Frid’Eh Update #11 Presented by Husqvarna Canada

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #11 belongs to Nova Scotia racer, Davey Fraser. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #11 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update presented by Husqvarna Canada. I’ve finally made it home from my whirlwind MX road trip that took me all over the south east. It’s really nice to be typing this and looking out the window of my own home. Having said that, it won’t be long before I’m chomping at the bit for the next adventure. It never is.

Davey Fraser has been racing Pro for a long time. In fact, when I first moved back to Ontario from BC in 2007, Davey was racing Pro! That feels like a lifetime ago to me, so I can only imagine what it’s like to have been racing at the top level for that long.

The dedication and motivation needed to keep racing year after year is always something that impresses me. I certainly couldn’t do it. So, when I see these riders heading into their 30’s and still doing what’s needed to race at this level, I’m very amazed.

The Triple Crown site is down for updates, so I can’t show you all his series points, but Davey was able to grab himself #11 as his career number.

He’s still as busy as ever and we grabbed him for a quick chat to see what keeps him going.

Davey has been doing this for a long time. Let’s see what keeps him going. (He probably hates me for dusting off this 2007 photo of him…yet again!) | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Davey. For starters this time, I’m going to have to ask you about the #71 in your email address. There can’t be 70 other Davey Frasers on Hotmail, can there?!

Davey Fraser: Nope, well, I hope not. The number 71 stems from my amateur days.

Let’s talk about your 2018 season.  How did the Arenacross portion of the year go?

Not as good as i hoped, but still made it through the series healthy and i was able to be consistent and score a lot of points towards the triple crown series.

And how about the summer on the Motocross tracks? What was your highlight and lowlight?

The only lowlight would be that I never felt like I got the ball rolling. I just did not catch any lucky breaks, struggled through the first few rounds with random bike issues, but really the whole summer was a highlight. I got to race a lot of great tracks and travel with my great team.

And how about the Supercross races? Can you take us through those?

Supercross was a lot of fun. It was great to get back and race in Montreal again. Unfortunately, the series ended prematurely as I crashed in Quebec City and had to sit out the last round.

You even headed out west to race the FWM Arenacross races. How was that series for you?

I only flew out for the last two weekends of the series because I was injured from the crash in Quebec City, so I missed the first few rounds. Going out to race the last few rounds was a good opportunity to get back on the bike and get together with the Carlson Racing team and start making plans for the new season.

Davey crashed hard at the SX in Quebec City. It took him out of action until the final 2 weekends of FWM Arenacross. | Bigwave photo

The Chilliwack tracks looked really good. What did you think of them?

I think they do a great job building a fun and challenging track, but still keeping it safe for everybody out there riding. It’s a big plus for them having such a large floor space to build lots of different options.

What have you been doing since that series ended last month?

I’ve been back home, working, training, and trying to get things ready and organized for the year.

We’re less than a month away from the Arenacross portion starting up again. What are your plans for the 2019 season?

The plans are to stay with the Carlsons, most likely race some Arenacross and focus on the outdoors series. then see how things are going come time for Supercross.

You’ve been at this a long time at the Pro level. What keeps you motivated to keep going?

My Frid’Eh! Update week every year! [That was pretty good.]

How much longer will you chase the series?

I’m not really sure. As long as I’m having fun and still enjoying racing and have the great opportunity to continue, I’ll keep going.

Over all your years of racing, what is the highlight for you? And what do you have left to do?

Just experiencing everything that this sport can give you, from meeting new people to the satisfaction of reaching your goals, traveling across the country, and racing new tracks.

“As long as I’m having fun and still enjoying racing and have the great opportunity to continue, I’ll keep going.” | Bigwave photo

Did you choose #11 because it’s easiest to make with electrical tape?

I was originally going to try and pick the number 12, but that got taken and this was the next best thing, but it sure is an added bonus that it’s easy to make with a quick tape job.

OK, get back to work! Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank the Carlson Racing team for being beyond supportive and providing me with endless opportunities. I would also like to thank FXR, 100%, Mobius, Direct Suspension, International Motorsports, Callus, and everybody else who has helped out along the way.

Thanks, Davey, and good luck in 2019. | Bigwave photo

Week 11 is presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada.


Happy Friday, everyone. We are at the tail end of March break. That means either you are finishing up your moto vacation, or you’re a little more into the sport and you’re  training down south until we can train outdoors up here. There are so many great training facilities and tracks in the south, it honestly makes it hard to choose.

Billy has been cruising around visiting and snapping pictures and videos since just after Atlanta SX. I, myself, have been sick as a dog for the last 3-4 days and have been spending my time sleeping and feeling awful. So unfortunately, I don’t have much this week.

It was very cool to see Kaven Benoit sign on with Shot gear and Zox helmets through Motovan to be an ambassador. He’s a class act and one of the good guys of the sport. I’m still bummed that injuries cut his 450 career short. I really thought he had 1-2 450 championships in him.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I’ll redeem myself next week. Happy Birthday to Mr. Todd Kuli, and #smileforBC!

Happy Birthday (suit), Todd Kuli! | Reluctant 2009 Bigwave photo


I know how you feel, Jeff. I had that bad boy when I got home from the FWM Arenacross season finale last month. I very rarely get a fever, but I had that one for a solid week and was glued to the couch. Hope you’re feeling better soon. In fact, I hope you’re feeling better REALLY soon because you and Kristy are off to Las Vegas! I spent 4 days in Vegas with food poisoning and it was the longest month of my life…

I finally made my way back to Canada yesterday after an extended MX road trip down south. I started out with the Atlanta Supercross and went south from there (literally, not figuratively).

