Frid’Eh Update #10 Presented by Husqvarna Canada

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #10 belongs to Calgary, Alberta, racer, Keylan Meston. | John Meaney photo

Welcome to Week #10 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Husqvarna Canada. If you’re an MX1 racer, you want to be featured in any week in the top 10. Being able to say you were a Top 10 racer in thec ountry is something you can rest your hat on for the rest of your life, and Keylan Meston has done it on more than one occasion now.

Keylan is the rider who has made a name for himself by working hard and letting his riding do the talking on the track. You never hear excuses, and you always get what you pay for with him.

What a lot of people may not know is that Keylan is also one of the characters on the circuit. All you have to do is start talking to him and you’ll soon learn he’s got quick wit and enjoys a good laugh.

He’s been living in California with his Carlson Racing teammate, Davey Fraser, and defending MX2 champion, Shawn Maffenbeier. He came back to Canada a couple weeks ago to race round 1 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown series in Abbotsford, BC.

We got in touch with him for a quick interview for this intro.

Here’s what’s up with Keylan. | John Meaney photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Keylan. We just saw you recently out in California but let’s ask you a few questions here. Let’s go back to last summer. Can you take us through how your summer went? What were your highs and lows?

Keylan Meston: Well, it was shaping up to be a good 2017, but, unfortunately, my teammate, (and the backbone to all the plans for the season), Shawn Robinson, got hurt and was not [able] to follow the series so I had to rework a lot of things to make it to the races — which I had completely understood and did not hold any grudge over. But still made it happen!

Ended up getting hurt at round 1 and got ran over by Colt (Facciotti). I state who it was because it became an ongoing joke with the GDR crew. Reason being is that it bruised my tail bone so bad that sometimes even to this day it hurts. I had to sit on a jacket while I worked over the winter. I was too cheap to buy a donut. That nagging injury made it a little tough last year, but, whatever, life goes on.

I think my perseverance with a lot of other challenges in 2017 put me in a very good place for 2018 with the Carlson’s and International Motorsports and a lot of my other longtime sponsors like Motovan, Race Tech, Mobius and Oakley!

Do you have a favourite track on our circuit?

Ulverton, bring back that circuit, please!

Watch for Keylan at round 2 and 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown in Calgary next week. | John Meaney photo

Do you have any thoughts on the new series? Does it make a big difference to you as a racer?

Well, I’m optimistic! There are some things that are a little frustrating and they have bitten off a lot to chew but I feel like they are young, eager and quick learners, and things will snowball into something great! Aside from the conditions at Round 1, how cool was it that we did a press conference, TV promos, and there’s a grand prize purse?! I think that was lacking in past years. That is what the sport needed, more showmanship!

Tell is how the deal with Carlson Racing came up? What is the biggest thing this will mean for your season?

Well, it’s Trevor and Brent Carlson and I got to know them over the later course of last year. They saw how hard I was working but not getting much return from it. They really felt for me, and I’m glad this is where I landed. My passion is not necessarily to win races, championships or be a superstar, I just want to race and see where my potential takes me and they want to see guys go racing while they still can! Sharing a very similar passion for the sport.

The series is underway now. Take us through that muddy first round in Abbotsford. Was it as bad as it looked?

I washed my bike for 3 hours on Sunday.

You looked solid leading your heat for a while. How did that feel with Colton Facciotti on your tail?

It was good to show him my sore butt. He put us in our place in the main, though!

What have you been doing since round 1? Have you found an AX track to ride?

Just been motoing in SoCal with all the boys: Maff, Davey, Graham Scott, Alex Haley and the Bulldog MX boys.

Calgary is your home town. Does this bring any added pressure? What are your expectations for the next two rounds?

No, just excited to put on a show for all my friends and family!

Here’s your chance to get to know the Calgarian a little better. | Bigwave photo

OK, it’s time for the speed round:

Band? Mt. Joy

Music? Alternative and Country

Movie? Seabiscuit

TV show? Black Mirror

Instagram or Twitter? Instagram

Pre-race superstition? Left brace before right and right boot before left.

Last thing you binge-watched on Netflix? Shameless

Fast food joint? Rubios

Keylan has found a home on the Carlson Racing team for 2018. Thanks for the chat. | Bigwave photo

OK, good luck in Calgary and we’ll see you there. Who would you like to thank?  

Well, first thing is my parents, can’t believe they’ve believed in me this long but still taught me about all other aspects of life away from racing. My girlfriend for staying with me, I’m not sure why sometimes. My sister for giving me a different outlook on life. All my great friends and people I’m surrounded by. And the Carlson’s for giving me a chance and hope to put their name up there on the scoreboard! And all the sponsors I stated above!

Presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada and the new Factory Racing collection.


Happy Friday, everyone.

Daytona Supercross

Daytona is here. Ricky Carmichael used to say the SX season didn’t really start until Daytona. Well, it’s upon us and it’s crunch time in both classes.

