Frid’Eh Update #10 Presented by Loudmouth MX

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #10 belongs to 4-time Canadian MX champion, Colton Facciotti | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #10 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update, this week presented by Loudmouth MX. We’ve gotten used to talking with this year’s #10 rider earlier in the calendar year, but 2017 will see the Aldergrove, BC native, Ontario resident, Colton Facciotti, run the double digit.

Colton is a 4-time Canadian MX champion and someone who has raced all over the world. He’s had more than his fair share of injuries over the years and, believe it or not, turned Pro at the ripe old age of 14. Think about that for a second. I was still riding 80’s when I was 14.

Colton came out strong in a deep field in 2016 and took the overall win at round 2 in Nanaimo, BC. Unfortunately, when the series headed to the Maritimes and the Pleasant Valley track, Colton’s season came to an early end after a scary crash over a blind jump just after the first turn of the 2nd moto.

Colton was out for the season and is currently down at the Georgia Practice Facility (GPF) in Cairo, Georgia, putting his training plan into action for another run at a 450 title. I was driving to Florida all night and so Colton was kind enough to let us email him a few questions for this intro. He’s obviously busy, and we appreciate his taking the time to answer them for us all.

Did I just hear Colton may race Toronto and Daytona Supercrosses next year? Read on… | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Colton. I know you’d prefer to have us chat with you earlier in the year, but you’re #10 for 2017. Let’s back up and go through last summer. You started out strong and looked like you were going to fight for the title again. How did you feel heading into the season and how did the first few rounds go for you?

Colton Facciotti: It wasn’t the greatest season, for sure, but like you said the first few rounds went great and from there I think I just lost a bit of confidence and just struggled a bit throughout the season.


Did Davi Millsaps perform the way you expected him to or were you impressed with his speed?

He’s been around the sport for a while and has proven he’s a top guy, so I wasn’t surprised at all to see him come out prepared and fast.


You’ve gone up against some of the best we’ve ever seen here in Canada. Was this the most stacked field you’ve ever seen here?

It seems it gets tougher every year and with how many guys are out of rides in the states it just makes it even tougher in Canada, but I think it’s good for Canadian Moto and just increasing the speed of our riders to compete with those guys.


Unfortunately, you got injured at he Pleasant Valley round out in Nova Scotia. Can you take us through that day?

I felt really good on that track and from moto 1 it went downhill with a big crash off the start and second moto was no different with an even bigger one of the start, so it was a disappointing day.

Colton is back down at GPF running his normal pre-season program | Bigwave photo


What was the actual injury and how long did it take to heal?

I separated my shoulder. We thought it would be a few weeks recovery but didn’t end up getting back on the bike for 2 months. I have had shoulder injuries before and rushed the recovery time, so we wanted to make sure it was 100% before I got back on the bike.


Hey, what did you think about the speed of the 450 “rookie” Kaven Benoit? Did you expect him to be so fast in the premiere class?

For sure I did! He’s proven himself in the 250 class, so it was no surprise. He got stronger all year and had a great ride at MXdN, so will be one of the guys to beat next year.


What did you get up to while you were rehabilitating?

Not a whole lot, really. It’s like being laid off (laughs) but it was nice to spend time with the family though.

Colton is no stranger to the #10 | Bigwave photo

How many more kids will you and Jocelyn have? (kidding…kinda)

I’m going to get the snip (laughs) although I’m sure Joce (Jocelyn Facciotti) has baby fever now after seeing her sister have a 3rd kid.


So, now you’re back down at GPF getting ready for 2017. Business as usual for you or are you mixing things up?

Basically the same as previous years. I know who I have to beat so just working hard to get that title back.


I think rookie Pro, Casey Keast, is there too. Have you had a chance to see him ride? If so, how is he looking?

A little bit. He’s looking good. I think he’s liking the track and knows why a lot of fast people come out of this place, so it will be interesting so see how he does this year.


How long will you stay down south?

I’m not sure yet, just playing it by ear for now and I’ll see how the weather is before I head back home, so I can make sure I can stick to my routine.


Will you do any races before the Rockstar MX Nationals start?

