Faces at the Races | Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour | Popkum – Round 2

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It’s time to take the helmets off and have some fun with my favourite column of the week. I’m not, technically, a photographer, per se. I’m more of a captioner, by trade. (I went to Western for 6 years and came away with nothing but the skills to write snotty captions for moto photos.) Sure, I get lucky sometimes because every dog has his day, but I’m no Lissimore or Cudby.

Faces at the Races‘ is the time to goof around and have some fun…at your expense! There is never any harm meant in these comments, just bench racing and lighthearted mockery, but nobody is safe!

So, unless you’d like more ado, here’s our Faces column from Round 2 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Popkum Motor Park in Chilliwack, BC.

Let’s get this baby rolling with and artsy power wash photo. Nice work, Jimmy, it looks great.

On Friday afternoon, I was invited to head up in a Sky Helocopter by Al Dyck. Thanks Al.

Here’s Matt Koeleman of RTBA Films new profile photo. But wait, Matt, I have more…

Team rider #9 Cade Clason gets his face time.

I actually went up with Cade and Jared Petruska, thinking I might do an interview with them while flying. You ever try to do that in a helicopter? Ya, it didn’t happen.

While we were up there, we completely missed Tyler Gibbs win the Shift Holeshot Challenge. James said it would last 2-3 hours! 45 minutes and it was all over.

Someone dusted Kyle Beaton off for the races and he finished 2nd.

Dylan Delaplace decided to come out and race Popkum. He’ll be back to his mechanic’s duties this week in The Peege.

Young upstart Michael Earle will be taking care of the action shots for DMX this weekend. No pressure, Clay…er, I mean, Michael.

Paul Kinglsey running another riders meeting.

I wonder what’s on Dillan’s play list?

It was Jared’s birthday on Saturday. You can tell by that big smile on his face…

Kyle Keast is that guy who stands facing everyone on an elevator. Sometimes, it just fun to make people feel awkward.

That’s what the fast Intermediate rider, Ryaln Bly, looks like in profile.

I rarely get a normal smile from Summer Knowles. She must have turned over a new leaf.

Keylan Meston makes a grand entrance or lies about a fish he caught. I’m not sure, maybe both.

Scott Poniuk was all smiles at seeing his dream of hosting a national come true. I hear he also stepped up to the mic for the live stream.

I snuck up on young Mitchell Bradbury as he got set to line up with the big guys.

Kyle Thompson is going to get a lot more lines on his face after this year. I seem to call him with every question I have.

Staying calm as Brittany Gagne was about to go out and have her best battle in a while.


Rachel Springman and Summer.

I don’t usually capture a smile from Mariah Gauthier, so this is a rare race day sighting.

On the other hand…4 fingers and a thumb.

Danika White is always super-pumped to be at the races.

Punks not dead…was the debut album by The Exploited. Man, that’s a great album, unless you’re a country fan, in which case,  you really wouldn’t like it.

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here but I like it.

I’ve used my ‘Better Off Dead’ quote far too many times, but Booger’s words are as true today as they were back then.

Janelle Bartlett had to know this one would be in here.

I’m not sure how you’d spell it, but I think, “Wah Wah Wah Wahhhh…” fits here.

But Dominique didn’t care!

Dillan is killing it, so far in this column!

Remember the nervous guy from Deliverance? Ya, you do, it was Jon Voight. Did you know he’s Angelina Jolie’s dad? Wow, this caption took an odd turn…

Steve Simms is the go to guy over at the Yamaha team. Please address any and all questions to him. He’ll love that.

“Ah, yes, hello. My name is Doug Pettis. My son is the one winning every week. Nice to meet you.”

Kennedy will be back to her winning ways in PG this week. She had fun racing the legend, Tara Gieger, last week.

3 shots of Summer smiling. Wow, a new summer record! See what I did there? PS I think someone shops the T-shirt isle at the Goodwill. Oh snap!

Thanks, ladies, that WAS a good one!

Tamala Whiteside gets some love after coming 5th overall.

Danika gets some too.

Camille Bunko in the house!

Remember when Tara Gieger raced for Puerto RIco at the MXON at Budd’s Creek back in 2007? Or was it Thunder Valley…

I’m gonna go ahead and use, “Wah, wah, wah, wahhhh” again here. I think that was the short end of the crash with Dominique stick.

Let’s ask #731 Stephen Vuckson from Salem, Indiana how much he’s loving the west when we see him in PG this week. Salem is like Springfield – there’s one in every state!

That’s Gabe Elmore, for those of you who were wondering who got 25th last week.

Wasn’t he just racing a PW50? They grow up so darn fast, says grandpa.

Putting on the game face in #614 Nathan Simpson’s absence.

Holding onto local guy Rhys Derksen’s Honda before a moto.

I’ll go with, “What would you get if Blake Baggett and James Hetfield had a child” for $500 please, Alex.

