Faces at the Races | Moncton National | Toys for Big Boys

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Toys for Big Boys.

We’ve made it home from the Atlantic Coast safely, so it’s time to have a look at some of the people who make this annual trip to the right coast as memorable as it always is.

I was talking with an American rider who commented on how nice Canadians are, in general. I said to them, “Canadians are known to be really nice people, but Maritimers are really REALLY nice people.” I was trying to get to the reasons why and I have a few theories. Maybe they’re best left for a Monday Morning rave.

Anyway, please enjoy this closer look at our trip to the East Coast.

I can’t believe I’ve never taken the time to visit Peggy’s Cove just west (is it west, south, or southwest?) of Halifax. James Lissimore and I played tourists for a couple days this time and it was great.

I stood in the well-worn steps here to snap this one. We ate in the restaurant and the first photo I saw on the wall was framed EXACtly like this. I bet there are a lot of these hanging in houses around the world.

Or maybe like this.

Definitely, this!

The ocean was as flat as a lake on this day, but I bet it’s pretty spectacular when the winter storms come through.

We hung out in the surf area of Lawrencetown a couple days, too, and then hit Hopewell Rocks outside of Moncton. I didn’t even bother trying to get a unique photo of these things. They’ve all been done.

We got to the River Glade track for Saturday afternoon and immediately felt under-dressed.

I think #211 Jack Wright was waiting for me to introduce a new episode of ‘Tailgating with…’

Randy McLeod was getting Mitch Cooke ready to go beat up on the age group classes.

You just KNOW this is the start of something big.

Little Tallon Medaglia already has people lining up for the position of ‘Head Manfriend!’

A little sexist and caught in the 1950’s perhaps, but we get the point.

Adam ‘Disco Stu’ Robinson getting some forks ready for Sunday in the Huber Motorsports pits.

This may be one of my favourite shots…ever.

You know where this is going. Upside down and backwards!

We only see Mitch and Jill once or twice a year, so he get s a few shots.


Yep, when they’re finished blabbing about what you should or shouldn’t do, you can go out and have some fun, Tallon.

Glade crew.


They were lining the fences to watch young Tallon Medaglia jump his way around the track in the 4-6 class.

When in New Brunswick, do as Kyle Patton would, or something like that. Any surface that can tolerate a hole, gets a hole. It’s power to weight, people!

Mitch Cooke in his ‘The Thinker’ pose. (Google it, Bowker!)

#111 Kyle Chisholm checking out the track on Saturday.

A little pre-race camaraderie between Tanner Ward and Bryan Cormier. “Good luck, dude.” “Back atcha, bro.” 

Patiently waiting for his next moto. It was probably 10 motos away, but you know kids.

Claudie Lapointe from KTM Canada cheering on Tanner Ward after her moto.

If we see Keylan Meston with this silly little umbrella this week at Deschambault, someone isn’t doing their job!

As Bullwinkle would say, “Nuttin’ Up my sleeve…” See what I did there? Hey, I’m trying here, Pat O’Connor!

Cleaning up the eye candy. I’m no expert here, but River Glade has been around since 1977. Do those numbers add up?

Earl Doucet on what would later become “Earl’s Tavern” after a long weekend.

And then it was Sunday morning. Race day.

Donk prepping his toolbox for the “In your face, Adam Turner” shot.

Who here thinks this shot is in focus? Well then, you need glasses, Jesse Wentland.

You’ll think I’m joking here, but Shawn was actually trying to pluck a random crazy hair sticking out of the front of Cade’s neck. Yep, things are a little different on race day here in Canada.

Hey, Christophe, go outside and play with the other kids!

Larry Northrup from Toys for Big Boys on his busiest weekend of the season.

Derek Schuster lending a hand on the hose.

Head Referee Paul Kingsley making sure riders stay on the track.

Les Bujolds.

Colton Facciotti will be scrapping for a podium spot in the series at the final two rounds.

“What’s Colton thinking about, up there?” Oh, Josh Snider and Melissa are expecting their first child this Saturday. Good luck, guys.

Justin Roney and Zack Zager’s mom chat during qualifying. London connection.

Colorado’s Jack Jaxson posted up for the finish line shot.

‘The Douce’ making sure things run like clockwork.

I kinda get the feeling I should be looking behind me, here.

Whatever Braydon Macneil told Tanner to do on the start, worked.

Bobby Piazza and Casey Keast were this close on the track in moto 1, too.

Mike Alessi can always be found at the start during the MX2 staging.

#74 Guillaume St-Cyr about to come very close to pulling a holeshot in his fresh Strikt gear.

That’s local fast Intermediate, #150 Brett Young. He’ll be at Deschambault this weekend, too.

#211 Jack Wright’s dad told me he’s impressed that Jack seems to learn something every time he’s on the track.

All smiles for go time in staging.

Look at that hairline on #807 Drew Roberts! Yes, I’m jealous.

Larry McCaw is the voice of Amateur Day at River Glade. Great to see you again this year, Larry.

Nathan Bles didn’t make it to the motos this week. A big crash in qualifying left him wondering what the birds and stars were doing circling his head. He’s a game time decision for Deschambault.

The Rockstar Gals getting ready for a busy day.

Two tones are in for 2018. I really wish someone in this photo was named Tommy. (Google that one, too, Bowker!)

Hanging out before practice.

A video crew was hanging out with #29 JC Bujold all day. We’ll post the video when we see the finished product.

#19 Hayden Halstead being told where to go by his dad, Brent.

Maff getting focused before practice.

Christophe posing with a grateful family.

They took turns getting the shots for their social media game.

Toys for Big Boys sponsorship plug! #122 Devin Sleigh is their guy in the MX1 class.

The new guy, Hunter, getting Cade’s bike prepped.

‘Nut Up Nick,’ Nick McCampbell, working on Ryan Surratt’s bike.

#14 Dylan Wright in his 2018 Fox kit.

I’ll take pics of Pros high-fiving kids at the races all day long.

Tanner Ward is getting used to standing on the podium for Pro holeshot awards.

Shawn getting ready to be called on stage. People who’ve gone 1-1 at a Pro national are a rare breed. That’s gotta feel pretty good! 

Mike Smith always looks like he’s up to something.

“Is it straight now?”

The Pettis family was all here this week.

Sabian Cymbals come from right there in New Brunswick. Cool trophies, for sure.

Dave Hewitson looking all official for the weekend. Don’t let it fool you. He’s still ‘Cracker.’

“Hmm, did I say swipe right for that one? I meant left!”

Cale Foster sneaking a peek.

Christophe and Damon after his win.

A trip east wouldn’t be complete without seeing this guy, Rod Snelgrove from Newfoundland.

Donk’s new profile pic? I dare you!

Mike Alessi getting his TV time.

Earl Doucet shows his commitment to River Glade.

Larry Northrup thanks everyone for coming.

Tyler Medaglia won the ‘Brian House Memorial’ for being the top finishing rider from the region. He tossed his goggles to the cheering crowd.

Then he threw his race-worn jersey to them.

At the end of the weekend, both James and I were ready to head home. As awesome as these journeys are, there’s no place like home. Thanks for reading, and “See you at the races…”