Faces at the Races | MX Bon Conseil | OTSFF

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Presented by OTSFF

Let’s have a look at the faces under the helmets and around the races from round 6 of the 2017 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at MX Bon Conseil near Drummondville, Quebec.

Usual Disclaimer: Remember, these are all meant in good humour. Well, it’s my own personal humour…I’ll just assume it’s good.

I did the classic hide behind the trees and yell, “Hey, Kyle!” Boom.

Lisa Snider in her personalized jersey she wore for Pro sign in.

While the riders are out on their sight lap, the mechanics are busy stomping their feet.

Some last-minute advice on Saturday.

Mariah Gautier does this before every moto. I wonder what she’s visualizing?

Liz Burke getting herself in the zone.

Hey, don’t interrupt him before he rinses!

Brock and Rick Leitner.

Ryan Batman was feeling it during sign in.

Chris DaSilva had to crutch himself around but still raced Saturday to keep his Provincial points lead.

A delicious reuben salad in the Redemption RV.

Team Wright cruising the grounds on Saturday.

Young #494 Thomas Rendall walked the line Saturday for the Women’s East races.

Classic Daryl Murphy.

Jason Hughes looking casual for a phone call.

Kaven’s better half, Virginie Blanchet, before the first moto.

Getting DJ Burmey’s bike ready.

Can anyone else hear circus music?

In what universe, people?! In what universe? One without mirrors, I assume…

Peace out, Josh Osby.

Cole and Steve weren’t overly enthusiastic to chat with me about his thumb as they waited in last place in staging for moto 2.

Watch for John Dowd to make an appearance on the track at Deschambault.

Dylan Wright killing it, even with helmet head!

I’m wasn’t sure what was going on, so, of course, I took the shot.

Tyler Medaglia is always popular with the fans.

Ryan Surratt signing some autographs in the pits.

Steve Beattie playing Operation in the pits (Google it, Bowker!).

Tyler Rayner will be back.

So, I invite John Meaney out for dinner with us and he insists on buying! That wasn’t the plan, but thank you, John. Oh, and for $5 he’ll carry your camera around on race day…

Dylan’s new profile pic.

Scott Champion considering coming back for Deschambault and RJ’s…

Hey, Braydon!

KTM Canada’s Claudie Lapointe.

I think I have this exact same shot from Ulverton.

Putting the Nut Up sign up…up.

Jacob Hayes had Daniel Blair in his corner this week. Oh, and it sounds like Daniel is releasing some new music soon, too.

Lisa has a special pile of results set aside for me at the end of every round. Don’t tell the other media…

Matt Goerke spraying the champagne as Christophe Pourcel heads down and soaks the crowd.

Nice job, Jean Marc Benoit.

Christophe won the second moto. He also put together an electric assist mountain bike at the end of the day. Note to self: Don’t race Christophe uphill.

The crowd was pretty happy to see Colton Facciotti at the top of the box again.

Apparently, Matt was a little ill this past week, so his 3rd place was pretty solid.

If you look it up, a preposition is anything Donk can to to a set of stairs. It’s grammar, people!

How cool were these trophies?!

Maff says hello to the big Bon Conseil crowd.

Dylan tries to get them pumped up and then spoke entirely in French to them. Pretty good, Dylan, but I’m worried about your use of passé simple…

Ky fires some swag into the crowd. I had to pick most of it up and hand it out but still…

Robin giving Shawn a little pre-stage shower.

Dakota Alix showed up to check out some Canadian racing. He just lives like a mile across the border in Jay, Vermont.

Young Sebastien Racine.

If you can explain the difference between France French and Quebec French, I’m all oreilles..

Mr. Congeniality, Dillan Epstein.

Get well soon, Kaven.

Hey, someone is stealing Paul Kingsley’s ride!!!

Jonah Brittons tries to clean up a little before going on stage to get his moto 1 Royal Distributing holeshot cheque.

The best gate stomper in the business, Derek Schuster. Colton pretty much got both holeshots.

Hey, John, we were thinking about going out for dinner again tonight…

Yes, James Lissimore will be there.

Christophe checking out the MX2 start on his electric scooter thingamijig.

Cade Clason took Jeff’s camera for a while Sunday.

Kevin Tyler and JSR.

Cole preparing his gate for a very tough day at the office.

Was this a selfie? How long is Cade’s right arm?!

Maff getting set for an overall win kind of day.

Cade helping Josh to a win.

Josh was definitely feeling it this week. He wasn’t happy about the penalty and basically said, “Watch out for the rest of the season!” on the podium.

Hope you’re feeling better, Samuel Lavoie. Make him feel better and give thevoice.73 a follow on Instagram…and would somebody answer the damn phone!!! (that’s an bell rung joke)

When they pack a dude this solid, of course their going to be a little small!

Cale Foster can’t get enough of the camera, so we can’t get enough taking pictures of him.

Dave Snider and Marco Dubé.

That’s #24 Dylan Lalonde.

Ryan Millar cleaning up the #501 before it goes in the trailer with all the fresh FXR gear.

I really want to type, “Believe the hype” here, but I won’t.

Michael DaSilva and Mickaëlle in the Monster pit.

The #108 is now certified for 200mph plus.

Yes, he’s still standing there, Mike Smith.

The Dowds keeping it light at the line.


Dylan checking out the track during riders’ meeting.

Shawn and Robin in the morning.

Wait, why aren’t these in order? This was Sunday morning!!!

Oh well, here’s #211 Jack Wright and #327 Brandon Gourlay.

Jeff looking pretty fresh in his sweet Fox DMX jacket.

How many Roberts does it take to get a haircut? More than 2…

The MX101 pits in full race day mode early Sunday morning.

I had to ask him if he was qualified to clean out the mop.

The roots and ruts were pretty tricky last week. We’ll let Nathan Bles say, “See you at the races…”