Frid’Eh Update #1 Presented by Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech.

Welcome to Week #1 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update presented by Race Tech.

With the new scoring and career numbering system we don’t really have a #1 rider in 2020. With that in mind, it gives me free reign to do whatever I want!

We’re having a really strange, warm early winter in the Southwestern Ontario area. In fact, Gopher Dunes is actually open for riding today in Courtland! Crazy!

I figured I’d head over that way and see if I can’t get a few photos and some video.

OK, I’ve now been here for a couple hours and there were a few people out on the track taking advantage of these rare conditions.

Let’s have a look…

Hard to believe it was 7 degrees Celsius and Gopher Dunes was open! That’s Colton Facciotti loading up after a day of riding with Keagan.
New Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team rider Tanner Ward was breaking in a new bike.
I think we all felt the same way about being able to ride at this time of the year in Ontario.

Here are a few shots. I don’t know everyone’s name, so I won’t label any of them.

Wyatt Kerr looked good and was on a new colour. (I lied about not captioning any of them.)
I did a video interview with #317 Cooper Larche but the wifi here in the Gopher Dunes pro shop is a little too slow to have it ready to post here.
If it stays warm, be sure to check with the Gopher Dunes social media pages, they may just open the track again!

I shot a bunch of video, too, so I’ll get to work on that when I get home to some high speed internet.

OK, Kerri Schuster is giving me that look that says she’d like to close the shop and go home. They’re also doing their annual inventory, so I’m definitely NOT going to rock the boat!

Enjoy A1 tomorrow night! It sounds like the NBC Gold Supercross deal is only available south of the border, but the Supercross Live option should work for those of us north of the border who don’t want to go through a VPN.

We’ll return with Update #2 next Friday.

London Fire Captain Jeff May says, “See you at the races…crossing up!” | Bigwave 1984 photo