It all depends on when I get home, but will try to hit up some local stuff.

Can Colton claim his 5th MX1 title in 2017? It’s going to be fun to watch him try! | Bigwave photo


Will we ever see you line up at another Supercross?

I’d like to qualify for the 450 class. I’ve never even tried so maybe you will see me line up at Toronto and maybe Daytona next year.


You turned Pro at 14 and have been around a long time. Is there a race or result that stands out in your mind?

I had a great career with a lot of ups and downs, but one I’m most proud of is my 4th at Southwick. I felt like I could have been a podium guy that moto but had a little bad luck…but I rode great.


A lot of amateur riders we interview list you as their favourite Canadian rider and a big influence. Do you have any advice for youngsters looking to follow in your footsteps?

I think the biggest thing is to put the effort in early. It’s a tough sport to be in being a kid and there’s a lot of distraction, so if you can get through that you can really enjoy it in the end and know you put your best effort in.


OK, that’s more questions than we normally ask for the intro, but you’re a multi-time champion so we like to keep you talking when we get the chance. Who would you like to thank?

The whole Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team, and all of their sponsors. Big shout out to my mechanic, Justin, for coming down here this week to shake down the practice bike, and my wife and kids for putting up with me down here! Lastly, sorry for the short answers and bad grammar (I think we fixed it all) I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare these answers with training and having Justin here for a short time to get everything dialled in for me. Thanks.

Well, as Kyle Carruthers always liked to say, “There you have it.” It’s going to be a long, tough summer watching to see if Colton can regain that #1 plate for a 5th time. Good luck with your training, Colton. We may see you early next week on the way home from Daytona. Keep those elbows up…er, I mean, start putting them up!

Week #10 is brought to you by Loudmouth MX. Check ’em out!


Happy Friday, guys. Wow, now that was an awesome SX weekend! From the big CMA/FIM announcement at the Friday press conference, to the first annual Autograph Signing at the DMX Friday pre-party at the Houston, it was a good one. Then we had a great day of practice and qualifying. Two very good races followed by probably our best DMX after-party. Damn, I’m tired! Where do I start today? 

CMA/FIM Jetwerx/TransCan Announcement

I’m going to start with the huge news. The alignment of the CMA and FIM with Jetwerx, and the AX Tour, SX Tour and MX Tour. Starting in 2017, the Canadian Arenacross National Tour  (AXTOUR) will be a part of the FIM and CMA. Then, on April 22 of 2018 will the Canadian Supercross Championship (SXTOUR) in Hamilton, Ontario. After that, there is the Canadian Motocross National Championship (MXTOUR). This will be an 8-round National series. Not all of the details are out, but it has definitely got me interested. Stay tuned for more details, as we get them.

DMX Toronto SX Parties at the Houston

Next, we had our annual Friday night DMX pre-party. This year, we wanted to try something new. We wanted to make it more of a “family weekend event,” so we threw together the 1st annual Houston Autograph session. Our good friends, Cade Clason and Alex Ray, co-hosted this event, and it was a great time for all.

We had great riders show up like Cole Thompson, Cade Clason, Alex Ray, Josh Cartwright, Adam Enticknap, Tyler Enticknap, Nick Schmidt, Dustin Pipes, John Short, Kyle Swanson, and Lane Staley. I don’t know who had more fun, the riders or the kids. Of course, none of this could have been more than an idea without David Toye. David is the star behind everything. Without his crazy ideas, non-stop energy and love for a good time, I’m afraid we’d be without our world famous parties. I’d personally like to send a huge “Thank You” to David. You’re the biggest piece of the puzzle and I appreciate everything you do for us, and the Canadian Moto fans!

Thanks for putting on an amazing couple nights at the Toronto SX, David Toye | Bigwave photo

Toronto Supercross

So yeah, I guess there was also a race this past weekend. The track was a little soft, but it made for pretty exciting racing. I heard from a few riders that it was getting nasty rough everywhere, and I think it separated the riders a bit. With the larger floor space of the Skydome (Yes, it is still the Skydome to me), I think the riders liked the track.

