Faces at the Races | Rockstar Triple Crown | Calgary – Round 1

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It’s time to have a look at the people and sights that happened off the track at round 1 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Wild Rose in Calgary, AB.

These aren’t action shots. No, these are shots that I take where sometimes the captions write themselves immediately. Our sport is filled with great people and unique characters. My goal each week is to try and capture moments that show this…and them make a sarcastic comment to go with it!

Here’s our first ‘Faces at the Races‘ column of the summer.

OK, let’s start with this sweet 2-banger the Monster Kawasaki gang had on display. I’d pay to watch Mike Alessi rip this thing around Deschambault!

Justin Thompson was getting his hands dirty…figuratively, at least.

“Greeeeeeaaasy Jungle…” Anyone? Anyone?

If you want something done artistically to perfection, ask Jason Moore from Fox Racing Canada.

Laurie Waddell doing his best Kyle Patton impression by drilling holes in Wyatt’s side plates. Still a reference, people!

I caught Keylan Meston going over the numbers. Pull holeshot…check. Run with the big boys the entire moto…check. Cry inside my helmet…check. Give the best podium speech we’ve seen in years…double check.

#35 Jonah Brittons at the riders’ meeting.

John Meeny loaded and ready to go for the day.

“I wonder if there’s a better way to eat this with one hand…?”

Getting a good sniff of the double-double first thing in the morning. I’m not sure how Dillan Epstein takes his Timmy’s, actually.

JT welcomes everyone to the new series. He said something about bringing sexy back, but I wasn’t listening…

Brett Lee and Dave MacGregor could spin a few Canadian Moto yarns.

Kaven listening intently…

Tanner Ward ready to battle for top rookie honours.

The Club MX Redemption Racing squad.

What’s Mike doing in there? He’s always up to something.

I told you joey Crown was going to be fast, even though he’s still not 100%.

Kave’s dad told me that Kaven once won the Montreal Supercross without the use of a thumb! “He’s tough,” he said.

You knew I was coming back to Matt. Someone slapped his eggs between two pieces of bread for him .

Shawn Meanenmugger. And that’s our new buddy Jim Edgar beside him. Not Robin…

Tyler Medaglia stretching out the glutes.

I think it’s Mitch Baywatch!

Jason Benny is pumped to be out west for the first time to hit the entire series.

Last time I saw Yannick Boucher, it was only slightly colder at the Winter X Games in Aspen than this Calgary morning!

Can you imagine racing at the top level of your sport in the entire country and being THIS dominant? That’s got to be fun.

Paul Kingsley goes over the rules.

Marco Cannella was the top rookie in Calgary.

Kevin Tyler gives me “Look #3” in his handbook.

Hayden Halstead sides with 2 Pak… Wait, I’m not sure if that extended thumb should be in there.

Kevin Thompson, would it kill you to pretend you like me for just a second, like Andy White did?!

Mike Brown lurked on the fringe during the meeting. Or maybe he was just first in line for a cheeseburger.

I know that look. It means he’s given me all the 100% swag he’s going to for this summer.

Greg Small still loves to be at the races.

Casey Keast ready to get the season going. Did you know he’s got pythons? No, I mean REAL pythons!

Parker Eales has got some of the best hair in Canadian Moto. He’d give Seth Rarick a run for his Herbal Essence!

I’ll be honest, I still don’t know if you say “Teese” or “See.”

Brittany Gagne would out lift you, no questions asked.

When you travel to as many races as Nicole Gaudern does, you perfect the standing nap.

Ready to race on Pro Day for the first time in a few years.

Scotty Miller with his catalog shot.

No, wait, this one is there old school catalog pointing shot. Anyone out there even remember Sears catalogs?

Lexi Pechout and Jeff McConkey before Women’s moto 1.

“Seriously, did I leave the oven on in the RV?”

Daryl Murphy gets the transponders going.

It’s just a big lens, Sam Puky, not a rifle!

I’m old. I guess Sun In is back.

Les Quebeccers.

Justin Roney is on the list of fastest mechanics at the races.

Go ahead and ask Kevin Urqhart what his claim to fame at the Canadian races is from, ohh, lets’ say 2012…

8 seconds, Hayden…

Josh Snider showing Joey the latest post on Direct Motocross. It’s worth the data.

Wyatt Waddell taking a risk raising his arm above his head.

I took photos of Craig Randell when he propopsed to his wife at Walton back in 2009. He and his son, #70 Jonah Randell, are one of the cool stories from round 1.

You’re lucky I forget what you were Googling here, Derek Schuster. All I remember is that this caption wrote itself and now I can’t remember it! Help me out, Kourtney Lloyd.

Kenny Lutz tried to hide on me. I told him I could still see stomach and knee caps.




Kassee Morrison getting herself in the zone.

If last Saturday was any indication, get ready to see a lot of this this summer.

Cade Clason keeping things casual before his race.

Jared Petruska threw the best whip of the weekend. He was fully crossed up and went with a no-footer. Yep, I missed it.

“Does this fanny pack make my ass look big?”

Some Canadian Moto firepower.

How many more times can we see this? Enjoy seeing a legend like Mike at our races while you can.

Matt Deroy prepping Kaven’s cement start gate.

And away we go!

Mike from Golden Tyre.

How mint is this?!

I totally forgot to use this for the lead photo on the Whip Contest post.

Positivity goes a long way.

The classic relax with the breathe body English pit board.

Kevin trying to inspire Casey.

Oh snap, what did we just start?

Colton was so far out front that Justin missed his with the board on one lap.

Josh revving Matt up.

Steve Beattie trying to get Cole through a difficult 2nd moto.

I wish I had dreams like this, but mine are usually of my bike bogging and going over the bars.

Jess Pettis goes 1-1.

Matt Crown looks pretty content with Joey’s effort.

Joey takes the stage.

Is Jess trying to go for a 4th ‘Most Improved Rider’ award?

CT heading to the line.

Hey, Cade, remember when you said you were getting too old?

Mike working in a new do.

Matt, you forgot your helmet!

Ready for anything.

Happily heading to pick their gates.

Al Dyck is one of those names that is deeply seated in Canadian Motocross lore.

Let’s just say the day ran a little long at round 1…

Mike getting the tire ready for take off.

Al, if you’re looking for Kaven, he’s still on the line…

You ever been to one of those races where Colton Facciotti just walks away from everyone and makes it look too easy? Well…

Dillan Epstein took a DNF in moto 1 but came back for a solid 2nd in moto2.

He was pretty pumped to show that he can run at the front.

Tyler Medaglia takes the stage in 3rd.

Colton made this look way too easy. It was pretty strange. It will be interesting to see if he can back it up this week.

He even gave one lucky fan his Atlas Brace!

Remember the name Rylan Bly. He’ll be the yellow-plated #245 ripping it up this week.

Ryder McNabb and his two little brothers taking the stage on Sunday.

Justin capturing the moment.

Mini Nemeth was hilarious goofing around on the line before his moto.

Classic Calgary shot.

Jeffery Thompson working it.

Time to go…

OK, Drew Roberts, how about THIS week you MTB the Popkum track with me at the end of the day for the Strava profile? It will definitely be an easier ride than Wild Rose!

See everyone in a few days! Maybe this little character’s first words will be, “See you at the races…”