Frid’Eh Update #12 | Cade Clason | Presented by Matrix Concepts

By Billy Rainford

Week #12 belongs to Cade Clason. | Bigwave photo

Hello and welcome to Week #12 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update #12 this week presented by Matrix Concepts Canada.

I hope everyone reading this is staying safe during this really strange time as we all try to come to terms with the coronavirus/COVID-19 and what it all means.

Cade Clason runs career #12 here in Canada. Cade also rides for the Canadian PRMX Just 1 Wossner Pelletier Kawasaki team in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. Unfortunately, he’s on a break…

This Update is a little late this week, as I’ve been doing my best to come up with new content for everyone to look at while we all have so much “home time” on our hands.

There’s a short video featuring #325 Tallon Unger up on the site and on our social media platforms as well as a lengthy podcast with “Motocross Saved My Life” author, Brent Worrall. Be sure to check those out.

Cade is the Ohio native who now calls Arizona home with his wife, Sarah. Cade has been a fixture on the Canadian scene for a number of years and is one of the US riders we have claimed as one of our own.

He’s also one of the small number of riders who fell victim to the WADA anti-doping rules that put him on the AMA sidelines for two years.

Their loss was our gain as he has been racing up here full-time during his siuspension.

He’s back racing Supercross where he belongs, but is finding it difficult to get himself into a main so far. It’s something we discuss in our intro interview.

Here’s a look at Cade’s 2019 Canadian season. | Bigwave photo

Cade raced for Al Dyck‘s Sky Racing Husqvarna team in 2019. Here’s a look at his season:




Triple Crown:

5, 5, 4, 3…not a bad season!

Here’s what Cade had to say when we spoke with him this week:

Check out our conversation with Cade. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Cade. I feel like I just saw you last week! Oh wait, I did. We’ve done this a few times with you, but I can’t remember why you have #52 in your email. What’s the story behind your first race number?

Cade Clason: Well, actually, my first number was 88, 52 was given to me the first time I went to Ponca City National and since I didn’t have a graphic sponsor, it stayed. Honestly, I’ve never had a number where it actually meant something important. I always just kinda wung (winged?) it.

I have more questions about this year’s SX racing, so let me simply ask you to sum up your 2019 Rockstar Triple Crown series. Were you happy with how it went?

Ugh, I mean, I was 3rd place in the Triple Crown!!! How crazy is that? Lol, it was OK. Honestly, I struggled a lot outdoors and that wasn’t fun at all for me. The “Supercross” at the end was fun, but in reality you can put a little asterisk** next to Supercross up there, if you know what I mean.

I’ve always loved Canada and the people, and I’ve always enjoyed my time there, and that is all that really matters.

Cade has returned to AMA Supercross, but it hasn’t been easy since his 2-year absence. | Bigwave photo

Let’s talk about Supercross. You’re back after your WADA suspension. How does it feel to be back racing AMA?

It’s a struggle, the guys got faster, and I’m struggling to catch up. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer but I just want to be better. The races are fantastic and I’m so happy to be back, just always wanting more makes me take it for granted sometimes since I’m mad about doing bad on the weekends.

What is your “hold a grudge” level now? Are you over it or still fuming?

Always a slight grudge…

You signed with the Canadian PRMX Team. How has it been going with the gang?

Honestly, a lot of fun. Julien does his best for all of us. There are 6 of us so sometimes you can get lost in the confusion, but loving every minute of it.

I talked with you in Daytona and you sort of alluded to the fact that you haven’t tapped back into your potential yet. What’s going on?

If you see me ride on a weekday, you would think it’s a different person. I had my best week ever probably leading to Indy… or should I say the first off weekend. I’m getting so much better and I’m close to being myself on race day. I think people saw a little bit of normal Cade in practice in Atlanta, but someone else showed up for the races. I am getting there, don’t give up on me, yet.

What’s been your best race so far this season?

You mean, what’s been my best race where I didn’t make the main? I guess Tampa or Phoenix where I just missed making the main. It might sound harsh, but in reality, that’s how I look at it.

Hopefully, we see Cade in Canada this summer, but he says he’d be happy to just get ready for the 2021 Supercross season. | Bigwave photo

I just saw you at Club MX and now you’re back home in Arizona, right? What are you up to?

Yeah, I’ve been back training there for a bit, trying to do what I know works, and it has been helping me to make progress. But now, since we aren’t racing, I flew home to see the wife so she didn’t kill me for not coming home. Lol

What are your thoughts on this Coronavirus hiatus for Supercross. Do you think we’ll race again this season?

We better, Ive got some unfinished business! But honesty, I truly hope so, I’m not ready to be done. I know everyone wants to get at least a few more in, maybe not 7, but 3 or 4 would be rad.