In the 450 class, Jason Anderson has a very healthy 42-point lead over Marvin Musquin, and a whopping 70 over heavy pre-season favourite Eli Tomac. 42 points over second place is huge, but as we have seen so far in the 450 class, nobody is safe from injury. That has to be the biggest story of the season.

I really can’t remember a season where we have lost so many top guys, and still have had so much talent that the racing has still been great. It seems like every weekend there is more bad news that we have lost another star rider. Thank goodness the sport is very deep with young and old talent and the show continues.

Heading into to Daytona, anything can happen. The weather could be a factor, and just the pure nastiness of the track can be a huge factor for many. You see, with Daytona you can pretty much throw away any real SX settings as it honestly doesn’t resemble any traditional SX tracks. More times than not, guys who are stronger in outdoors seem to shine. Jeremy Martin was a stud last Daytona, and guys like Blake Baggett are licking their chops.

Daytona should be an exciting round like always, so here are my predicitions.


450 Class


1st Eli Tomac

2nd Blake Baggett

3rd Marvin Musquin

4th Jason Anderson

5th Cooper Webb

Eli Tomac should win this week in Daytona. | Bigwave photo

In the 250 East class, there has been a lot of carnage. At the open, it almost looked like a demolition derby — guys forgot how to pass, so they tried to go through people instead. Thankfully, we didn’t lose too many top guys, and we still have a pretty close title fight.

Zach Osborne and Austin Forkner escaped what could have been serious injury in Atlanta, and now only have 2 points separating the two in the championship fight. There was a scary moment when the two were fighting for the lead. Forkner jumped over on Osborne, causing Zach to jump/land into the rear of Austin’s bike. Zach went down and luckily was able to remount very fast and still salvage a great finish. I expect Zach to let Austin know he hasn’t forgotten the incident that could have ruined his season. Don’t be surprised if some paint is swapped throughout the day or night as racers don’t forget.

Very sad that Dylan Ferrandis had such a big get off. I really think he was ready to reel off some wins. Let’s hope he is back sooner than later. Here are my Daytona predictions.


250 East


1st Zach Osborne

2nd RJ Hampshire

3rd Austin Forkner

4th Martin Davalos

5th Jimmy Decotis

Zach Osborne will snag the win this week. | Bigwave photo

Exciting Canadian news, our multi-time champion Colton Facciotti will be lining up in Daytona. Can you believe that Colt has never raced this event. Well, Colton is a super-talented racer with more experience and knowledge than most. I think he will easily make the main and I honestly think he can be within the top 10. With Daytona being an outdoors type of track, Colt should put the #100 inside the top 10, around 7th or 8th.

How will Colton Facciotti do this week in Daytona? | Bigwave photo

Short week for me this time around. Have a great weekend, and #smileforBC, #liftwithscott, and #4estrella.



Thanks, Jeff. I’m goin to have to be short with the info here this week, as I’ve been running around the Daytona Speedway here. OK, I’ll be honest, I got pulled over for some trumped up “improper right turn” charge and got a $264 ticket on the way here! Brutal. I was stopped at the line and then went. Whatever…

Like Jeff mentioned, Colton is here racing, so that makes 2 Canadians to cheer for this week, including #179 Westen Wrozyna.

I grabbed them both for a quick video chat, so here those conversations are:

Westen Wrozyna

Here’s some video from Media Day here. The riders were able to ride the entire track today. Ricky Carmichael said there was a lot more sand brought in this year and that should make things even tougher than usual.

Here are a few photos from this afternoon:

Kris Booth will be putting together a few little video edits this weekend. Here he is chatting with Sylvain Brodeur.

We found a good group of Canadians in the pits. Eve Brodeur and Emilie-Jade Leveille will be racing the RC Amateur SX this week.

Derek Schuster was tasked with applying Colton’s graphics.

Colton has made a night show here before but they decided to sit out the muddy race. This would be his first Daytona and 450 main event, should he get in. #bucketlist

Colton’s pit here in Daytona.

Justin Petker getting Colton’s bike ready.

Westen Wrozyna chilling in the pits.

Chad Reed doing some press.

RC did a few laps with the boys.

Austin Forkner should be strong here too.

Eli Tomac.

Check out Christian Craig’s action cam cozy.

I liked it so much I named it twice…

Cooper Webb.

Tyler Bowers.

Blake Baggett should be high on your list this week.

RJ Hampshire.

Watch for young #199 Ryder DiFrancesco Sunday and Monday.

Nice glisten.

Marvin Musquin will also be strong on this type of track.

Martin Davalos.

Benny Bloss.


OK, that will have to do it for this week. We’re going to head over to Palatka on Sunday to watch Kaven Benoit race round 2 of the GNCC series, so be sure to check in with us from 1pm to4pm ET. Let’s see what he learned from doing the first round a couple weeks ago in South Carolina.

We’ll be in Palatka, Florida, Sunday to catch Kaven Benoit at round 2 of the GNCC series. | Bigwave photo

Have a great weekend, everyone. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter feeds for all the updates on how Westen and Colton make out Saturday.

Christian’s dream is to “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo