Faces at the Races | Gopher Dunes National | OTSFF

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

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Racing resumed this past weekend at the famed track about an hour northeast of London in Courtland, Ontario. Here is our weekly look at the people under the helmets and behind the scenes at another great weekend at the races.

Let’s start with Saturday and round 1 of the Women’s East MX Nationals. Shawn Maffenbeier got the honour of turning the 30-second board this week, as the paparazzi flocked to his side.

#9 Isabelle Thibault is a rider on the rise, and she was trying to keep herself calm before the gate dropped.

#15 Eden Netelkos was hoping for a good 4-round series, but a broken collarbone put an end to her run.

Eve Brodeur and Jill Kryzemien talk about another tough day at Gopher Dunes.

Kenny Lutz bringing back the the frosted tips look.

#265 Brittany Gagne takes the stage.

It’s going to be very difficult to take this #1 plate away from Kennedy.

East organizer, Leah Clarke, did a great job giving the girls another solid series.

These are the two ladies all eyes will be on for the rest of this season.

Dawn McClintock doing her social media thing for the FXR gang.

#411 Duncan McLeod hanging out at the prize table at the end of the day on Saturday.

Lindsay Bradley.

Isabelle Thibault.

Mariah Gautier slightly over-dressed for bike washing duties.

Old friends, Brendan Goldstein from Loudmouth Intakes in Florida and Cale Foster, enjoying a tasty beverage late Saturday afternoon.

It was great to see Allison Kennedy Davies back at the track this weekend.

It’s always interesting to watch as new riders to Gopher Dunes wonder what all the hype is about when they see the smooth track on raceday morning. Things change fast.

Andre Laurin getting the little things ready for a busy day under the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha awning.

Josh Cox was pulled in to help Cade Clason this week as Nate headed south to help Dakota Alix.

What’s the password?

Tanner Ward was all smiles early at riders’ meeting on the long-awaited morning of his Pro/Am debut.

Eric Bujold putting in some final work on JC’s 450.

Searching for settings on Vincent Lauzon’s bike.

I’m sure Dave Snider was opening the screens at Redemption Racing before we got there.

Brandon Caplar was happy to be back at the races too.

Kyle ‘Frank Fit’ Thompson.

Quebec was very well represented this past week. It was great to see #384 Jeremy Pronovost and his dad back at the races.

Heading to the line, ready for anything.

#818 Davin Grose cruising the pits.

Mathieu was also happy to back at the races with his rider, #3 Kaven Benoit.

Tanner was pitted under the factory KTM tent and got to sign some autographs for the fans.

Justin Roney finding some shade between motos.

Say cheese!

Only at a motocross race is this completely normal.

“This interview is over until you get a real microphone!”

John Nelson thinking up his next classic one-liner.

Greg Poisson was the idea man behind our group cycle on Saturday.

Sunday was all 7’s for Cade Clason.

Claudie Lapointe taking care of business for KTM.

Ernie holding court.

The O’Farrells hanging out at the races.

Wait, this one is nicer.

Frank Schuster chatting with Dylan Wright.

Andy White was at Southwick Saturday and then flew in to Gopher Dunes Sunday morning, earning himself full jetsetter status.

Cale ready with the #12 to take the overall.

Cole Thompson made use of this gnarled tree trunk system to take a load off before a moto.

Getting things ready in the Huber Motorsports pit.

The Monster Energy guys had Darcy Lange’s championship 2-stroke on display in their pits.

I think everyone was happy to see this guy back on the track.

It was also great to see #262 Jesse Wentland back on Canadian soil.

Colton Facciotti ready to go out and win one for the home team.

Christophe waiting to head out into the unknown again. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, eh Christophe?

Tim Bennett making an appearance before heading south for Loretta Lynn’s.

Jason Moore getting Colton cooled down after a tough moto.

Matt Goerke shows us what passing all but one rider looks like at Gopher Dunes.

Coming in for a kiss.


Winning feels extra good at this track.

#35 Jason Benny takes the stage after grabbing the moto 2 holeshot…barely.

Dylan Wright grabs another podium.

Mike Alessi cooling down.

Tyler Medaglia after an impressive day playing in the sand.

Jacob Hayes takes, “Can I have your jersey!?” to a new level.

Mike Alessi is the first person to take an overall away from Matt Goerke at Gopher Dunes.

“Did you find that tough? I found that tough.”

Cole and Chloe after a moto win.

I have no idea what this means, but, “See you at the races…”