I stopped in at Matt Walker‘s Moto X Compound in Georgia, Josh Woods‘s GPF and MTF in Cairo, Georgia, Iain Hayden‘s MP at County Line in Fountain, Florida, and then boogied down to Tampa MX Thursday afternoon to catch the Pro Circuit Pro racing, followed by the Daytona SX, the GNCC at Hog Waller, the the RC Amateur SX, and then a final stop to see Ben Graves and the gang at Club MX in Chesterfield, South Carolina, on the way home. Let’s just say it was an action-packed 10 days!

I, basically, filled my laptop’s hard drive with photos and video and barely had the time to do anything with all the content! So, I’ll be rolling out the odd feature in the coming days, so watch for that.

For some strange reason, I think my favourite feature of the trip was when I sat down with #10 Keylan Meston and #3 Shawn Maffenbeier in front of their cabin at Club MX and just let the video camera record whatever came next.

You couldn’t do that with just any two riders, but the combo of Keylan’s cerebral insights matched up with Shawn’s dry, sarcastic wit made for, what I think is, some very interesting banter. Like Shawn said, the mixture of banter to moto talk was just about spot on.

The thought was to just grab sound bites from it and make that the video, but when I sat down to listen to the whole thing, I thought it was really good insight into what makes these two Canadian Motocross characters tick.

See if you feel the say way:

Thanks for agreeing to yet another one of my hair-brained ideas, guys. And thanks for the hospitality while I was there at Club MX.Good luck to both you guys when the season starts.

Jess Pettis Update

Jess was in the gym when we got in touch with him, so watch for an update on him later this afternoon on the site. | Bigwave photo

If I were a member of Tenacious D, I’d have to say this isn’t a Jess Pettis update, this is a tribute to an upcoming update (Google it, Bowker!).

I got in touch with the Prince George, BC speedster to find out how he’s been doing since his practice crash. He was in the middle of a workout at the gym and so we’ll let him finish that before we get into the details of how he’s doing and when we can expect to cheer for the #160 in Supercross or the #16 back home in Canada.

Click back a little later this afternoon for that.

#89 Joey Crown Sets Out to Go it on His Own

View this post on Instagram

First off I want to give a big thanks to the whole @ctr_motorsports team for their hard work these past couple months, unfortunately it wasn’t really working out for both the team and myself. So for the last 3 East coast Sx rounds I will be going racing on my own bike. Pic creds @diffysmooth pic 1,2 and @mikevizerphoto pic 3 @clubmx #tradersracing @redemptionracing @duffe38 @fxrmoto @atvs_and_moor #blucrew @zmaxraceproducts @ohlinsusa @hoosiertire @jeffery_homes @shoeihelmetsusa @rimspluswheels @mikametals @skdesignsaus @flomotorsports #J&BPallet #wohletzlawfirm @brewercycles @bundybuilt @defiancelifestyleclothing @hinsonracing @vpracingfuels @acerbisusa @ride100percent @engineice @alpinestarsmx @guts_racing_inc #arclevers @DT1filtersusa #substance @motionpro @ogio @motostuff_com @_xtrig_ @getdatait @tamer_holeshot_hookup @matrixconcepts @recmx @mobiusbraces @rk_excel #ctrmotorsports #clubmx #fxrmoto #fxrracing #zmax #ohlins #hoosiertire #shoei #shoeihelmets #rpwheels #rpathletes #skda #flomotorsports #brewercycles #defiancelifestyle #hinson #acerbis #ride100percent #alpinestarsproducts #gutsracing #ogio #motostuff

A post shared by Joey Crown (@joeycrown89) on

As I’m sure you know, Michigan rider, #89 Joey Crown, was racing on the CTR Club MX Redemption Racing team in the 250 East SX series. For whatever reason, he just wasn’t getting the results he or the team wanted and they have decided to part company.

When I spoke with the team in Daytona, I was told that Joey had recently dislocated his ankle and had then made the decision to try things on his own.

We wish Joey all the best as he moves forward in his racing career. He’s a rider with all the talent in the world…he just needs good luck to pay him a visit!

Supercross Heads to Indy

Watch for Canadian #143 Travis Barrette in the B classes this weekend at the Supercross Futures event in Indy. | Bigwave photo

Supercros makes its stop in downtown Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend. It’s also another round of Supercross Futures on Sunday and we have some Canadian talent to keep tabs on.

The Viney brothers, #43 Noah Viney and #53 Bjorn Viney, will be back in action. We’ll also have #143 Travis Barrette to look for in the B classes.

Travis was down at Club MX training with Kenzie Hennessy and this will be his first go at a Supercross event. He was putting in laps on his big 450 and was starting to catch on pretty quickly.

I did a short interview with Kenzie that I will type out as soon as I press “Submit” on this Update, so watch for that as we learn what the Pro-rider-turned-trainer has going on these days.

Ryder McNabb Racing Oak Hill

Ryder McNabb racing the Oak Hill GNC in Texas, March 13-16. | Bigwave photo

Another Canadian ripper to pay attention to is young Ryder McNabb from Minnedosa, Manitoba. The Oak Hill GNC in Alvord, Texas, goes from March 13-16, but I can’t find the live timing or up-to-date results. I’ve sent them a message and am waiting to hear back.

The Freestone Amateur National is next on the schedule – March 18-23.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll do my best to get caught up on sleep so I can do something with all this stuff clogging my hard drive. On a completely random note, the Juno Awards are in my hometown of London this weekend. My buddy runs a place and The Trews are playing there tomorrow morning, so it’s coffee and music Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend and be sure to check in with us on Twitter @DirectMX, Instagram @DirectMotocross, iTunes @Direct Motocross, and FaceBook @Direct Motocross.

See you at the races…