Faces at the Races | Sarnia Arenacross

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It’s time for our look at the people behind the scenes and off the track at the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Tour Round 4 in Sarnia, Ontario.

“Hey, good looking, I’ll be back to pick you up later!” Anyone? Anyone? Google it, Bowker!

Kyle Brown preps his goggles for a moto.

I already posted a few of these, but…

Daryl Murphy manned the board for the amateur races.

Tyler Spikman will line up for the Paris to Ancaster bike race soon.

Tanner and Jeff Ward.

Are we keeping you up, Jason Benny?

Colton Facciotti found this big rock in the track so Jeffery Thompson dug it out.

#243 Eric Schildt walking the track.

Maff getting focused.

Michael Fowler getting a little rubdown.

How many dudes does it take to set Davey Fraser’s holeshot device? The answer is 3, if you count Davey.

Michael King is helping Tanner Ward out.

Hey, you two…ah, forget it…

Keylan Meston having a good time, before the LCQ…

The Pit Party was a huge hit again this weekend.

I can never get a smile out of Shawn. The count is now 1.

Apparently, Disco Stu DOES advertise. Google that, too, if you need to.

The man behind the Huber Motorsports team, Gerhart Huber.

Steve Simms rode at Gopher Dunes this afternoon and I forgot to take a photo.

A fan gets a poster from Tyler Medaglia.

Marco Cannella getting used to this Pro stuff.

Kevin Tyler will have both Marco and Jess Pettis in Barrie this week.

If you look up “Joy” in the dictionary, there may just be this photo of Taylor Ciampichini.

Team Barrett.

Nathan Bles raises turkeys not chickens. OK, I’ll remember now.

Hmm, I sort of missed the settings on this one.

That’s better.

Colton Facciotti wheelies out for the crowd.

Cole Thompson is from only 15 minutes outside Sarnia.

Marco and Andreas getting set.

Tanner watches the start of Heat 1 to figure out where he wants to line up.

Maff talks with the guys in the live broadcast booth.

Everyone can use a helping hand once in a while.

Riley Clapp’s goggle tosses were great. Turns out, he’s a southpaw.

Check it out in Barrie. Marco is getting really good at his podium speeches.

Yep, I just did an impression of Sean Bowker doing his Borat impression. Admit it, you did too.

Mark and Nolan Booker.

Shawn almost dabs.

Cole thanks the huge crowd for the support after his win.

100% traction everywhere but here.

Hugs for Tyler.

That feels good.

Matt Goerke takes the stage in 2nd place. He hates that.

Brothers Kyle and Cole Thompson talk about another win.

Take a bow, Tanner…oh, and “See you at the races…”