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By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey, Emily Nicholson, and Billy Rainford

‘Faces at the Races’ is brought to you by Race Tech.

It’s always with mixed emotions that we enter the final round of our Pro series. It’s exciting that we are on the verge of crowning a couple champions, but a little depressing that it means the end of yet another season of Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. Now what?

Thank you to everyone who helped make this the most successful year around here at Direct Motocross. Whenever I’m asked what my favourite part of this job is, I immediately say ‘Faces at the Races.’ Well, this is the final installment of the series. Yes, we’ll always find more races to attend and Canadian racers to follow, so, like it or not, Faces will continue!

Here’s a look at some of the things we saw fit to point our cameras at this past weekend.

OK, let’s get going, already. Kourtney Lloyd can hardly wait! (And points to James Lissimore for accidentally photo bombing)

Saturday was a big day for Austin Watling as it marked the day before he got his feet wet in the Pro/Am MX2 class.

He would do so beside #146 Marco Cannella who was on the same schedule.

Mitch Goheen doesn’t like to let things go. Check out that shirt!

Lining the fence for some Intermediate action.

Sylvain Brodeur gives Eve some sound advice.

Scott Jeffery is one of the key ingredients in the Redemption Racing pie.

Mike Smith proves he’s still got it?

Don’t worry, Cade Clason. I deleted that photo you took.

But not before you ‘Wiebe’d’ it to Jeff.

Claudie Lapointe was actually in a multi-gate-drop race here when she pulled over to cheer on Tanner Ward and Conner Mullennix. I even saw her ride back onto the track from somewhere in the pits at one point! That’s not how we win races, Claudie.

The neck tat matches the drapes…

Sam Cannella the day before his son races his first big Pro event.

So that’s what Brock Kelly looks like. Man, I’m still upset I didn’t snap the shot when he absolutely crushed a berm standing up!

The Carlsons checking out a late-afternoon Intermediate race from turn 1.

Greg Poisson and Jeff cruising the pits looking cool.

Jeff pulled out the big gun for this job. OK, I’ll admit it, that’s my little traveling hammer.

Lisa Snider and Claudie Lapointe.

Kennedy Lutz on the final day of Women’s East competition.

Casey and Kevin both doing their best impression of Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club.(Google it, Bowker!)

Julien trying to run a clean ship over at the PRMX pit.

“I thought you said double, double! You wanted tea???”

Jeremy Pronovost ended the season pretty strong even though he had to race his practice bike.

When have you ever seen Ernie empty-handed? Never, that’s when.

If you look closely, you’ll find all the lyrics to “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge…

Now all I can think about is if Tyler actually had that song blaring on his fancy car’s stereo. Is everyone over 40 singing along?

Ryan Lalonde signed up for both classes again at RJ’s.

Fast young guys: Cannella, Gaynor, and Zecca. Shouldn’t you kids be at Walton? Oh, wait…

Careful, Stu, that looks like a load bearing junction there!

Loaded up and ready for battle. Pull the outside one first…

JC Bujold rocking out to some Sister Sledge too. Too much Sister Sledge?

Eve was happy with her solid finish to the series.

Kennedy Lutz sees dead people…

That’s more like it.

Leah Clarke trying to remember the lyrics to Winchester Cathedral… (Google that too, Bowker!)

She’s got ’em!

Darn good thing she was out of bullets here.

Great job on organizing the series, Leah. And nice riding, Kennedy. Someone will need to step up to the plate for next year.

John Dowd, Mark Stallybrass, and Andy White walk into a bar…

That should be enough to get you halfway back to Victoria, BC, Darcy Lalonde.

Someone either return Paul Kingsley’s glasses or show him how to make the print bigger on his phone.

“Ok, Paul, go into your settings…no, it’s on the main screen…just…where are your glasses??”

Jeremy Medaglia has his health issues under control and it showed on the track at the final round. He just missed the podium!

Not sure if even Derrick Medaglia would take this bet!

Thanks for laughing, Daryl Murphy. They can’t all be home runs!

That’s your 2017 ‘Most Improved Rider’ Brock Leitner right there.

I saw Emilie-Jade Leveille on the track taking photos. Uh oh, I hope her 1980’s trivia game is weaker than mine!

#288 Conner Mullennix was up from San Diego and said he loved it in Canada.He’s even down with the whole Tim Hortons’ craze.

I didn’t think Cade could go right. That’s some impressively ambidextrous Blue Steel-ing!

Steve Simms was a popular Sears Catalog model in a previous life.


Robin Hutchinson is out of action for a little while.

Nothing says Canada like a Tim Hortons coffee and a bottle of Castrol.

Hometown boy, #40 Taylor Ciampichini.

You’d have assumed Kyle Chisholm wouldn’t have been able to race after that scary crash in practice, then he goes out and almost podiums.

Thanks to FXR and everyone who took the time to sign this jersey for injured rider, Mike Beaudin.

#27 Westen Wrozyna and Maff talk about gate choice.

Pro race day #1 for Marco.

Any guesses what Mike and Jacob are looking at here?

Jeremy and Mike Brown lining up beside each other.

Riders start your engines…spectators crush your data.

Rick and Brock checking out the hot gate as the MX2 class gets set to go.

“I’ll catch the final moto. ZZzzzz….”

FXR’s Dawn McClintock.

It was ‘Bring Your Family to Work Day’ at RJ’s.

“How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Two. You’re holding two fingers up!”

Sam Cannella went from mild-mannered amateur dad on Saturday to full-fledged Pro team guy on Sunday.

Zeb Dennis will be busy this weekend at the first annual Motopark Huckabucka Slam this weekend.

Always great to see both Medaglia brothers at the race track.

Mike Parliament and Jesse Wentland looking forward to a good day together.

Mike and Dillan waiting for their moto.

Josh Cox helping out #32 Eric Jeffery.

Christophe getting ready for an enduro event? (Goggles on the jaw reference)

Stephan Watling working in the GDR pits.

Josh isn’t around as much these days, so here’s another.

Motocrosser by summer, hockey goalie by winter – Sam Gaynor.

Shout out to Michael Fowler who still raced the last two rounds after his father passed away. A moto dad all the way, it’s exactly how he would have wanted it.

Go time.

Michelle and Brent Halstead get ready to send Hayden off.

Kevin could be the hardest working guy on race day.

“One more moto…one more moto…”

Dave Bell is the voice of the Walton TransCan. He found himself with some spare time, so he helped out with some flagging. I didn’t hear the rooster once!

Classic dripping water shot.

Maff wins.

Colton Facciotti still has it.

These guys kept it interesting at the final round.

Mike Brown. I’ve got nothing sarcastic or silly to say here.

Hey, remember Frankie?

Kyle Chisholm asking Mick to cut him.

Happy Maff mom.

Jackie Maffenbeier capturing the entire thing.

“Did dad win?”

Front row for some swag.

Time to relax, guys.

Andre Laurin feels some weight lifted off his shoulders too.

We aren’t exactly sure what the future holds for Mark Stallybrass at this time. It will be an interesting time as we move toward next season because we all know Mark won’t go down without a fight.

Hey, Christophe. If you come back next year, we’re having every race at Gopher Dunes!

All you need to know is that it wasn’t a motocross accident.

Factory Connection’s Mike Haist.

OK, that’s going to do it for this edition. I didn’t make it to the banquet. Anyone have any stories for me? Hahaha I’m totally kidding. I’ve heard more than enough! Donk says, “See you at the races…”