Faces at the Races | Pleasant Valley National | Freedom Cycle

By Billy Rainford

‘Faces at the Races’ is presented by Freedom Cycle in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Here’s our weekly look at the riders under their helmets and people just enjoying themselves at the races. It’s our tongue-in-cheek look at some of the personalities in our sport. This week, we’re at Pleasant Valley, just outside Truro, Nova Scotia. Big thanks to Randy McLeod and the gang over at Freedom Cycle here in Truro. Be sure to check them out!

Drew Roberts fueling up for a good day in Nova Scotia.

Look at those new chompers on Josh Snider!

When you have your own hat/number combo hat, then you can comment. No comment…

Brock Leitner hanging out at riders meeting for what is fast-becoming his favourite track. That’s 2 top 10’s in a row here.

This doesn’t even look like Shawn Maffenbeier, but it is.

FXR team photo?

Jim and Travis Roberts getting set for first practice.

He was ready to pull a tear off before he even left the gate!

Getting a little pre-moto rub down.

You gotta love the maritimes!

Cole seems to have accepted the fact he won’t be repeating as MX2 champion. Good luck with the thumb surgery, Cole.

Chloe found herself with some rare spare time on race day.

Matt Goerke came in and left with the red plates.

The #10 of Colton Facciotti.

Kyle Ward getting Dylan’s ride race ready.

Being the only racer under the KTM awning for the second moto, Tanner Ward got a lot of attention at Pleasant Valley.

Pennsylvania rider Bobby Piazza was back again this week and says he’s available for hire.

Everyone cross their fingers to help Jeremy Pronovost have good luck this week.

To quote Moe Szyslak, “And now, back to the wall…”

Jason Benny hoping for a repeat of his holeshot. Man, did he ever save a scary panic rev situation Sunday!

Daryl Murphy runs a tight ship on race day.

Tim Tremblay picking his gate.

It was good to see Adam Turner back at the races.

Yep, less than 3 weeks after collarbone surgery, Jess Pettis goes out and wins his first Pro event.

Shawn made a classic funny face and my trigger finger balked!

Tanner Ward pulled the first moto holeshot and led the first lap.

Immediately after a moto is not the best time to talk to Dylan. Jayme was kind enough to translate his response for me. “He says, Thank You.” We laughed.

“Did you see Michael Phelps race that great white shark?! He was all like…”

Dylan seems to have turned his season around and is a fixture on the podium lately.

Maff won moto 1 and then had some mechanical issues that put him way back. He still leaves with the red plates.

Keylan Meston ready to bust out a big holeshot.

Daryl sending riders out for their site lap. “You can’t go until the previous rider rounds the first turn…GO!”

Manny sounds like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons right here, I think.

I just like to squeeze in, get myself in the way, and see what the camera picks up.

Told ya!

It’s going to be tough to take this title away from Matt from here on out.

Don’t tell the riders from 8th place back, but Mike got 7th with a front flat!

Dillan has his day down in the dusty dirt doing diggies on his dirt bike. (This caption has been brought to you by the letter ‘D’)

1-2 punch in moto 1.

Tyler Rayner shows off his ripped lip after his scary crash over the finish line jump in moto 1.

We need to see those pearly whites in colour this time!

Get a room, you guys! And why is Jacob wearing a Danielle Alessi wig?

Jacob describes how he came in a little hot and sketchy on Jess in a corner.

Protest? What protest?

Jess getting his first TV interview as a Pro winner with a nice shout out to his parents who weren’t there to witness it.

Nothing to see here.

To use a phrase crirca 1942, check out these Fly Boys!

Jeff wasn’t at PV to hand out his “G’d Up from the Feet Up” award, so I’m giving it to Colton Facciotti in his 2018 Fox kit. Seriously, as Jeff what a certain rider wears for gear (and I mean everything!) and he can tell you.

These were the best 2 rocks Michael Fowler could find for starting blocks. We joked the gate would drop and he would just spin out in a circle.

Frenchie wrote his own caption for this one, but I’m not going to repeat it here…

Donk heading back to the pits.

Pat O’Connor warming up his jazz hands.

Robbie Cooke owns this place and lives off the grid.

Seriously, it was almost like Mike got comfortable riding with a front flat in that 2nd moto!

With 4 motos to pit board for, Darcy’s arms must have gotten tired.

Talking with Dillan after the moto.

You wouldn’t believe how many people Frenchie has eating from a bottle at the races these days. Weight is dropping fast! “I see fit people…”

Bobby and Tanner went at it for 25+2 in PV.

Ryan and Chris chatting after a moto.

Just some dudes hanging out at the end of a long day.

Dillan sharing his win with the enthusiastic crowd.

Damon takes the place of Christophe Pourcel on the stage.

And drinks all the champagne. Enjoy it!

The Lalonde clan hanging out at the end of the day. Sailor Jerry’s, you say, eh?

Look at that burger Darcy whipped up!

Hanging out in the pits. Jack Jaxson is the photog from Colorado. Hit him up for photos.

Initiating the new guy in the Huber Motorsports pits.

A maritimes legend, Kyle Patton.

“That’s right…I train the guy who won today,” says Old Man Urkle. (He asked me to call him that)

Mike Alessi could be the most social rider at the races.

Get on it, Ernie! But without a comma, is that like a Tickle Me Elmo?

No idea what Kyle Chisholm is talking about here.

More dudes and dudettes hanging out.

Hunter (right) came all the way out east to work with Cade. He just walked around looking cool, instead.

And that was it for Pleasant Valley 2017. Thanks for looking. Now, if I can get Final Cut Pro to start working again, we’ll have the Highlight Video up later this afternoon. See you at the races…