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By Billy Rainford

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‘Faces at the Races’ is late this week, sorry. I had to point the van toward home at some point! Anyway, here is our look at some of the people at the races just being themselves.

Let’s start off with a few from Saturday – the final race of the Women’s West MX Nationals. Parents always try to back out of the shots when I’m creeping around, but I got her!

Kate Lees was out of commission but that didn’t stop her from helping out with the races.

West Organizer Kristi Moore heading to tape the results up on the board.

Head Ref Paul Kingsley chatting with the rider who pushed Kevin Urqhart around the track all day Saturday, Rudi Zacsko Jr..

Jonah Brittons’ dad needed one of those old Alessi shirts that read, “Believe the Hype!” Jonah pulled off a 5th place in Regina.

The one-hour delay in the women’s program gave us time to watch the entire 2nd 450 moto from Tennessee in the Redemption pits.

Believe this hype, too! #170 Josh Gedak has taken over as the top Intermediate lately. His dad says he’s used to the sand from riding at Austin, MB. Let’s hope that’s enough for the 15-year-old at Gopher Dunes!

Batman took some time off from fighting crime to let the ladies know the 2nd moto was coming up.

This CAN’T have been by accident, can it?

“OK, so, assuming the bald guy gets out of the way…”

Danika White was a contender for both Most Improved Rider and Athlete of the Year. The other riders voted and she won the latter.

It’s risky to flash the Winnipeg symbol this deep in Roughrider territory!

I’m guessing we’ve seen the last of John Meaney until we head west for some Arenacross in the fall.

A classic case of the dropped E.

Even though they’re fierce competitors on the track, there’s still room for fist bumps afterward.

Shelby Turner and Andy White from FXR.

They say repeating as champion is harder than winning it the first time. How tough does that make the 3rd time?!

14-year-old Lexi Dyekman came up from Montana and snagged a very solid 3rd place. We may see her challenge for this title in 2018.

Cole Thompson signing a poster for a young fan. Cole is off to Costa Rica again this weekend to race their Nationals.

Nate got picked up by the Rocky Mountain team in the USA. Good luck, Nate.

Davey Fraser couldn’t quite put his finger on what this look was saying.

Dillan and Ryan loving their posters from Calgary.

Mike Alessi chatting with a few young fans.

Setting up an approach shot.

Jake Lyon from California did not have the weekend in Regina he was hoping for.

Matt Bannon was holding down the fort in the GDR pit last weekend.

“Thanks, Frenchie, but I’ve got it.”

Daryl Murphy showing his line choice using some bent up imaginary bars, apparently.

Keylan Meston checks to see if he has time for this.


Pre-race nerves are always tamed by a hug.

Team Wright.

Teren Gerber gives the kids what they want.

Truthfully, they probably would have preferred Cole’s goggles!

Proving once again that it’s lonely at the top.

Kevin wasn’t happy with his previous week’s tongue out photo, so…

“I hope this day goes well!”

“Why would I jinx myself like that?!”

Checking out some MX2 action from the Huber Deck.

Hey, Dave, you get any good shots last week? Nobody will ever know…

Rockstar VIP section.

It was great to see Blair Morgan enjoying some racing action. I didn’t speak with him this year because I have a weird feeling I creeped him out last time.

It was great to see Dylan Wright smiling last week. Corner…turned.

Matt Goerke suffered a heart-breaker last week in Regina when a rock knocked his chain off with 2 corners to go while leading. Ouch!

Jess Pettis finished 4th in the 1st moto with a broken collarbone. He headed off to the hospital and missed the 2nd, but that’s an impressive ride! It’s been plated and screwed and now he’s on the mend.

Cole and Chloe after a 1-1 day.

Shawn and Robyn after a 16-2 day.

Dillan Epstein was really emotional after he came from last to 3rd in the second moto and needed some time to himself.

Of course, in true TMZ fashion, I looked for the ‘crying shot.’

I had to look for Christophe Pourcel, too.

These guys have pretty much seen everything in moto, except Mike’s stomach…Check.

Thanks for looking. See you at the races…