decide whether or not to throw her name in the ring for 2019 MXON Team Canada.

It looks pretty friendly but you just never know when you walk up to a dog with 2 big cameras on your shoulders. I tends to make them a little jumpy.

Some of the best hair in the game, Parker Eales. Although, they said he had just donated it not that long ago. It even grows back fast!

Collin had every right to be smiling.

I was looking forward to watching #146 Tyler Gibbs out there. Too bad.

Chris Sweet’s new profile photo.

Ryan knows to be on guard when I’m lurking.

Just one R, Collin.

Ryan getting set to go host the awards banquet.

Chance is hoping he can bring MX Forum back to its former glory days.

Collin and his dad, Bruce.

Kyle and Ruben Springman.

There’s John again.

I held my camera up over my head and at least Jaclyn Seitz played along.

Time to celebrate!

Davey took a pretty scary fall Saturday night but he was OK.

They each had a different idea of how this photo should go.

Getting a bird’s eye view of Blake Davies race.

Kiana, if you’re going to keep winning championships, you’ll have to get used to me snapping pics. Don’t look at me like that! lol

The awards banquet took place after all the racing was finished.

There were lots of cool trophies, plaques, and prizes to hand out.

I snapped a few shots while I was filling my face with food sitting with Dex Koeleman.

#505 Zayla Goode may be my new favourite rider. This girl is a character.

Of course they had to “floss” on the podium.

Shout out to Kyle Beaton for designing and building some really nice tracks in HIS Barn this season.

The Cycle North riders had to be pretty happy with the way the series played out.

Thanks for another great time in Chilliwack. I’m sure Wyatt won’t mind saying, “See you at the races…”