Faces at the Races | Hamilton Supercross | MP1

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Bigwave

Presented by MP1.

It’s been brought to my attention by a few people that I seem to have forgotten about the final round of Rockstar Triple Crown SupercrossFaces at the Races!’

Immediately after the awards banquet in Hamilton, I hopped in the van and headed to Florida for the Mini O’s and Hamilton became a distant memory as I made my way down I-75. Sorry about that.

So, although it’s extremely late, here are the people photos from that final night at FirstOntario Centre in Downtown Hamilton.

How can we not start with this beauty?! Cade Clason raced the Blackstock Motorsports FXR DMX Yamaha 250 2-stroke in Quebec and I think it was the most popular bike in the building! And look, the Bill’s Pipe isn’t tarnished…yet.

Even the guy in orange, Matt Deroy, approved!

Daryl Murphy gave it a pass just because it looked and sounded so bitchin! I said it.

Everyone just wanted to be close to it.

Keylan Meston and Jess Pettis approved of the Hamilton track…or maybe they were just ignoring Jeff and his new camera. 

I found a whole bunch of really old video from Tanner Ward at Mini O’s. I may have to put an edit together for TBT.

When Matt Goerke smiles on race day, you have to be quick!

I can hear Eric Jeffery trying to talk without moving his mouth: “Hurry up and take this picture…” Greg Poisson makes a few appearances here.

I could be wrong, but I think I heard them call Guillaume St Cyr “Gillian” at a race this fall. Oh well, Jeff used to call him “Gullimer,” so…

Cade getting psyched to hit the track.

Quinn Amyotte getting some sarcastic, older brother love.

It was great to see Mitch McColl back on the track. The other guy? Well…

#55 Jack Wright has some SX skills he can use to improve in the future. The kid loves to jump, and that will really help indoors.

Did you used to race? I feel like I’ve seen this guy on a bike before.

Quinn’s new profile pic, 100%!

That’s frame-worthy, Jeff. Nice.

Mike Parliament from MP1 went well above and beyond with his help on this project. He did a revalve at the track that day!

It was Cade’s birthday that night. I think I ate an entire box of cake. Fortunately, they had more.

Morning track walk.

I don’t think I’m there yet, but I’m going to get inside Phil Nicoletti’s head, eventually, and find out what makes this guy tick?

Cale Foster getting the entry to the whoops all figured out.

Davey Fraser was still on the injured reserve list and refused to even look down at the whoops.

So, down there and make a left? No, no, you go right at the end…

Taylor Ciampichini keeping people organized.

#416 Chad Saultz trying to figure out how to unclasp his hands? Sorry, Chad.

These guys thought that was a good one.

Cole Thompson is Googling, “Best thing to do with a large chunk of money.”

Shawn Maffenbeier apparently had a good story to tell that morning.

These guys again.

Matt Goerke is on the move for 2019.

Daniel Herrlein and his better half.

Christopher DaSilva waiting for riders’ meeting.

Tyler Spikman from parts unknown and Jason Moore from Fox Racing Canada.

It’s lonely at the top.

“Now, you kids…”

Cade found the perfect, matching tuff block to sit on. He’s always thinking!

Mike checks the time to see how many more revalves he can do before the gate drops. The answer is none.

Dylan Wright and Colton Facciotti were in attendance to sign autographs during the pit party.

It went over really well in Hamilton and the place was packed.

Tanner getting a few posters pre-signed to save time.

Wyatt Waddell handing them out as fast as he can.

Colton will be back in 2019. At what level, exactly, we don’t know yet.

It sounds like Dylan is also on the move in 2019.

These two were talking a lot that night. Hmm…

Cheyenne Harmon ran out of posters and started handing out Yamaha lanyards.

See what I’m saying?

I remember 4 years ago when I thought Eric was retiring. I was way off!

Kibby was back in action in Hamilton.

Kevin Tyler and Kourtney Lloyd pretending to be happy to see me and my camera.

Chris Pomeroy capturing a moment.

Laurie Waddell waiting impatiently.

Future champ.

It was then time for the night show to begin.

The Rockstar Girls get their intro.

Mrs. Wise nailing the anthems.

Spikman being Spikman.

Some Mini Dad moments.

Mathieu Gervais keeps the crowd into it during the down times.

Andy White and Justin Thompson talking about….something. I have no idea what, but there they are.

Still no messages or likes…

This one falls squarely in the, “Do as I say, not as I do” category. Right, Mark Booker?

This was the shot Mathieu forced me to take when he grabbed me and took me for a walk in front of the crowd.

Mike Smith says he only works with champions.

I need some help with the caption for this one. There’s definitely a good one to be written.

Riding a 2-stroke makes everyone congenial.

Shawn is also on the move in 2019. So many moves this year, it’s crazy!

Richard Jackson and his dad.

Shaka, brah.

Sam Gaynor will be looking to do some big things in 2019, too.

Two thumbs up from Quinn.

Add this one to the Cade File.

Chad had a bit of a rough ride early in the program.

How can you tell a happy motocrosser? Mud in their teeth. Get it?

Tanner hit the podium and was pretty pumped about it.

Maybe my favourite photo of the night…season, even!

Young fans trying to get a high five from the champ.

Cole was happy to oblige.

Jay Thompson was all smiles for his little bro in Hamilton.

That is the face of relief.

Ya, whatever. This nose ain’t gonna pick itself!

Hmm, that’s not very professional, young man.

That feels good!

Time to celebrate!

Cole and Chloe. Yes, their dog bites!

Steve Beattie and Matt.

Oh no, not this guy again?!

The Fam.

Hey, how’d Kourtney get on the stage? I know, I know, she’s the agent to the stars!

Nothing left for Kevin to do but find another champion to mold for 2019. Easy…

And that was it. We all just went home…well, except this guy. Last one out, turn out the lights! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the races…