Faces at the Races | Kamloops – Round 1 | Presented by OTSFF

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by OTSFF Group.

I wait a long time for this time of year to come around. I’ve never really claimed to be a top notch photographer, so when the column is based around people standing around, not moving a whole lot, it’s feeds more to my strengths as a photography ‘hobbyist.’

To be honest, capturing and captioning these ‘Faces at the Races‘ articles has become my favourite part of the job!

So, let’s get right to the first one of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals season from Whispering Pines MX Park in Kamloops, BC. The weather was perfect and the racing was great. Here’s our tongue in cheek look at the people hanging out for a day at the track.

New guy, #787 Josh Osby is the person you want to stand next to when the bugs are out. He was getting eaten alive while the rest of us just stood there not getting bothered.

How many people out there have seen the movie starring Dennis Weaver where the truck chases him the entire time and it’s great? None? OK…

#3W Lexi Pechout ready to put her newly-honed jumping skills into practice.

Heavy weighs the head that wears the crown…or something like that.

“Pfft, whatever!” says Sara King this summer.

Danika white getting set for a moto.

Summer Knowles shows us her game face.

#6 Madi Watt.

Our early pick for ‘Most Improved,’ easily.

Living the rock and roll TTR lifestyle! Great to see 31 women on the line in Kamloops.

The Mile High Colorado Connection.That’s Jack Jaxson and #210 Scotty Miller.

Josh Osby gets the honour of first 30-second board guy.

Kate Lees shows us that it doesn’t get much better than a day at the races!

Eric Dubé really should have known better than to play chicken when Summer and Kourtney Lloyd are behind the wheel.

Jacob Hayes didn’t even drop the call as they ran Eric over.

Mike Alessi’s super special 250 2-stroke.

Even if it was just to get some help with a mechanical issue, Ryan Batman enjoyed his time under the factory tent.

“I’m not sure what you want me to do, Colton.” “Just read the chair, Justin!”

Gathering to watch the AMA National from Colorado in the Redemption Racing pits.

Brent Halstead in his happy place.

The always cheerful face of Lisa Snider.

Jared Petruska and his trick-looking Yamaha that he did himself.

Boot and Benek should be wearing those shirts that say, “Old guys rule!”

I always thought there was an age when you start caring that your ice cream is melting all over your hand? I guess Danika White hasn’t reached it yet.

Top marks for creativity for when there’s a graphic in your kit you don’t want to display anymore.

These guys. Oh, don’t worry, you’ll know them soon enough.

They ripped up the track this deep Saturday night and they still had a hard time staying in front of the dust. #desertproblems

Davey Fraser’s slick-looking Husqvarna 250 2-stroke.

Getting things in order for a long race day Sunday.

Scotty Miller taking in riders’ meeting.

Yep, them again. They travel in a pack…or is it a gaggle?


I was literally wearing shorts and a tee shirt. How could our thermostats be that different?! It was good to see Jeremy Medaglia back and smiling.

Head Referee, Paul Kingsley, going over the formalities of riders’ meeting.

Ontario’s #175 Anthony Spadaccini made the trip west.

A few faces from the meeting…

Tim Tremblay’s day wouldn’t go as he had planned, but it’s cool to see him get the chance to do all 10 rounds.

“Yes, we have a question in the back from the new guy?” And yes, we see you cheesing there, Christopher Fortier.

Here’s a better look.

Ready to rock.

Ready to ref.

Wash the GD R, would ya?! See what I did there?

You didn’t think Ernie would miss a race, did you?

These three may be caught riding dirty.

Doug Pettis and Jim Small are two solid moto dads.

I’m not going to type, but, if you read these regularly, you know where I want to go with this.

Getting the season started off right.

Mike Smith is back in action.

In case you were wondering, that’s what Tallon LaFountaine looks like.

Drew Roberts getting ready for a moto.

Jonah Brittons talking with Trevor Unger from Ryno Power Canada.

Remember when we used to watch Cole Thompson rip it up on a 65?

OK, that’s pretty good, Jacob Hayes, but could you harden the look up in a show tunes/dancey sort of way?

Therrre ya go.

Cole has a familiar face with him this season. Steve Beatty is the guy spinning the wrenches for CT this summer.

Not that we’re trying to make something out of nothing, but we’re keeping an eye on you two…

Two very fast first-year Pros to keep an eye on as the series moves along.

Watch for #338 Ryan Surratt to be near the front again this week.

Shawn Maffenbeier and Hayden Halstead scoping their lines into the first turn.

Mike Alessi is always down at the line helping someone with their gate.

The #69 butt patch for Nicky Hayden was a cool touch.

Karl ‘Don’t Call Me Shelby Turner’ Springman. Wait…Kyle…

Making a red Fox statement. Kinda like yelling, “It’s the big one!!!” Wow, I’m old. And if you can piece together that reference, you are too.

A very big part of the FXR brain thrust.

On Saturday, this stroller was full of just Atlas boxes. I guess Ryan Lockhart found his child.

I don’t know the Osby family yet, but I’m guessing this is a hug from mom?

Frenchie puts the finishing touches on the new Nut Up sticker.