What will you do with this forced “holiday?”

Since I’ve been home, I’ve shot my bow everyday. I have some fall hunts I want to do so I have to step my game up in that department. Besides that just pedalling bicycles a lot. I would say PlayStation but that isn’t allowed in our household since I have a problem when it comes to playing too much.

What are your plans for this coming summer season?

Honestly, undecided. Julien has talked about wanting to do some outdoor rounds, but we haven’t made a plan yet. I wouldn’t mind taking the summer off and starting SX training super early and trying to find speed ahead of time, instead of mid-season.

Hey, does Sarah have any thoughtful insight about COVID-19, being that she’s in the military…that you can talk about?

Lol She just got quarantined, too, so take that as you may.

I know we’re not supposed to play favourites in our position, but I’ll go ahead and say it, “Cade was Jeff’s favourite rider.” | Kristy Kiff photo

What would you be doing if you weren’t racing motocross?

Honestly, I love teaching kids and working with them. I honestly hope training kids and riders is in my future. I’ve been told I’m good at it and I really enjoy it. Honestly, sometimes I think I’m better at helping others than myself. Besides that I love working, I love the grind. Anything hands on, I’m pretty much game for. I’d rather make 100 dollars working outside with my hands than 200 sitting at a desk.

Tell us what we should all be binging on Netflix or other streaming services and then we’ll let you go.

The Ranch, for sure. But in reality, get Disney Plus and watch the National Geographic shows. It’s better than anything on Netflix!

OK, thanks, Cade. Who would you like to thank?

You, Bigwave, for always taking care of all us little people. But no, actually just Julien, that guy crushes it. I get on his case sometimes but he works his butt off for our whole team and it wouldn’t be possible without him and all the work he did bringing all the sponsors and support. Plus, his wife, for being nice enough to let him do it.

See you somewhere soon, Cade. | Bigwave photo

We’ll cut this Update pretty short this week. Like I said, I was buy getting a couple other things up on the site earlier today and they pretty much ate the day up.

Justin Thompson from Jetwerx. | Bigwave photo

I spoke with Justin Thompson from Jetwerx today, and he says that, as of now, the 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour is full steam ahead, but he knows we’ll have to play this one as it develops with this virus still lurking.

He said said there is a release coming out on March 30th but that, “We plan on having all the rounds at the moment even if in a different order.”

He also told me that the entire series is set to be aired LIVE on both MAVTV and FOX SPORTS, as well as on an online platform this season.

He also mentioned that Two Wheels TV has been purchased by The Discovery Channel, so I’m assuming a different online plan will be in the offering.

Stay tuned…

PODCAST | Brent Worrall Talks about His Book, “Motocross Saved My Life”

2020 Amended Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Schedule

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (March 20, 2020) – In response to the evolving health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus, MX Sports Pro Racing has officially announced an amended event schedule for the 2020 season of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. Under this revised championship calendar, the 49th season of the world’s most prestigious off-road motorcycle racing series will commence on Saturday, June 13, beginning with the Florida National from Jacksonville’s WW Ranch Motocross Park.

“While the whole world is trying to cope with the ongoing global pandemic that is the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have diligently looked at the impending future of our own championship and the impact this will inevitably have on this annual summer tradition,” said Davey Coombs, President of MX Sports Pro Racing. “While the series has unfortunately already been affected by this pandemic with the cancellation of American motocross’ longest running event, the Hangtown Motocross Classic, we have developed a condensed and redesigned schedule for the remainder of the championship that will now start a little less than three months from now. 

“It is our hope that in postponing the start of our season for this additional month, the extended period of time will not only allow for us to obtain a clearer picture of the state of the pandemic, but also provide ample opportunity for our series partners, teams, competitors, and fans to plan accordingly. The updated calendar would allow us to still successfully host a complete season of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross competition, in a quick and concise fashion will leave other parts of the calendar open for other racing activities.”

Under the new schedule, the 11-round series would open with seven consecutive weekends of racing, where the Florida National will be followed by the High Point National (June 20), the Southwick National (June 27), the RedBud National (July 4), the Thunder Valley National (July 11), the Spring Creek National (July 18), and the Washougal National (July 25). Following a two week break, the championship will return for its stretch run, beginning with the Unadilla National (August 15), followed by the Budds Creek National (August 22), the Ironman National (August 29), and the Fox Raceway National, which will end the season on Labor Day weekend (September 5).

Have a great weekend, everyone, and try to give Facebook and Twitter a short break from time to time!

Cade says, “See you at the races…I’m coughing because of the sand!!!” | Bigwave photo