Marcus Deausy down from 100 Mile House.

Rylan Bly was the top Intermediate again at round 2. This kid has some potential. I hope he’s heading east to line up against Tricco and Gaynor at Walton!

It’s Jason Benny’s week for the Frid’Eh Update this week. Man, he’s getting a lot of play on DMX lately.

Another Intermediate with a ton of potential is Tyler Gibbs.

Jonah Brittons suffered a mechanical at Popkum so he’ll be looking for a strong rebound week at his hometown track in PG.

I wonder if Casey Keast has caught wind of the fact that Parker Eales gave him 2nd best hair in Canadian Moto honours?

I basically barged into Teren Gerber’s RV last week looking for an interview but he wasn’t in there. Thanks for being so nice, gang.

Tanner Ward gives us full access to the pearly whites for this smile shot.

Nope, this wasn’t staged at all. I walked up and Marco Cannella couldn’t stop running his hands through his own hair. True story.

That’s a keeper. Nice one, Matt Crown.

Shawn, maybe Justin Roney would like to have an actual nice one for his wall!

I can hear John Roney saying “Thank you” from all the way back in London, Ontario.

The manager at the McDonald’s when I was growing up changed his name from something European to Mark Smith. Not the same, but you just never know what’s rattling around in my brain when I do these things.

I have nothing goofy to say here. I like this one of Josh Osby too much.

Chad Saultz catches my eye out on the track every week. The Illinois rider is one good moto away from turning some heads.

Wyatt Waddell is still nursing a loose shoulder joint, but made it through OK at Popkum. Gopher Dunes? I’m not so sure.

That’s the other Elmore, Daniel, from Telkwa, BC. And that’s some very effective hand guard sponsor placement! I just made you say “Underwear!” no, I mean, “Midway Service.”

No joy for Jonah Randell again this week. Not sure if he and his dad will be in PG this week though.

None for #259 Bailey Garrison either, but he’s from PG so I’m guessing we’ll see him make the motos this week.

If you weren’t there for Steve’s rendition of Oh Canada on Sunday, you really missed out.

Up at the top of the list for one of my faves from Popkum. I’m just waiting for Allison Kennedy Davies approval…

If you bet against Jess Pettis at the first two rounds and lost, keep in mind we’re heading to his home town this week. Don’t be a three-time loser!

“Did I leave the oven on in Kenny Lutz’s RV?”

Randi “Soon-To-Be Lockhart” Ormond.

I’m gonna guess Alan Brown is checking the live timing from Thunder Valley here.

Gerhart Huber’s new profile pic? Look at that massive camcorder in the background. That’s impressive.

Let’s all check Sonya Robinson’s Facebook page tomorrow…

Maff takes the stage in 2nd place. Actually, this was moto 1, but he got 2nd overall.

He took some solid roost in the knuckle. Remember when gloves actually thought of this and had a little protection? What happened?

It may have looked like a walk in the park on the outside for Colton Faciotti, but here’s proof he was jogging in the park.

How posh of Matt Goerke to go with a little pinky raise here.

If looks could kill, I don’t think I’d have made it out of 2009…


Mike Alessi heading up.

Vince Friese made an appearance at Popkum. You knew he wouldn’t take a vacation in Quebec…

If you’re carrying a dog this small, you’re getting in.

Daryl Murphy getting the starting gate sorted.

Josh squared.

Tanner Ward pulled both holeshots. Did he buy dinner? Thanks for the call.

Scott Delaplace is on the Larry train and so is Seven, apparently.

Brad McLean is one of the suits over at Atlas Brace.

#71 Tommy Dellaire is a long way from home back in Quebec.

They were calling Nicole Gaudern, “Gergon,” over the mic and I kept thinking a Godzilla nemesis was approaching from the sea! “Ahhhh, everybody run. Here come the Gergon!!!!”

Caught Mike in a rather contemplative moment.

Hey, Keylan, yes, you did great in Calgary, but you didn’t have to give everyone a head start like that.

Ryan Lockhart was the brains behind getting Jake Nicholls over for that round. Did you see the video clip we posted of Ryan getting it done in the Sunday slop? He was on it!

#39 Eric Jeffery staying pretty calm before a moto.

Classic Clason concentration. Say that 10 times fast.

You did, didn’t you?!

#645 Cheyenne Harmon is still here and ready to make it happen.

Hey, Jamey Keast, do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?

Wait for it….BOOM!

Did you listen to our Jake Nicholls podcast? Everything sounds better with an Ipswich accent.

Striking a pose.

He’s broken 42 bones and came all the way from England. He gets two.

Just like an English accent, sometimes, black and white is just the ticket to make something better.

I’ve actually reached the end! Now what am I gonna do? Thanks for looking, everyone. See you in The Peege!

Enjoy the scenery this week, because you won’t see anything close to Mount Baker in Minnedosa, I guarantee that. See you at the races…