Faces at the Races | Prince George National | Presented by OTSFF

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

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First off, let me apologize for how late ‘Faces at the Races‘ is this week. It’s been a long few days playing catch up since frying a laptop hard drive after leaving PG. Of all the things I do, ‘Faces’ is my favourite. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of comedy. Well, too bad, because here comes a bunch of it!

Here’s our weekly look at the people at and around the races, this time from the Blackwater MX track in Prince George, BC for round 2 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. Remember, this is all in good fun.

It was great to see Pat O’Connor make a return to the races this week. He’s signed on for the rest of the series to help the Nut Up guys. Oh, and check out Nathan Bles keeping it cool.

Kevin Thompson makes it tough for me to get a photo of him, so I’ll just keep posting shots like this.

Broc Loftus takes his bike apart and puts it into his borrowed mini van. There’s a pretty good chance he’s sleeping in it too. How can you not cheer for someone like that?! #53 in your program…

Derek Schuster is probably going to hate me for posting this one, but I was shooting for a caption like, “They say the camera adds…10 strips of bacon.” Not bad.

As Ryan Surratt get more race fit this summer, I’m expecting a lot more smiling from him. I can wait, Ryan…

Christophe Pourcel grabs a light snack while he listens to the riders’ meeting.

We’re still waiting for that breakout top 5 ride that’s coming from Tim Tremblay.

Although he hadn’t raced the Blackwater track in 4 years, Jess Pettis was still the hometown rider everyone was cheering for.

Dylan Delaplace knows he’s running my racing number 45 this season. How did I pick it, you’re all asking? I hate baseball but the World Series was on TV and ‘Tug’ McGraw was pitching for the Phillies and he was #45. Boom!

#33 Casey Keast is winning the ‘Top Rookie’ battle ahead of #266 Christopher Fortier so far this season, but it’s a long summer.

#58 Jeremy Medaglia raced the first moto in Prince George, finishing 9th, but didn’t start the 2nd moto, just like round 1 in Kamloops. He’ll be back in Calgary this week.

BC’s #50 Kyle Springman raced his KTM 350 in the MX1 class. He’d prefer it if you called him ‘Karl’ or ‘Shelby.’

Cory Steeves heads back to the pits.

Carson and Stu McQueen getting set to hit the track.

“Hop on, dad.” “Nope, I’ll walk…”

#108 Dillan Epstein has a bunch of gear with the wrong number on it, so he’s been getting creative so far this season.”Why is my mid-back sweating so much?!”

Everyone was happy the races came to Prince George for the first time.

Well, almost everyone…

The Rockstar OTSFF gang getting a bird’s eye view.

Hey, Michelle, could you move over so I can watch the races? Note to spectators, do not mess with a moto mom when her son is on the line.

Future X Games champ in the making, for sure.

Things are good when you can stay seated and not miss any of the racing action.

OK, let’s agree that they’re good for almost everyone. This little guy doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the action.

That’s more like it.

Emily took a camera and made a ‘Faces’ effort. Thank you!

Pettis fans were everywhere!

Chloe is doing the perfect stereotypical nervous pose here while Mathieu TCB’s.

Someone found one of the few remaining mud puddles.

Papa Steeves asked me not to post this, so don’t tell anyone… The back side of this sign was his pit board. True story.

Jacob Hayes warming up.

Man, how times have changed! Trevor Carlson has made the move to father and team manager. Did I get old?

Maff and Cale waiting for it all to start.

Brent Halstead turned into McGyver on the way out of Prince George when their race rig had one problem after another. Ask him how the drive to Calgary went, I double-dog dare ya!

Josh Squared in staging.

Team photo op!

Watch for JC Bujold to have a more relaxed weekend when his dad, Eric, shows up for the Calgary round this week.

Frenchie has Mike’s bike ready to get back to his holeshotting ways.

Kyle got a slap on the wrist when his drapes didn’t match the carpet. No, wait…

Jeremy in staging.

“Um, we’re over heeere!!!”

Proving, once again, that we all do/did this. Callus photo op.

Mike Smith taking care of some mud.

Is it better than working with forms, Pat?

The smiling faces behind the Huber Motorsports team.

Shawn is even sarcastic when I try to sneak up from behind him!

“Is it OK if Dylan starts from here and then falls and comes from dead last again?” “Lemme check…that’s a big 10-4.”

Mike and Tony Alessi are always around the start line helping people out, like here with #614 Geran Stapleton from Whistler…er, I mean, Australia.

#44 Nicole Gaudern from Wyoming hanging out with #210 Scotty Miller from Colorado. Watch for #210 and his whips and oppos in Calgary this weekend.

And ask Ross anything you’ve ever wondered about bees. Seriously, he will blow your mind.

“How can they even fly???” “Do they really die when they sting you???” “Explain the whole Queen Bee thing!”

Steve Beattie went 1-1 with Cole Thompson in PG.

When Maff talks, people listen. Meh, they pretend to, at least.

Brock Hoyer, Rod Matechuk, and Andy White. That’s X Games Gold, RMR, and FXR, for those of you who prefer acronyms.

A couple of BC boys reunited.

Kyle sets up his starting blocks.

“Nooo, the blonde beside her…” Sorry, Stu, I had to.

Husqvarna Canada’s Braydon McNeil flew out last-minute and was rewarded with a big win.

Team Owner André Laurin with Matt at the podium.

Dillan gives the screaming fans exactly what they want.

Christophe’s guy.

You have to be sneaky to get a shot of Michelle Halstead.

2016 teammates, Hayden Halstead and Dylan Wright chatting before a moto.

Casey Keast’s second moto Shift kit stood out and looked great.

Sometimes, Dylan’s pants have to remind his face after a tough moto.

Product placement.

Now THAT is uniquely Northern BC.

PG Race Director, Kourtney Lloyd.

“Jacob…Jacob…can I have your Race Tech fork shims???!!!”

The Peege podium crowd.

CT getting his podium TV interview.

“You can have my shims, but you’re not getting this trophy!”

Handing out the Rockstar product. Jimmy even dug to the bottom of the ice-filled pale to get me a grape one.

Mike asking the age-old question: Ears in or out?

Christophe is apparently a huge ‘Frank the Tank’ fan. Google it, Bowker!

Colton needed a little more from the crowd.

The Chizz hosing out his helmet.

Just imagine some of the moto memories floating around in these two craniums. It’s mind boggling.

Christophe gets his pay and punches out for the day.

Tearing down the rig for another weekend.

We had no idea what this young girl was doing on the stage as we left but thought it was funny.

Hey Josh, give us a ride down to our van, would ya? No? OK, thanks…

This could be the most serious, deep-in-thought photo I have ever taken of anyone, let alone of Kourtney. Wow, lighten up, you two.

I just snapped this from the back of the side-by-side on the way down the hill. Thanks for a great weekend of racing, PGMA. Take a bow…and a day off!

See you at the races…