Looking cool while taking in the riders’ meeting.

Meh, I was hoping for more from this photo.

Chloe and Claudie serving up some breakfast goodness at the KTM Canada pit.

Welcome to Canada, Nut Up.

Jocelyn Facciotti tried to get past me so fast my camera couldn’t even focus on her!

You missed a spot, Andre Laurin.

Trick bits on the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha.

Donk is back on Canadian soil.

Trick Pirelli sand tires…just in case.

Greg Small has graduated and is now working for FXR.

‘Tent City’ people rise and shine for the day.

A couple that motos together…

#73 Samuel Lavoie getting ready to rip.

Tim Tremblay heads upstairs to spin on the bike.

Motivation, Redemption style.

You’ve got to be stealthy to get a candid shot of Doug Pettis. Doug 0 – Me 1.

Cale Foster wasn’t too thrilled with me taking a photo of him eating a banana.

So I took another, of course.

Hayden Halstead getting the sag dialed.

Mike Alessi is a fan of the sport. He’s always roaming around.

It’s great to see Ryan Millar back at the races. He’s in for all 10 rounds.

Kicking it back, old school, with Jeremy and Derek Medaglia.

Jeff McConkey and Cade Clason came to terms on their DMX helmet sticker deal. I don’t have to open MY wallet, do I?

Brock and his dad, Rick Leitner, getting set to start the season as a full-time MX1 rider.

Colton Facciotti is back and ready to go in 2017.

Ryan Batman had to get creative with the numbers.

Kaven and Mathieu at the gate.

Christophe Pourcel is in for all 10 rounds and will then decide where the future takes him.

Keylan Meston getting himself in the zone.

Dylan and Scott Delaplace. I don’t know the story on the ‘Minnow’ but I’ll get to the bottom of it…

We all do this with our hands at the gate, don’t we?

In Randy Maffenbeier’s own words, he was “on the fence about the whole thing.”

Kevin Lepp doesn’t ride anymore but he was happy to be at the races. I don’t know how Clayton Racicot snuck into this shot…

Ryan Lockhart is busy at the races these days.

Kevin Urqhart is driving the entire series in support of his Bulldog Training riders.

Brock’s hair is starting to get away on him!

Popkum’s Scott Poniuk seeking his inner zen.

You know how good the GDR pit smells for breakfast! See you in Prince George.

Kyle Beaton spotting.

My phone was blowing up!

For me, it’s nearly impossible to get a colour photo in the red light of the GDR pit.

#24 Ryan Lalonde from Victoria, BC.

Lakefront property for the PRMX team.

Hayden with FXR head honcho, Milt Reimer.

Josh Allen getting some face time.

Tyler Gibbs just may be on the other side of this fence in the future.

Chalk up another fine for Shawn Maffenbeier…

It’s a long summer, Daryl Murphy.

2 horns means 20, 1 horn means 10. Remember that.

Peace on the delta in the Jeremy Medaglia pits.

Mike from Gibson Tyre.

Josh Allen getting the forearms ready for action.

Was Christophe Pourcel trying hard in Kamloops? Je pense que oui.

Kaven Benoit got both holeshots and got the Royal Distributing ‘Triple Crown’ cash. That’s $1200 for 200 metres of work!

Christophe gets his face time.

Post-race podium mayhem.

Dillan Epstein won the crowd over at round 1 with his from-the-heart podium interviews.

If these aren’t ‘Faces at the Races,’ I don’t know what is!

I love these shots.

Boom…another fine.

Josh Snider seems to have picked a winner in Josh Osby.

Cole Thompson and Steve Beatty.

The Roberts’s’s…

Cole rode well in the 2nd moto, but it still takes him a while to calm down when he doesn’t win.

Shawn gets a hug from his mom after his clean sweep.

These two may be doing a lot of this this summer.

Dave Snider and Kevin Tyler.

I was taking a photo of Shawn and his mom past these two and they thought I was trying to get a shot of them so I took another one.

Osby gets some Timmy’s money.

The MX2 podium.

Shawn went for the hand shake, but Milt had other ideas.

End of the day hose down.

At first, he was asking nicely for me to snap a shot of him and his family…

Reservoir Dogs style…sort of.

BC moto dads, Laurie Waddell and Ruben Springman.

I told Christophe to get used to Colton’s late-moto charges.

Matt Goerke wasn’t happy with taking over the lead and then finishing 3rd in that final moto.

Kaven was pretty quick to get off his sore ankle at the end of the day.

Husqvarna Canada’s Victoria Hett.

My phone was blowing up, again.

Fans at the final podium of the day.

Next week, Matt.

When he frowns, I snap more! Like I said, these top guys are only happy when they dominate a race.

Christophe was happy with Day 1.

Lots of guys are running Race Tech suspension this season.

Marilyn Monroe moment on the stage.

MX1 podium.

Hello, Cade. See you in The Peeg.

Fully framed at the end of the day. Donk gets things done.

Hey, Andy White, are you ready for our Round 1 Post-Race Podcast?

I’d love to help, but then who will take the photos???

Time to pack up and head north to Prince George. See you at the races…