Faces at the Races | RED BUUUDDD!

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Billy Rainford and Emily Nicholson

With the break in the Canadian schedule still going, I decided DMX should make an appearance at at least one round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship in the USA.

And what better round to hit than the annual 4th of July party that is Red Bud.

It was sunny, hot, and humid, just like Red Bud is supposed to be. The track was perfect and looked like a lot of fun to race. However, that’s not what ‘Faces at the Races’ focuses on.

Here’s a look from around the grounds and the pits at RED BUUUDDD!

Dan Goheen is just happy to be at the races watching Mitch have fun on the race track.
“So, what are you wearing to Red Bud? Cargo shorts and a normal tee shirt? OK, let me see if I have either of those things…”
Some people just can’t handle Red Bud.
‘Merica! You knew that was coming.
Anyone remember the Joan Cusack role from ‘Sixteen Candles?’
Careful, Emily!
It was the 4th of July weekend, don’t forget.
“I’m outta here!”
Punks not dead! I’m not sure. actually.
“Hmm, what else do I have… Yep, throw that on there too!”
Not 100% sure what’s going on here. Did a rider throw this little guy his pants?
Par for the course.
I think his tattoo says, “Selfmade.”
Now that’s the way to get around Red Bud!
Now we’re talking!
I love how people act surprised when you point your camera at them.
Jordan Jarvis is doing good things for WMX.
Florida photog, Rob Koy. It’s hard to tell here, but we’re actually friends.
Marvin and Mathilde pre-moto.
I feel like I remember this deer from the MXON. No?
125 race podium: Justin Cokinos, Nick Wey, Luke Vonlinger.
The crowd went nuts for Dewitt, Michigan’s Nick Wey.
Nick appreciated the love.
Canadian #964 Mitch Goheen changing his clutch after the first qualifier.
Mitch and his dad, Dan Goheen, ready to race the consolation.
Hayden Halstead and his dad, Brent Halstead, on the line.
Joey Crown was back at the races and looked really good! He had some bad lick, unfortunately.
Scott’s John Knowles ready for everyone.
Joey Savatgy was in the 4th of July spirit.
A couple black and whites from the start line.
Our old buddy, Seth Rarick.
Kardy at work.
I don’t even know what this is about, but they sure yelled it at Jason Anderson.
Had a great conversation with Doug Dubach. It mostly revolved around my blaming him for bringing the 4-stroke era to Canada. He said he did it to America too. Haha. He also shared a few great memories from his day up in Canada.
Eli Tomac ready for some MXON redemption.
It’s good to have Aaron Plessinger back in the line-up.
Ken Roczen brought back the #1 shave setting.
Justin Bogle showed great speed at Red Bud, for sure.
Something was up with Henry Miller, here.
It’s also good to have Deano back at the races.
I’ll give you time to say cheese next time.
450’s went first this week and Eli ended up on top.
The rowdy Red Bud crowd absolutely loves Jason. They screamed “Team Fried” or “G Spot” the whole time.
Marvin is coming on strong as the season hit the halfway mark.
“Come on, Eli, sing it with me…” “Um, what?”
“How about you, Ken?” “Nope.”
Definitely the loudest podium of the series.
It was non-stop noise.
If anyone knows this guy, be sure he sees this perfect shot by Marvin.
You tell me!
Alex Martin was good at Red Bud, too.
Bird’s eye view.
There’s that boar’s head again.
They did this for every camera pointed their way.
Tomac fan.
It was important to stay hydrated.
Imagine the footage this guy captured.
Justin Cooper post-race.
Solid performance by RJ.
The crowd favourites were definitely Anderson and Adam Cianciarulo at Red Bud.
I like the little guy’s understated fist action.
It was crazy hot but nobody really mentioned it.
Dylan Ferrandis took 1-1 motos.
He was pretty pumped.
AC stoking the crowd.
Other grown ups kept trying to grab it, but AC made sure this little guy got it.
If you can’t hear “USA, USA…” when you look at this, you’re lucky because it’s all I’ve heard in my head since Saturday! lol
Just throw it in the back with the rest of the stuff. Only #1’s ride up front with Mitch.
We unwound in the Halstead’s pits while the crowd cleared out and then hit the road for home. Chalk that one up as another great MX roadtrip! Red BUUUDDDDD! See you at the races…