Faces at the Races | Gopher Dunes National

By Billy Rainford

Where has the time gone this week?! It’s already Thursday afternoon and I haven’t done my favourite column of the summer yet!

OK, let’s get to some ‘Faces at the Races‘ from Round 4 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals series at Gopher Dunes, shall we?

Even though there was some positive talk about Nickelback coming from his pit, we’ll start with this shot of #146 Tyler Gibbs simply because that shirt is hilarious.
My two-stroke radar pulled me directly to this KX125 masterpiece put together by Christian Huber when I got to the track on Friday.
We’ll throw in a few shots from riders meeting Saturday morning.
Um, Michael Fowler, it’s not a red shirt convention, they’re all on the same team. Awkwaaarrrrd!
I make fun of Nickelback and hairdos. Can you believe I’ve already crossed both off my list this early in the column?!
People standing on a hill at a race just seems old school to me.
Robbie working on a red-plated bike. You have to enjoy this opportunity when you can because it doesn’t come around often!
The Blackstock Boys.
And then there was one…
Josh Snider probably still talking about Skip Norfolk’s toolbox.
There’s a huge heaping spoonful of old school in this photo!
I don’t know why, but I hear Jimi Hendrix when I look at this shot. Light the helmet on fire, Mike!
Rough day for Landon Davis. Unfortunately, I think it means he’s headed home and won’t be at Sand Del Lee this week.
It was cool to see #961 Nicky Beatty back at the track with his folks. And get well soon, #494 Thomas Rendall. 2 broken wrists. Ouch!
Tyler Medaglia was committing to this inside gate choice.
Parker Mashburn ready to play in the sandbox.
Mike Alessi yelling some last-minute encouragement to Dylan Wright.
I don’t care what you were wearing Saturday, Mitch Amyotte had you beat.
Hamming it up on the line.
I like long-haired, carefree Marco Cannella better. I’ll ask him about it on the Live Show Friday evening.
Tanner Ward was on the box here in 2018.
It’s time for Jess Pettis to start racking off some wins in this championship.
Had to let you see Mitch from the front, too. Check out the frontly-worn fanny pack. Very nice.
Blue steelius maximus.
Tallon Unger getting some last-minute advice.
Dylan taking Blue Steel to the next level, right here! Black Granite?
Who’s got Jeremy McKie locked down for the future? Get used to seeing this face!
Marshal Weltin ready to spin some laps with the red plates.
Matt Klann made the trip north.
We’ll get to the bottom of what makes Luke Renzland tick when we get him on the show Friday night.
Westen Wrozyna and Greg Poisson. Let’s find out what makes Greg tick on the show, too.
Keenan Peterson getting himself in the zone on the line. He raced again on Sunday.
Travis Roberts picking his gate.
Bill Crete. Sounds funny, eh.
Time for a few pit boards.
Chris Pomeroy: “Elbows higher, guys. Elbows higher.”
It broke my heart that everyone left her hanging!
Don’t read Drew Roberts’ hat unless you’re 18 or over.
Nathan Bles admitted to Zeb Dennis that he’s started to take this FXR PreMix series seriously.
Paul Kingsley checking out a spot where riders were tempted to get “creative” with their lines.
Cole Thompson is fighting a sore back and said it was a war zone out there. He immediately pulled down his pants to cool off.
Cole and Mike after a moto.
I really felt bad for Keylan Meston when his bike let go in the first moto.
It was hot Saturday, but it’s been hotter.
Guys did what they had to do to cool down after the motos.
Phil Nicoletti getting some help.
Winning helps you recooperate quicker. It’s science, people!
Tyler trying to cool off.
It was cool to see these guys appreciate how good that racing was in the 2nd moto.
Derek Schuster’s team was undefeated at his home track.
Mel Lee at her fundraising table.
Michelle Halstead raffled off some jerseys for Ryan Derry and his family. They’ll be doing it again this week at Sand Del Lee so be sure to stop by the MX101 pits to get your tickets.
If you have a question for Luke, email me at billy@directmotocross.com and I’ll ask him Friday night on the show.
His expression lightened up when he later proposed to his girlfriend at the team’s photo shoot. She said yes.
Future Pro results sheets will be full of the names Izack Guadagno and Sebastien Racine.
Remember that face!
The Royal Pomeroys of Shelbourne on Sunday.
Is a top 10 in the cards for Jeremy McKie at Sand Del Lee or maybe Deschambault?
#727 Bryan Cormier was on man-friend duties Sunday.
Jamie Powell picking his gate.
Hey, where’d the shade go?!
Colton Egli getting ready to go.
Dylan Rempel on a rare Suzuki dirt bike.
Leith Ness patiently waiting.
“Um, dad, I’ll take it from here,” says’ Crayden Dillon.
Everyone reading this can relate to this feeling.
Young Ben Mistelbacher has made the move to using a visor.
Jacob Malley getting ready to go.
Izack Guadagno took the overall in the Supermini class.
Westen and Cameron did not want to pose with this “Double rainbow, oh my Gawd…” Still the best thing the internet ever produced.
I had to run around and capture these for a few teams. Not bad, eh.
What does it mean???!!!
Every time I made fun of Brett Lee’s moustache, he just challenged me by saying, “I dare you to go say that to Frank Schuster!” He won.
Screw it, let’s just go…
Paul Kingsley says, “See you at the races…”

Thanks for reading…or at least looking. See everyone this weekend at Sand Del Lee in Ottawa, Ontario!