By Billy Rainford

OK, I’ll say it: I don’t mind a mud race, once in a while. I’m fine with having one of these crazy days to deal with per summer, but that’s it!

I’m not the one who has to deal with the wrecked bikes or lost points due to falling in the stuff, but I do have to clean my cameras and rinse off my rain gear. No, it’s not nearly as costly as rebuilding a 4-stroke motor, but it still sucks.

Anyway, I spent most of the day this past Saturday at McNabb Valley MX in Minnedosa, MB hiding from the rain in the MX101 pits, drinking coffee and eating food, but I did manage to venture out a few times to snap some shots and try to capture the vibe of the day.

Here’s ‘Faces at the Races‘ from a pretty damn miserable day at the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals.

I like snapping these shots as I drive east out of the mountains and across the prairie provinces. This may even end up on a wall around here.
That’s what Regina, Saskatchewan, looks like from…Calgary.
I got there a little late and missed riders meeting. That’s everyone coming down the hill and heading back into the pits.
With a track that looked like this in the good parts, I spent a lot of time just sitting around in the pits.
Kevin Lepp made it into the moto and I’m sure he was just thrilled.
I’ve seen #223 Parker Mashburn race a lot at the big US Amateur events, so it was pretty cool to see him up here racing in Canada.
That’s what he and his dad look like. We should see them again in the east.
A nervous smile from #218 Nathan Bles who went out and beat up on the youngsters in the FXR Pre Mix class again.
Ya, that about sums it up.
Exactly. What ARE ya gonna do?!
Matt Deroy in a shot with every possible port-a-john in it. That’s a no no in my field, folks, and yet here it is.
It wasn’t just raining, it was windy and cold, too.
#50 Jyire Mitchell was back in Canada. He even squeezed out a pre-moto smile.
His dad spent the entire day doing this.
Mike Brown (with Andy White) raced the 450 class and finished an impressive 4th. He decided to let his 125 2-stroke live and left it in the trailer. We’ll see it again at Sand Del Lee.
Matt Goerke counting the unbroken fingers on his good hand.
This photo of Colton Facciotti is really nothing, but I bet I dust it off many times in the future after he’s hung up the leathers.
#313 Nicky Osnach gets some relief on the line as he gets set to rip his 125 in some mud.
It was totally bearable during qualifying, but it wouldn’t last and the day was screwed.
#196 Chase Marquier is a nice addition to our series. He probably thinks that was as nice as our weather gets in Canada during the summer. Wait till we get to Gopher Dunes…
#60 Quinn Amyotte and #146 Tyler Gibbs look for some decent lines and come up empty.
See, qualifying wasn’t so bad.
I may have gotten into a Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts debate with Phil Nicoletti, but I’m not sure why I’d defend either one!
Fox Racing Canada’s Jason Moore hurrying off to fight crime or something.
Everything about this look by #75 Chris Derksen is great.
This is how he rolled in.
Charlie Johnston sat alone in the freezing cold wind and rain and then pretty much stood still when the gate dropped. His hot line didn’t pay off too well for him.
Parker was one of the 4 250 riders docked positions for the first turn incident.
Andreas Konrad’s new profile photo.
Jess Pettis is one of the riders who will benefit most from this month-long break we’re on now.
The Joshes go over gate selection.
Ya, I went up there thinking it was better, too, Clade Clason, but the high winds made it even worse.
Full points to Matt Deroy for going the extra mile on the line.
Trying to save any extra weight you can in these conditions is important. Your feet actually feeling the pegs is nice, too.
Sand tires were the hot ticket in the mud.
So, too, were giant umbrellas.
Ryan Lockhart was wearing the GDR colours again this week.
About to watch his son land on the podium.
Someone should check, she may still be stuck there.
This seemed a little cruel. They wore their jackets the rest of the day. It was cold!
Brent Halstead making sure Hayden’s bike looked perfect before he went out and wrecked it. lol
Al Dyck putting the final touches on Cade’s machine.
We spoke to FXR founder Milt Reimer Friday night and struggled to remember his top rider back in the day. Turns out it was good old what’s-his-name, here.
Steve Beattie getting Cole’s bike ready.
KTM’s Kate McKerroll and Doug Pettis.
Dakota Alix doing the most important job of a mud race – goggle prep.
Brad Gebhardt and Chris Pomeroy sniffed out my specialty coffee hook up in the MX 101 pits.
Clutches were definitely a concern in these conditions.
It was Danielle Alessi’s birthday and I scooped the last piece of cake.
It’s just like stealing a canoe: Everyone assumes they wouldn’t do anything THIS obvious!
Matt with his broken finger.
Hoping the mud will just slip right off.
Keylan Meston was ready for a good day.
Sam Gaynor with his Muskoka dinner jacket draped on the bars.
Jess Pettis staying positive. Tanner Ward, not so much.
Luke Renzland having some fun.
Andreas, Marco Dube, and Alan Brown.
FXR’s Dawn McClintock loves a good mudder.
Attitude is everything in a mud race. That, and not falling.
These FXR ponchos were selling like hotcakes!
As The Hold Steady would say, “You have to stay positive…”
Dylan Wright took the win, but paid the price when he rode most of the race without goggles.
That’s Tyler Medaglia in there somewhere.
Tyler Spikman will be at one national this year and this was it. That’s gotta suck!
Josh Osby getting his eye rinsed out after getting some mud in it.
Steve Simms heading to the first corner for the 450 moto.
Dakota lost his visor early and had to grin and bear it.
Leave it to Matt to win on a day like this and with a broken finger. Easy is not for Matt.
With the 2nd moto being canceled, they got the women up on the podium when they could.
Women’s Podium: Eve Brodeur, Shelby Turner, Avrie Berry.
Here’s my 250 podium shot. Come to think of it, it’s also my 450 podium shot. Use your imagination.
Tyler Medaglia ended up 3rd.
Luke looks like he could head out for another!
Then we all kind of hung out waiting for the final decision on whether or not we were running 2nd motos or not.
Kevin Urqhart made it to Canada.
That’s Mitch Amyotte.
And that’s Kyle McCannell from Prairie Hill MX.
All together, you say?
Wait for Michelle Halstead! There.
All aboard!
Daryl Murphy and Paul Kingsley came through the pits and delivered the news: moto 2’s were canceled.
It didn’t seem to bug Doug.
That’s Blake Breton and Zeb Dennis.
#612 Jesse Braden was heading home to Oklahoma. He managed to blow up his bike but he’s still smiling. See you at the races…