Faces at the Races | Hamilton SX

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Running a little behind this week, but wanted to make sure we had some fun for the final race on the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour calendar.

Here’s a little ‘Faces at the Races‘ action from the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

I already used a few of the riders meeting photos in the 250 race report, so we’ll let new career #28 Sam Gaynor sum that up for you.
I already showed you the autograph signing session that took place in the concours. The arena wasn’t very full for the racing, actually, but I think every person who bought a ticket showed up for this, so that was cool.
He’s just kidding, folks. No need to send Marco Cannella angry messages. Hang on, I’ll get his contact info…
I think we’re seeing more of Colton Facciotti now than we did when he was still racing!
If the “West is the best,” what’s the saying for these Maritimers?
#562 Jamie Powell is a rider on my list that I’m going to make a point of talking to more in 2020.
OK, you too, Marco, but only if you grow the hair out again. We need “long hair, don’t care” Marco back.
Two very solid moto families represented here.
Andreas can’t believe what he’s hearing.
Quinn Amyotte making his podium protest a la the 1968 summer Olympics. Read a book, people!
I like the rumours we’re heating about the GDR team for 2020.
#12 Cade Clason pushing the dirt back into the rut. This corner was down to the plywood.
It’s not why he was up on the stage, but it could have been.
2019 250 SX champion, Luke Renzland.
2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown $10K winner, Dylan Wright.
Tyler Medaglia making one fan happy…or starting a riot!
Happy Matt Goerke was nice to see.
Brent Halstead found a hat.
Social media or it didn’t happen!
Last one out, turn off the lights, and see you at the races…