In the 450 class, once again it was ‘The Eli Tomac Show.’ To be honest, I was more impressed with the ride by Ryan Dungey. Rides like that are the ones that win championships. Tomac has been very dominant, but his bad races, well, they are much worse than Dungey’s bad races. Ryan has a crappy weekend, and it’s usually a 3rd or at the very worst a 4th. Tomac has a bad race and it’s really bad. That, in my opinion, will be the difference in this year’s championship.

Broc Tickle stepped up in Toronto and had his best ride of his 450 career. I thought maybe one day he could snag a 450 podium, but I honestly thought it would be in Daytona or in a complete mud race. Anyway, Broc looked good all day and night and secured RCH’s first podium since Ken Roczen last season.

I’ve been really impressed with Blake Baggett as of late. I think he may do some damage in Daytona. Jeremy Martin will be introducing himself to the 450 class this weekend as a guest on the HRC Honda. I think it’s a great move. Me, personally, I don’t think Jeremy is ready for 450 SX, but Daytona is the perfect place to get his feet wet. Here are my predictions for Daytona:


450 Class


1st Ryan Dungey

2nd Blake Baggett

3rd Jason Anderson

4th Dean Wilson

5th Jeremy Martin

Ryan Dungey will win Daytona and Eli Tomac isn’t in the top 5 | Tyler Spikman photo


In 250 action, it honestly looks like Zach Osborne is in complete control. It’s amazing what a little confidence and some top notch training partners will do. I expected Joey Savatgy to be the guy in control, but he hasn’t been himself and has made a bunch of rookie-like mistakes. Christian Craig has also been less stellar than expected this season. The guy is a million dollar talent, but mistakes and a history of injury after injury have held him back.

It was very nice to see Adam Cianciarulo make it back to the podium after a few years of awful luck. He needs a few more solid rides and maybe needs to lead a few laps before contending for the win. In Toronto, I was really impressed with the Star Racing Yamaha pair of Dylan Ferrandis and Colt Nichols. Dylan showed the world that he won’t back down from anyone, and that he has the speed to compete. I think he needs to smooth out a bit, but the base is there for a race winner in the future. Colt impressed me the most and with a good start by him, and a small mistake from Osborne, I see a win real soon for the #39. Here are my 250 predictions for Daytona:


250 East


1st Zach Osborne

2nd Alex Martin

3rd Joey Savatgy

4th Adan Ciancirulo

5th Colt Nichols

Zach Osborne picks up where he left off in Toronto and wins Daytona | Tyler Spikman photo

The After-Party at the Houston 

After the race action, the real focus was on the Houston Avenue Bar and Grill on Yonge street. That’s where the DMX After Party takes place. Like always, it was a very fun night, with a full crowd and I don’t think anybody was disappointed. Atlas Brace’s Ryan Lockhart got the early holeshot and sprinted off hard to an impressive early lead. Unfortunately for the Newf, Ryan pumped up early and was forced to DNF early on.

Women’s East competitor, Chloe Metcalfe, held her own for most of the party, but like the Newf, Chloe was forced to hit the road early with her own DNF. All jokes aside, we had a fantastic time and once again I’d like to thank David Toye, the great staff at Houston’s, and all of our great sponsors and supporters for allowing us the opportunity to do this year after year. You can bet your ass that we are already thinking of ways on how to improve for 2018.

Chloe Metcalfe grabbed a nice holeshot but was forced to take a party DNF. It’s serious at the Pro level! | Jeff McConkey photo


That is it for me this week. Before I go, I’d like to add that Direct Motocross is proud to announce that we have signed Chesterfield, South Carolina’s, Cade Clason, to  a DMX  helmet sticker deal. The negotiations were tough, but both sides dug deep and got it done. The deal has already started to pay off for Cade and he should be “stacking paper” in no time. Have a great week, and don’t forget to #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.

#80 Cade Clason signed a lucrative SX-Only DMX sticker deal while in Toronto | Jeff McConkey photo


Thanks for all that, Jeff. I’m currently sitting in my buddy Brendan’s place in Palm Coast, Florida, after a solo drive from hell. London, Ontario, to Florida is a long drive, at the best of times. Add in the rain, hail, wind, and thunderstorms in the wee hours of the morning, and you’ve got the makings of an over-tired, white-knuckler! I never got to the point where I considered taking a quick nap while still behind the wheel, but the short naps in the back of the van started piling up as the weather deteriorated.

