By Billy Rainford

Photos by John Meaney and Bigwave

It’s time for our weekly look under the helmets and around the pits in our ‘Faces at the Races‘ column from Round 2 of the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals from Blackwater MX in Prince George, BC.

We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get started!

Danika White is ready, so let’s go.
Heading for the riders meeting.
It was good to see Jared Petruska at the races, even if he wasn’t on the track. He said he’s still got a throbbing headache from that Calgary first turn crash.
It was great to see Matt Goerke smiling early on in the day because it definitely wouldn’t last.
Tallon Unger and Brad Nauditt pretending to listen to Paul.
Keylan Meston was feeling frisky pretty early in the morning.
A couple BC boys saying peace.
Dakota Alix and Cole Thompson resting before a moto.
Is Mike Alessi wearing a toque or a beanie?
I’m guessing we’ve seen the last of Collin Jurin for this outdoors season.
Requisite Rockstar Girl shot.
Did you watch our Instagram video of the podium celebration? Jess came very close to falling hard off the stage!
All I know is that it’s not Riley Brough. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that’s Gavin.
Paul Gibbs TCB-ing while TCB-ing.
I’m also guessing we’ve seen the last of Kevin Lepp for a while, but not James Lissimore. You win some, you lose some…
Now THAT is some early marketing and branding!
Classic Daryl Murphy shot.
JSR getting in some breakfast at the riders meeting.
Steve Simms ready to jump into action at the start line.
Oliver Benek lined up in the FXR Pre Mix class.
John Wren made the trip from Williams Lake to do the announcing.
Phil Nicoletti barely suppresses a race day smile.
Colton Facciotti ready for an overall and sole possession of the red plate.
I have no idea what everyone is doing here.
Kyle Springman will be in Manitoba and then head home to BC.
Yanick Boucher snagged a top 15 in PG.
Shelby Turner will try to solve the top 2 ladies again this week.
Marshal Weltin about to get his first big Canadian win.
Jeff Gaynor loves being at the races.
Kelcey Jones checking out the concrete starting pad and uphill start.
The Wrozyna brothers are going head to head all summer for their first time…ever, I guess.
Tyler Gibbs staying hydrated and nourished.
This toad caused a lot of concern at the start gate. He lived to ribbet another day.
I was told to Google “Marc Dionne Freestyle Crash,” but I haven’t done it yet.
OK, who lost the Moto 2 board?!
Brock Hoyer made the drive up from Williams Lake to.
Quite possibly my favourite shot of the day. Nice one, Davey Fraser.
Marco Cannella gives us his best mean mug.
OK, I like this one of Cameron Wrozyna, too.
That’s #36 Teren Gerber and his mom.
That’s #337 Reece Havrelock.
Marshal Weltin on the line.
Jack Wright fighting off some pre-race jitters…or maybe he’s asleep!
What do you think, Marco?
Classic Mitch Amyotte for little brother Quinn.
It was good to see Graham Scott back at the races, too, even if he wasn’t on the track. PS I saw his dad walking around…on his FEET!
Ruben Springman and Scott Delaplace.
We’re starting the rumours early this summer.
Darcy and Ryan Lalonde.
Talan Hansen…
Hanging out on the CTR tailgate.
William Crete had a lot of people looking at their programs at round 2. Nicely done, William.
Steve Simms apprenticing for a PUC job.
Melanie Harvey and Eve Brodeur having some fun all the way from Quebec.
Celebrating the Pre Mix race properly.
Barry was at it again in the Hoosier Off Road Roost Factory pits.
Kristen Beat and John Meaney.
Troy Smith on Amateur Day.
Team meeting by the DMX Van.
Life lessons on race day.
That’s a pretty trick set up right there.
Ryan Lockhart waiting for a moto.
It was real and it was delicious.
Time to tear down and take the circus east to Manitoba.
Shelby Mahon taking down the banners.
Kourtney Lloyd and her crew.
That’s it, folks.
I could Ferris Bueller this and ask what you’re still doing here.
See you at the races…