Anyway, I’ve made it to Florida to take in the Daytona SX and the Ricky Carmichael Amateur SX. We’ve got a bunch of Canadians who will be lining up for that one, so I can’t wait for Sunday. Here’s how my drive started (this is for you, Bowker!):

I decided to cross the border at the Sarnia/Port Huron, MI, Bluewater Bridge point. That went as smooth as butter. The drive between Port Huron and Detroit is not the nicest on the continent, to say the very least. I deliberately left the gas tank of the DMX Van low to save a few bucks by filling up in the states.

As I started to near Detroit, the signs for Gross Pointe and 8 Mile Rd. appeared. With the gas light on, I figured I’d take in some pop culture and exit for gas there.

Well, as people in that part of the country know, there were extremely high winds throughout the night and so the gas station, and every stop light, were out of order. Good times.

I was on fumes and now I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic going away from the highway! I didn’t panic, and just took the first road that went parallel to the highway. It took forEVer to go about a mile through Pointe Blank (Yes, from the movie, “Gross Pointe Blank” starring John Cusak). I decided to grab the first big-ish street that headed back towards the highway and made it there with a few drops of gas in the tank.

OK, I guess I keep driving and look for another off ramp with a gas station. Every one I almost took had a gas station. When I couldn’t be picky any longer, I grabbed the next exit only to find that it had no service station and simply funnelled me out into the country!

I could see we were running alongside the highway (sort of) so I kept going. The road took a turn and I saw a station at the top of a hill. I filled up and asked the cashier how to get back to the Interstate. She had no idea! And neither did the 4 other patrons in the gas station. How is that even possible???

Yes, I had my phone and could simply load up a map, but I’m old school and thought I’d just ask a local. Apparently, these locals NEVER leave those 4 corners! They must have asked a delivery guy because as I was getting into the van, he came out and just told me to keep going down the road for 5 minutes and I’d be back on the highway.

After wasting about 45 minutes, I was back on my way south. As Sean Bowker seemed to enjoy telling me, a huge part of I-75 south of Detroit is closed FOR TWO YEARS so I had to head the opposite direction on a brutal detour. The drive didn’t start out well.

Anyway, you can pull out the world’s smallest violin now because I’m here in Palm Coast and it’s 29 degrees C. You heard me. I’m on 3 hours sleep and have big plans to drag Brendan out on our mountain bikes as soon as he gets done work. We’ll see. I may be passed out as soon as I press ‘Submit’ on the Update.

Prospect Snowmo Goggle Launch


With more than 45 years of experience in building eyewear, the proof is in the pudding! Top riders like Chris Brown, KJ, Tyler Blair and Dave Dobson have helped us to produce our best snowmobile google yet! With their years of experience and their love of the sport, they know exactly what it takes to stay safe and comfortable while riding. Whether it is trail riding or powder slashing, having clear vision is one of the most important aspects of snowmobiling. The Scott engineers along with top athletes took our already proven lens technology and worked to make the largest field of vision to date giving the rider the best possible view of their surroundings.  The Prospect snowmobile goggle brings the lens closer to the face providing a 20% larger field of vision, giving the rider the most unobstructed view over any goggle in the market. Being on a sled almost every day at his world famous backcountry adventures “Ride Whistler” here is what Chris Brown had to say about the new goggles.

“The Prospect Snowcross has all what you need – look and functionality. I am really stoked on the huge field of vision.”

Chris Brown

Spending 3/4 of the year on a sled for the past 20 years, Chris proves to be the go to Mountain guide in Canada.  Chris has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t while out riding. Check out this short video and see why Scott is his brand of choice. 

Mixing Tyler Blair’s search and rescue experience with his knowledge of snowmobiling makes sure that safety is one if his top priorities. Check out what he has to say about Scotts lens retention on this goggle and why I could be important for you in this short video clip

Make sure to continue to follow Scott sports as well as Ride whistler for more videos and webisodes to come!

Daytona SX Party Friday Night in Orlando

World Enduro Canada | Class Advancements

March 10, 2017 – Due to the continued success of the Ontario Enduro Championship, it has been decided that for the first time there will be mandatory class advancements based on ability and past performance in the series. We are pleased to announce the following class changes effective the 2017 race season:


Pee Wee to C Class

Quinn Belford

Lucas Cambareri

Nathan Taplay


C class to B Class

James Collins

Will Kosowan

Connor Taplay

Wyatt Kosowan


B Class to A Class

Zak Jacobsen

Aaron Henry

Connor Pratt

Seth Thiessen


 **Super Youth class continues to be available to any rider 18 years of age or under competing on a motorcycle with a full size (21”) front wheel.


We would like to congratulate all riders of this series for their outstanding performances in 2016. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about the 2017 Ontario Enduro Championship including dates and locations for the upcoming season.


 See you in the Spring!


Kyle Bichard –  Wolfgang Wiesner

Ontario Enduro Championship Organizers

Round 2 of Amsoil GNCC | Moose Racing Wild Boar at Hogwaller


6 am Gates Open
7 am – 7:45 am Youth Bike Registration
8 am – 9:30 am Youth Bike Race (90 min. event)
8:05 am – 9:30 am Amateur Bike Registration
10 am – 12 pm Amateur Bike Race (2 hr event)
10:05 am – 12:45 pm Pro Bike Registration
1 pm – 4 pm Bike Pro Race (3 hr event)

It sounds like Tyler Medaglia is down here somewhere and set to line up again at this race on Sunday. Rumour has it that his brother, Jeremy Medaglia, and brother-in-law,  Mitch Cooke, are also down here with bikes, so will they line up? We shall know Sunday or when I hear back from Tyler.

If any of these guys line up Sunday, you can watch it all LIVE on Racer TV starting at 1pm Eastern.

Amsoil Arenacross Heads to New Orleans

Point Standings

AX Lites East Class 
    Place – Name
Number – Hometown
      Total Points
86 (-18)
85 (-19)
58 (-46)
52 (-52)
  6th – SCOTT ZONT
48 (-56)
#702 – ARGYLE, IA
31 (-73)
30 (-74)
28 (-76)
  10th – DYLAN GREER
26 (-78)
24 (-80)
#747 – CAIRO, GA
19 (-85)
  13th – JERRY ROBIN
19 (-85)
18 (-86)
14 (-90)
AX Lites West Class 
    Place – Name
Number – Hometown
      Total Points
#15 – ATHOL, ID
#367 – MERRILL, WI
41 (-4)
40 (-5)
#232 – CORONA, CA
22 (-23)
#32 – CANTON, OH
19 (-26)
19 (-26)
#334 – QUINLAN, TX
14 (-31)
6 (-39)
#46 – MC EWEN, TN
4 (-41)
#523 – CLOVIS, CA
2 (-43)
2 (-43)
250AX Class 
    Place – Name
Number – Hometown
      Total Points
  1st – JACE OWEN
283 (-36)
277 (-42)
241 (-78)
236 (-83)
  6th – BEN LAMAY
213 (-106)
208 (-111)
149 (-170)
144 (-175)
  10th – JOSH OSBY
109 (-210)
89 (-230)
81 (-238)
60 (-259)
  14th – CORY GREEN
#480 – NOWATA, OK
57 (-262)
57 (-262)
42 (-277)
39 (-280)
  18th – JACOB HAYES
28 (-291)
  19th – DYLAN ROUSE
21 (-298)
  20th – MAX MARKOLF
16 (-303)

Millcreek Spring Classic | Canadian Results from Last Weekend


#424 Austin Watling:

#68 Duncan McLeod:

#241 Daylen Vanderslagt:

#343 Max Filipek:

#667 Thomas Munro:

#44 Kennedy Lutz:

Have a great weekend, everyone. We’ve got a pretty busy weekend planned down here in Florida for the Pro and Amateur days and the GNCC. And now, it’s time for a nap…

See you at the races…